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Pl4c!d 12/22/2004

Cort G210 : Pl4c!d's user review


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[see above]


Handle extremely enjoyable to play, Access in acute ais.
This is a guitar trslgre, form banal (starto) rather pretty.
This gives good sound thanks in part to humbucker. Other pickups are not bad for the price but there's more!


The range of sound is large enough, its clear that both distortion even if it lacks a bit of potato, which limit the mtal style that I do not practice so its not me ESG nothing ..

With my old amp (peavey small) the sounds came easily even if a line since I was 6 it changes everything.
Its clear you get a crystal-clear sound quite enjoyable in distos the only microphone that really takes the road is the humbucker.


It's been a year and a half that I have. I am satisfied because it's pretty exceptionel qualitprix level, I intend to change soon but no guitar I would sell my little G210!
Her trs mcaniques are well made, it dsaccorde little.
I tried other guitars, and of course more Chres we see the diffrence but in the same price range, it is among the very best.
I'm in and if nothing j'tait beginners I still have my spine (may be a different color) but I Rasht