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Samypoussin 09/04/2004

Cort G210 : Samypoussin's user review


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For CHARACTERISTICS ====> see above


A t-handle for me lment Determines the purchase of this guitar. I have small hands, the neck is slightly wider end is trs, trs is more gentle forcment which is not the case for beginners guitars on this award.
I'm easily accder the beginners arrive 18 or 19 frets ... is complicated for a 3 dernires, but it may be simply a matter of lack of technical me.
-On a Aesthetics I find it is quite beautiful despite its original type drills Start ... it seems a bit quirky, I like a lot. I test some guitar, it seems more lgre that the Epiphone SG with a friend or the Squier Affinity Start which is the direct competitor of the G210.
- The sound is good the slecteur 5 positions and 3 pickups (2 single and one double) provide a beautiful palette of sound. I get with my little amp sounds very fat quite easily. The clean sounds out well. Note, however, only one configuration of 5 micro grsille not only possible ... but nothing catastrophic.


-I was looking for a versatile guitar: it suits me well trs
-I play with a peavey rage 158 amp (15wtt), I can push the bottom or distal limit myself clear sound effects ... and without the guitar sounds good.

"It is rather the fact of the amp but I like to put me a little distortion to put a little body that I play ... Dream Brother Jeff Buckley sounds perfectly ==> the guitar is as surely a part.


"I use this guitar for 2 months
"I feel it is dsaccorde little for a guitar of this series ... I did not connect it every other day .... It sounds almost right for a rate of about one week or 2h/day.
- I tried to squier same price, same Cort and other Peavey Raptor (I am not the name of the dernire) ... all these guitars seemed to me to concurrent slightly less good / nice / enjoyable ....
I have new colors argenty'avais pay no choice ====> at least I have a guitar disco) 190 in-store ... the price quality ratio is int trs Ress.
- I Rasht the same today and I advise a friend.