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Waves Abbey Road Studio 3
Waves Abbey Road Studio 3

Monitoring calibration software from Waves

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Thread Comments about the tutorial: "Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (Tutorial + Tips)"

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1 Comments about the tutorial: "Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (Tutorial + Tips)"

You will find here comments about the tutorial "Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (Tutorial + Tips)"

This was a more of what it does rather than a particle application. What is the advantage of being able to turn your head? When bouncing does it need turned off or completely removed from the chain? I have used it for one mix and it actually diminished the quality when I played it on different systems; yes I treated it like it wasn’t there and I turned it off prior to the bounce. So I went from a good mix to one that sounded tinny on other systems yet sounded great through my headphones; I have two different pair that are on the list. Yes I measured my head and ears. I expected it to increase quality not diminish it. Are there any actual tutorials for this software?
Hey Ivan

What the plugin does is its actually application. If you’re mixing on headphones you basically turn it on and just work on your mix. That’s pretty much it. It’s very much “set it and forget it”. So other than inputting your head dimensions, (Headphone model if in the EQ list) unless you’re switching between the 3 speaker sets, there is really nothing else to be done in the plugin.

Being able to turn your head, it’s just like real speakers in a room. If moving your head around your mix position, how you hear the speakers would change. It’s a bit exaggerated in the plugin, but that’s the basic idea.

As for bouncing, yes, the plugin needs to be off before you bounce down. It doesn’t have to be removed from your master bus chain. Just turned off.

The only reason I could think of that it would diminish a mix would just be a normal adjustment period. If you bought all new speakers and set them up in a new studio space, it would take a little bit of time for your ears to adjust and adapt. The plugin would be no different. Just need to take some time with it is all.

As for other videos, I’m sure there are many more on YouTube. I made this video not long after the plugin was released so I have never looked for other videos.

Hope this helps.