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Thread midi to usb interface, and controller 32 issues

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1 midi to usb interface, and controller 32 issues
Would anyone know of a realtively cheap midi to usb interface that works on Mac OS X, and does not have problems with selecting the correct Bank number?

Here are the details of my problem:


So, I have a yamaha PSR-2000 keyboard, an iBook G4, 800 MHz, 640MB RAM, running OS X 10.3, and an UNO Midiman usb 1x1 interface. I'm looking for a software program in the range of 50-150 dollars, so far I have tried out a Intuem, Master Tracks Pro, and a beta version of Easy Beat of OS X. (All of these programs do not work with my setup).

I have recently converted to using a mac, before I had a Dell Inspiron 1100, using Cakewalk Express (8.0 I think), running windows Windows XP, that worked fine with my USB interface and keyboard, it was a little finicky, and sometimes I'd have to mess around with settings untill it worked again. (Never could figure out what it was that I was doing to fix it really)

Every time I have had problems, it has been a an issue with bank selection. The keyboard I use usually uses controller 32 to select banks, and there were times when I could only playback using GM intstruments. (In other words, if I recording using a instrument that was say Bank 121 program 88, it would play back Bank 112 (the default bank number, and also the GM instruments) program 88.

After spending many hours on my new computer I have been unable to get the bank selection to work correctly with my new computer. It refused to play on anything but bank 112. I have tenatively diagnosed the problem as being that my USB MIDI interface is crap and/or has bad drivers for OS X.

So... I want to buy a new one, I think, I've found a few things in my price range (around $50-$100), and I'm sure any one of these will be vaugely cheap and unfriendly to use, but all I'm looking for is something to get the job done.
I've got an mbox and I'm thinking of getting the same ibook as yours. just don't like the 640 mb ram max that it has though. Have you fixed your issue yet? Just curious to see how many tracks the ibook can successfully take...