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FabFilter Pro-C 2

All user reviews for the FabFilter Pro-C 2

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All Compressors to All People

A review of the FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor plug-in

Do you know what ice cream and compressors have in common? Both are better when you have a choice of flavors. FabFilter’s new Pro C-2 is a veritable ice cream store of compression, offering eight different types, and just about every kind of parameter control you’ve ever seen in a compressor, and some you probably haven’t. Read more…
Users reviews
  • 7K7K


    FabFilter Pro-C 2Published on 09/18/22 at 05:48
    this compressor looks good. that's all. setting it up is so confusing and complicated (like all fab filter products anyway) that it's a waste of time with an uncertain result. I expect clarity and simplicity from plugins as with hardware devices. I don't have time to waste. I think fab filter plugins are made by computer programmers, not sound engineers. thrown out money.
  • CampeonCampeon

    Good but...

    FabFilter Pro-C 2Published on 09/11/22 at 07:11
    FabfilterPro-C2 is a good downward compressor. It has a display, which shows you what the process applied to the signal in real-time. It also have several types of compression to choose from, but unfortunately this compressor lacks upward compression. That's why I gave it a score 3 ⭐️ Come on Fabfilter, it shouldn't be complicated to massage a signal with upward and downward compression at the same time...