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Cables by the Meter user reviews

  • Sommer Cable ORBIT 225

    Sommer Cable ORBIT 225 - "Cabo ótimo para modelar o som "quebra as arestas" "


    Conectar: conectar amplificador-colunas Sim usei "Supra"! Prós:amacia o som sem que perca o brilho das frequências :-D Construção: 2 condutores gémios Características mecanicas:- AWG 13 Ecção: 2.5mm2 com ótima maleabilidade Bom isolamento em PV…

  • Gotham GAC-3 mic cable assembly

    Gotham GAC-3 mic cable assembly - "High quality mic cable assemblies" has images


    The Gotham GAC-3 cable assemblies are high quality low-noise cables available in various lengths and jack colors. Mine employ Switchcraft XLR connectors that hold up well over time: the black metal housings are very strong, and the gold contacts…

  • Mogami 2524

    Mogami 2524 - "Great cable for the DIY people"


    I purchased 50 ft. of this cable when I got tired of my George L's cutting out on my board. I shopped around for prices and could not believe what it would cost to have custom cables made for my board so I decided to take a crack at it myself. I have…

  • Evidence Audio Monorail

    Evidence Audio Monorail - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Mark Twang/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Very high quality cable for short runs (between two effect pedals for example). I made a subjective listening test and I found the signal more musical with the Monorail than…

  • Canare GS-4

    Canare GS-4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Mark Twang/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Use the Canare GS-4 to patch the effect pedals of your pedalboard. This cable sounds neutral and rejects noise. It's flexible and very sturdy and it has a low capacitance. H…

Translated user reviews
  • Sommer Cable Spirit XXL

    Sommer Cable Spirit XXL - " Mual not use fixed"


    I used this cable to make patch cables and jacks guitar 3m. RAS patch cable, it is a little thick, but solid and reliable. In instrument cable, I keep to interconnect the pedals to the amp, or repeats, but not live: he tends to tangle easily, the lin…

  • Klotz MC5000

    Klotz MC5000 - " A safe bet"


    If you want a good cable studio or live, for one or more microphones or recording from an amp Guitar / other equipped with a line output XLR, the MC5000 is very good! Solid, double shielded, protected against the OEM, synchronous signal, it return…

  • Sommer Cable SC-MERIDIAN SP225

    Sommer Cable SC-MERIDIAN SP225 - " Very good."


    This cable is an incredible strength: it is not very convenient to assemble. The reason for this exceptional rigidity is twofold: the PVC sheath is surprisingly thick (which is, ultimately, the outer diameter of 0.8!) And the number of strands of bot…

  • Sommer Cable ORBIT 225

    Sommer Cable ORBIT 225 - " Good!"


    Excellent speaker cable that does nothing to remove the sound of the components it connects. In much greater than what can be supplied as standard with a quality amp head, this cable enables a connection quality. In a more significant that sectio…

  • Sommer Cable Spirit XXL

    Sommer Cable Spirit XXL - " Like? Excellent surely!"


    Sommer cables have never disappointed me. From a quality / price ratio more favorable than the range proposed by Sommer wants broad and covers all uses. The instrument cable, specifically the guitar cable is perfectly represented by the Spirit (sho…