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Cort G user reviews

  • Cort G260

    Cort G260 - "Cort G260HB"


    I bought this on eBay from Cranes Music in Cardiff for £190 (new). My son started playing electric guitar and I got the bug! I liked the look of it on eBay and it seemed pretty good value. I like the all-wood, swamp ash finish. All the hardware is …

  • Cort G210

    Cort G210 - "Cort G-210"


    I Bought this Guitar at a music store in Mission Viejo called Coast Band Music. Paid about $220 for it. Its my first guitar but ive been playing for a bit. Its not a bad guitar. The neck is not too thick. Its not a bad instument for it's price. W…

  • Cort G255

    Cort G255 - "Cort G-255"


    Aquired for $399. The Pickups are ok but if you change string gauges(ex. from light gauge to heavy gauge)you have to adjust the truss rod. THE GOD DAM BUZZING! Quality is shit because it scratches so dam easily. Don't buy this piece of shit. Thi…

  • Cort G254

    Cort G254 - " A good first guitar versatility!"


    Indonesian manufacturing. Wilkinson vintage-type bridge. 22 frets, three pickups in HSS config with double splittable One volume, one tone coevally split twice pulling the knob. Rosewood handle. UTILIZATION Very comfortable neck, the guit…

  • Cort G290

    Cort G290 - " Cort G-290 ... It has everything a great"


    Made in Indonesia, the Cort G-290 is a great guitar stratocaster type whose characteristics are enough to make many green with envy more expensive brand: - Ash body with flamed maple top. The translucent varnish showing the wood grain, at first gl…

  • Cort G250

    Cort G250 - " Go your way ..."


    I guess specifications have already been mentioned in other reviews. The fittings generally inspires little confidence. UTILIZATION NEVER NEVER NEVER received a guitar as set incorrectly! First taken in hand and everything is done, the neck, t…

  • Cort G290

    Cort G290 - " Super scratching happening everywhere"


    It has a guitar made in Korea, with an easel CFA3, Sperzel locking mechanics (super convenient and very good performance agreement). An ash body with a maple top dappled. The maple neck with rosewood fingerboard Mouchette is neither too thin nor t…

  • Cort G290

    Cort G290 - topoleff's review


    Coren, Wilkinson trem block with Spertzel, 22 frets, SSH EMG active tone 1vol + 1 split, slecteur 5 positions UTILIZATION Lgre, beautiful, very easy run, good ergonomics. But the abalone inserts are too dark and not very visible. Other default, u…

  • Cort G290

    Cort G290 - " versatility" has images


    The beast comes from mad'in korea, it is fairly well equipped with micro EMG (cell) with two singles (EMG SA) and double (EMG 89), with a volume knob, one tone and a boost. The selector is 5 positions. The mechanical oil bath system with lock, 22 fre…

  • Cort G255

    Cort G255 - FirePhoenix's review


    Asian manufacturing Guitar pay 2,000 francs or 300 euros at the time. Its price has since baiss well. Cort is after me, in the field of versatile guitars, the best brand. Most of them come from the same factories as Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, ESP ...…