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  • SKB Space Roto Rack 6U

    SKB Space Roto Rack 6U - Kierkes's review


    The SKB Roto Rack is a neat looking rack designed for a budget minded traveling musician. I say this with a certain degree of hesitation because quite frankly, for many musicians that this review will pertain to, you may be buying your first rack. An…

  • SKB X-rack 4

    SKB X-rack 4 - "Does what it's supposed to"


    I received this unit late in 2010 as the result of a trade. I needed a compact rack for a Furman PL-Plus (which I also got in the trade) and a power amp. I currently also have a Grundorf 4 space wooden rack case that has served me well over the ye…

Translated user reviews
  • SKB Space Roto Rack 4U

    SKB Space Roto Rack 4U - " Excellent ... really!"


    SKB 4U rack, with plastic molded hard, very strong, with 2 removable openings (doors), 4 pads on the bottom but also on one side. The handles are molded plastic and are located on the sides. They were well in hand ... much better than some other r…

  • SKB PS-45

    SKB PS-45 - " practical choice!"


    I use it for one myself ... I find it very convenient, especially when you have multiple pedal has moved .... in addition to being very easy to move, it is very easy to get connected before practice! ! come with a Velcro strip adhesive that you can p…

  • SKB X-rack 2

    SKB X-rack 2 - " But well .. must see"


    I bought this rack for my sound card, an M-Audio Fast Track 8R, this rack I liked for its small size, well suited to my travels. Manufacturing is strong, the skb molded into the body, indestructible! The handle is ergonomic, the butterflies are w…

  • SKB X-rack 4

    SKB X-rack 4 - Rj_4000's review


    I bought this rack to squeeze qq 1U effects: DEQ830 Alesis, TC Finalizer and Reverb 4000 and Motu 828. This is my first plastic rack. Pros: The ecombrement! Vital for me: I can squeeze in anywhere in the car. No wasted space: Why a rack 50cm de…

  • SKB X-rack 3

    SKB X-rack 3 - heavy_donuts's review


    RACKMOUNT 3U carrment Lger. cash fae front of top quality by the cons of the fae rear end is enough. Normally, it is not been planned to track the presence dun. it would damage a rail rear top t really able to place a power supply ... I use it to…

  • SKB Flight Case 19'' 4U SKB19-4U

    SKB Flight Case 19'' 4U SKB19-4U - VicMacKey's review


    I possde 2 flight cases SKB SKB 4U and 2 U. The particular feature I like most: the weight (they are compared trslgers others) and the grips are RECESSED plutt lot: they do not dtruisent hands. It can be a dtail but when there is 20 kg in one flig…

  • SKB Flight Case 19''  4U Court

    SKB Flight Case 19'' 4U Court - Irowhat's review


    I use it for a year. It is portable, compact and time. I had some flight cases before, but it a better finish than I used prcdemment MODELS. It is also more robust. The report qualitprix is ​​really good. It is robust because apprciable trs. …

  • SKB R1717

    SKB R1717 - golem13's review


    It's mert! walking! and is lazy! signed Golem …