Slate Digital VBC Virtual Buss Compressors
Slate Digital VBC Virtual Buss Compressors

VBC Virtual Buss Compressors, Software compressor from Slate Digital.

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Benjamin Le Jean04/24/2014

Benjamin Le Jean's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very complete!"

Slate Digital VBC Virtual Buss Compressors
Download via the website Slate.
Trouble-free installation and fast but it takes a ilok.
I have not read the manual.


I have a pc intel core i7, 16 GB of Ram.
Everything works very stable.


I use it for a few months. having a compressor with three very different but mixable colors is really convenient.
Even with a compression ratio of zero effect is immediate, chacuns the compressor causing a different color quickly found her happiness.
The mix and hp filter option on all the comp allows to really focus the work of his.
The emulation of SSL is really formidable percussive instrument on or parallel compression.
I use less of Focusrite, only the Drive in general.
The Vari-mu has an interesting color I use in parallel on keyboards and strings.
On a complete mix rack with three in series with all rules or zero rate then 1 or 2 dB of gain reduction. But beware that colors so much better still go with your tweezers.
The new addition in 1176, LA2A, Fairchild UAD it really gives a great range of compressors with behavior and distinct colors. A real concern was focused on emulation distortions (lamps, transformer etc ...)

For the price it is awesome! Especially that there are often specials!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The ball!"

Slate Digital VBC Virtual Buss Compressors
Installation is simple, the configuration also for we know how to use a compressor.
I have not taken the time to read the manual because the settings are those of a traditional compressor.


I installed it on a mac mini server Quadcore and a sound card RME. I'm working on PT 10 and I use RTAS.

The plugin is really great, we put on a bus or on the master and it colors the sound before it will compress. It provides an opening that was missing in my mix. It's pretty fantastic.

It emulates three compressors legend: the SSL bus compressor, Focus Ride Red and Fairchild 670.

It seems that a lot of engineers who had one of the hardware version has opted to sell the physical version because the plugin sounds better.

The only major drawback (not least) is that it is very resource intensive (like all the Slate Digital plugins sum) and with my setup I am sometimes a bit limited ...


I use it for 5 months and before that I used the Cytomic (The Glue) or the Waves (2500 API) and it just has nothing to do.

As said, the big plus is that it gives a very open and mix color.

The value for money is very good and apart from the problem of greed in terms of CPU resources, this plugin is pretty awesome.

A buy eyes closed!

inti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Slate Digital VBC Virtual Buss Compressors
Implemented without problem, download the site SLATE DIGITAL.


No problem using stable plugin.


Virtual Buss Compressors is a rack comprising three analog compressor emulation legend:

FG-MU compressor emulation of the legendary 670 FAIRCHILD

Slate Digital has made a point of honor to model analog compressors taking into account the noise, harmonic distortion and nonlinear frequency response of the original models.
This gives the feeling of working with analog equipment, living, organic, much less clean than most other compressor plugins, which gives it great musicality mix but makes it difficult to use in mastering.

Its configuration in a single rack allows adding more compressors, used for the benefits of each, or to quickly select distinct tone color of each model.
FG-GREY is strongest in allows for a mix "IN-YOUR-FACE" with a lot of "punch", the FG-MU brings a lot of air and brilliance, magnificent voices, electric guitars or acoustic instrument, the FG-RED (now my favorite compressor, relegating my WAVES 1176 early retirement) provides that "heat" so sought after in the analog hardware, with a light divine saturation improves all your sources, battery, voice, acoustic instruments, everything is beautiful by the way in this compressor ...

Three emulations has a high pass filter setting that lets you manage the compression (or not) at low frequencies, which can avoid excessive pumping effect on certain sources.
A common setting other three compressors and adding a mix knob that allows a snapshot parallel compression without problem or phase lag, magic bus on battery!

You dreamed, Slate Digital has done a bestseller that whosoever will not want to taste happen ...