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SKB user reviews

  • SKB Flight Case Clavier 76

    SKB Flight Case Clavier 76 - "SKB, best case around"


    I use this when on the road and it takes all the punishment it is given. Yes they are expensive new but so are the keyboard it protects. I have not come across anything better to house my piano in to date. I do use velcro straps with a handle arrange…

  • SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U

    SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U - "Protect your gear"


    The SKB Studio Flyer 4U is a rack case that has 4 rack spaces. It comes with a handle on the side that makes it easy to carry and a cover that you can take off. There are also clips on it that are used to hold your laptop. Being a DJ I was in dire ne…

  • SKB VS-1

    SKB VS-1 - "Finally someone thought ahead!!!"


    SKB finally did something that very few people in the music industry do; they thought ahead. It's common practice among gigging guitar players with medium-to-complex rigs to not only have rack effects but to also use pedals, shelves, drawers, and swi…

  • SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U

    SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U - "The ideal travel solution..."


    Studio Flyer 4U is a four space rack with lap top compartment on top. They also make a 2 U version with lap top compartment that is likely small enough to be used as carry-on luggage. This one is definitely too large for carry on. Then again it has …

  • SKB Roto-X 4-Piece Fusion Drum Case Set

    SKB Roto-X 4-Piece Fusion Drum Case Set - "Expensive, but if you can afford it, go for it!"


    This case set is the real deal. I have had a few various cases in my life as a drummer, different sets over the years. I had old stuff, made of cardboard composite feeling material to house my old ludwig set probably original from 1960’s. This stu…

  • SKB Space Roto Rack 6U

    SKB Space Roto Rack 6U - Kierkes's review


    The SKB Roto Rack is a neat looking rack designed for a budget minded traveling musician. I say this with a certain degree of hesitation because quite frankly, for many musicians that this review will pertain to, you may be buying your first rack. An…

  • SKB X-rack 4

    SKB X-rack 4 - "Does what it's supposed to"


    I received this unit late in 2010 as the result of a trade. I needed a compact rack for a Furman PL-Plus (which I also got in the trade) and a power amp. I currently also have a Grundorf 4 space wooden rack case that has served me well over the ye…

  • SKB Stage5

    SKB Stage5 - moosers's review


    The SKB Stage 5 is a top notch pedal board for guitar players.  While it is quite expensive, it does provide all sorts of amenities and options that make this a great pedal board.  For starters, it has a built in power strip for all of your pedals an…

Translated user reviews
  • SKB 1SKB-FS6 Standard Guitar Hardshell Case

    SKB 1SKB-FS6 Standard Guitar Hardshell Case - " Sturdy, good quality"


    This case is valid only for strats and teles. The locks are solid, thick walls. The guitar is really safe. However there is little room for the rest but it is less bulky than a rectangular case. …

  • SKB FB-4

    SKB FB-4 - Alx33's review


    I have 2 years, I also have a "universal" case. I use it to copy JB, it fits perfectly well within the dimensions must be slightly different from a Fender JB or PB. The case weighs his weight, but the bass is well protected, the handle is locat…