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fabamarie 03/30/2010

Brauner Phantom : fabamarie's user review


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electet microphone, I have the basic version, absent suspension, just a clip to fix, no problem, it works very well


I have recently acquired a U87, I can now compare the 2, Brauner lacks the flexibility of Neumann, but he has the precision

it magnifies some female voice, I have not tried on man's voice, he has a lot of attention to air and whistling (do not hesitate to put the singer off-axis) but when I playback on the disc that we did every time I am blown away by the precision, I have often used with a preamp Avalon 737, is superb, if the rule to hear the breathing, the sound of lips that move, it a sensuality that amazes me every time and it gives a fine voice and an incredible fragility.

as stated in the opinion of DAZ_74, not a microphone for rock guitar amps or resume, it is clear, it's all in the delicacy and fragility, I had the opportunity to record a grand piano preamp with just RME is superb (it is still better to have a good compressor behind)

I thought no longer use it after the purchase of Neumann, but he keeps his place in my park, a really good micro high-end (or beginning of range at Brauner) very very good on the transient
less flexible and less easy to put a Neumann U87, but a fine micro