Apple Computers user reviews

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13" i5

    Apple MacBook Pro 13" i5 - "SuperFast"


    The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch has 2.5GHz with a i5 processor and 500GB of hard drive space. This laptop is really fast, it even gives you 3 USB ports and a thunderbolt port. You can purchase this same computers specs in a different screen size. It a…

  • Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26

    Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26 - "Outstanding"


    The Mac Pro from Apple can come in a few different versions including the Quad Core , Eight Core and Even the 12 Core. We do have the 8 Core in a Local Studio called Rileys that is not too far from my house. This Mac is amazing and it is so powerful …

  • Apple Power Mac G5 2x2,3 Ghz

    Apple Power Mac G5 2x2,3 Ghz - "Still powerful"


    When the Apple G5 Power Mac Desktop first came out I was really impressed with how fast and reliable it was. But when if first came out it was just so expensive you would have to put it on credit in order to have it. Most Macs are very expensive when…

  • Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13"3 à 2,26 GHz

    Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13"3 à 2,26 GHz - "The best computer systems for audio"


    Many computer musicians who are just starting out, will begin their journies on a Windows-based PC system. They are common, cheap, and available to almost everybody. For simple audio applications, they work great. And I still use PC's for the most pa…

  • Apple iMac 27"

    Apple iMac 27" - "great! and expensive"


    The iMac 27’ is a computer that can do everything you need it to do. If you are into music creation it can do that and handle it with a breeze. Or if you are into film and editing videos it can do that. Even if you just want to use it as a regular co…

  • Apple PowerMac G5

    Apple PowerMac G5 - "does everything fast, very powerful mac"


    The Power Mac by Apple is a top of the line desktop computer system. The thing about this system that makes it so great is that it is so fast its ridiculous. I haven't ever experience power like this in a desktop computer. Of course Apple created it …

  • Apple PowerBook G4 1 Ghz 17'

    Apple PowerBook G4 1 Ghz 17' - "one of the best systems I have had"


    I had the Mac G4 about 3 years ago before I decided to sell it and get a windows computer. I kinda wish that I didn’t sell it but cant do anything about it now. But while I was using it I can say it’s a really great quality computer. Its very fast an…

  • Apple MacBook Pro 17"

    Apple MacBook Pro 17" - "macs are great"


    I used this laptop for school a lot with my audio classes and I couldn't have made a better choice in purchasing it a few years later. This thing cruises without breaking a sweat while running Logic Studio. Power to spare, awesome looks and great cus…

  • Apple MACPRO Intel Xéon 2,66 Ghz

    Apple MACPRO Intel Xéon 2,66 Ghz - moosers's review


    The Apple MacPro 3.0 Dual-Quad Core Intel Xeon is one fast machine. This was basically put together customarily through Apple, and in addition to two 3.0 Quad Core processors, it also has 10 GB of RAM. I don't own this computer, but my roommate doe…

  • Apple G5 1,8 Ghz

    Apple G5 1,8 Ghz - moosers's review


    I recently had the experience of using an Apple G5 1.8 Ghz at a professional studio in town. It's definitely an older computer at this point, but it can still be okay depending on how you are using it. The computer I was using also had 4 GB of memo…