SKB Space Roto Rack 6U
SKB Space Roto Rack 6U

Space Roto Rack 6U, Other Case from SKB.

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SKB Space Roto Rack 6U : Anonymous 's user review


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The SKB Roto Rack is a neat looking rack designed for a budget minded traveling musician. I say this with a certain degree of hesitation because quite frankly, for many musicians that this review will pertain to, you may be buying your first rack. And the first rack is quite difficult to buy, considering how expensive they seem to be before buying them. Before you go wondering to yourself, “How is it that a rack can possibly be so expensive? It’s a piece of synthetic material molded into a shape that lets you put things in it.” Well, no one is going to joke. There is a pretty weird markup on these things, but honestly, when you find yourself moving your gear around, it becomes more of an issue of convenience than protection. People are pretty meticulous with how they take care of their equipment as it is. Having everything in one place is the first advantage, and the Roto rack, just like every other rack, does the basic part of the job perfectly. For the person who only occasionally goes to move things around and occasionally does portable recordings, this rack is sufficient. It doesn’t come with rear rack rails, although it certainly allows for you to fit them. The roto rack is not exactly something I would entrust with a power amp in its factory form; the shockmounted versions of these are far superior to these (albeit far more expensive). What strikes me as special about the Roto cases is their shape. The handles are extremely comfortable to hold, and with them being built into the case rather than attached, you never feel like the case itself will break on you. Even if it does, SKB provides a lifetime warranty for all of their products. So the truth of this case is: if you are looking for a basic thing for convenience, but don’t want to be terrified of cheap construction, these cases fit perfectly.