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  • A review of the Waves NX Virtual Mix Room plug-in

    A review of the Waves NX Virtual Mix Room plug-in - A Revolution in Headphone Mixing


    Headphones are great for checking details when you’re mixing, but to mix on them exclusively has always been a challenge — at least until now. Thanks to a revolutionary new Waves plug-in called NX (Mac/PC), you can put on your headphones and mix in a virtual control room with perfect acoustics no matter where you are. What’s more, NX also makes it…

  • Review of the Waves Butch Vig Vocals plug-in

    Review of the Waves Butch Vig Vocals plug-in - Vocals Like Vig


    In the tradition of its Jack Joseph Puig, Chris Lord Alge, Eddie Kramer, and Manny Marroquin signature plug-ins, Waves has released Butch Vig Vocals (Mac/PC), a processor plug-in designed to let you easily dial in great Butch-Vig-style vocal sounds. Featuring a very unusual-looking retro/sci-fi GUI, it offers compression, filtering, EQ, de-essing,…

  • Waves J37 Tape Review

    Waves J37 Tape Review - A Wave of Saturation


    As you probably have already noticed, tape saturation is really hip right now. Although already having plug-ins in the same genre, a leading publisher like Waves couldn't simply ignore the current frenzy for such products. And that's where the J37 Tape comes in. Can it stand out from the rest? That's what we are about to discover...

  • Waves Tony Maserati Collection: The Test

    Waves Tony Maserati Collection: The Test - Waves & Maserati - All Revved Up and Ready to Go!...


    The Tony Maserati collection represents a meeting of industry titans. Waves, one of the earliest and most enduring audio plug-ins companies, has made its reputation on quality bundles of their own plug-ins such as the Gold, Platinum and Diamond bundles as well as emulations of some of the most respected names in studio hardware from API to SSL.