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SKB Roto-X 4-Piece Fusion Drum Case Set
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DubiousDubs DubiousDubs

« Expensive, but if you can afford it, go for it! »

Publié le 12/02/11 à 18:43
This case set is the real deal. I have had a few various cases in my life as a drummer, different sets over the years. I had old stuff, made of cardboard composite feeling material to house my old ludwig set probably original from 1960’s. This stuff stunk like mold and was falling apart. I needed a new case set to lug around this nice set to gigs and the studio to record stuff. I figured over the years the technology would have improved to offer foam padding to prevent metal on plastic directly. I was correct in every way and more, considering I had a car run over one of the case halfs, dealing with SKB was a breeze.
They are molded in a traditional D shape which has molded feet and a rib pattern in the shape of an X which at first seems odd, but the purpose is to allow stacking in the van without tipping or sliding over. This is an awesome feature, something that goes beyond just the face level of appearance design. This pack I use accommodates a 9" x 10", 10 x 12", and 12" x 14" toms, and a 22" x 18" bass drum. This is awesome because they are built like military cases, but still very light and without drums in them my 6 year old cousin lifts even the biggest one without issues.
The best part I’ve noticed about this case set, is that SKB has an awesome lifetime warrenty and will repair or replace them free of charge. So yes, they are expensive, but this last bit makes that well worth the extra money in my opinion.
All in all, i think these SKB cases are a really amazing product, and while not for everyone, especially those with strict budgets, they are well worth it to someone who loves their drum set, and has the money to drop on something this nice.
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