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Comments about the tutorial: "Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (Tutorial + Tips)"[Waves Abbey Road Studio 3]2jbastienmusic20801/16/2020 13:58
by jbastienmusic
soundgrid set up in a MacPro early 2008[Waves SoundGrid Studio System]0TadhgisCat32705/09/2019 06:28
by TadhgisCat
WAVES CLA VOCALS[Waves CLA Vocals]0peter560710/08/2016 20:21
by peter5
Comments about the review: A Revolution in Headphone Mixing[Waves NX Virtual Mix Room]5Mike Levine168903/10/2016 05:06
by CaliMoose
Comments about the feature article: Vocals Like Vig[Waves Butch Vig Vocals]0Mike Levine67504/10/2015 15:52
by Mike Levine
Comments about the review: A Wave Of Saturation[Waves J37 Tape]0Nantho Valentine90202/17/2014 10:07
by Nantho Valentine
Comments about the news item: Waves Q-Clone Special[Waves Q-Clone]1TonyBruno235904/23/2011 02:20
by bluzgtr
[TEST] Waves & Maserati - All Revved Up and Ready to Go!...[Waves Tony Maserati Collection]0Cliff Goldmacher135511/16/2009 05:40
by Cliff Goldmacher
[News] Waves Silver Bundle[Waves Silver]0kon-tiki80010/04/2008 11:29
by kon-tiki
[News] Waves Z-Noise[Waves Z-Noise]0kon-tiki88510/01/2008 03:22
by kon-tiki
[News] Waves Releases MV2 and MV360[Waves MV2]0kon-tiki89109/18/2008 05:46
by kon-tiki
[News] Waves G-Channel SSL 4000 eq & dynamics[Waves G-Channel]0RickD102507/16/2008 16:19
by RickD
[News] Waves V6 Now Available[Waves SSL 4000 Collection]0kon-tiki71707/10/2008 08:03
by kon-tiki
[News] Waves adds G-Channel plug-in to SSL 4000[Waves SSL 4000 Collection]0kon-tiki89607/10/2008 07:50
by kon-tiki
[News] Waves Ltd. Maxxstream[Waves Maxxstream]0kon-tiki80307/09/2008 05:51
by kon-tiki
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