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DeArmond user reviews

  • DeArmond Jet Star

    DeArmond Jet Star - "DeArmond & Guild...magical synergy!"


    I tested the DeArmond Guild with a Crate amp, on both dirty and clean channels. I've been playing Guild acoustics since 1970 and have the highest respect for Guild quality. This is my first experience with a Guild electric and it's exactly what I'd e…

  • DeArmond Jet Star

    DeArmond Jet Star - "DeArmond Jet Star"


    I picked up a mint black Jet Star on Ebay for £110 including hard case (note these guitars do NOT fit most standard cases). I have collected all of the top line DeArmond models (T400,StarfireSpecial,M75T)The Jet Star sat untouched for about a year or…

  • DeArmond Pilot V

    DeArmond Pilot V - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by ebenofrancky/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Guitar made in Korea. I don't know its manufacturing date. This instrument is a Guild copy. Good manufacturing quality. I didn't notice important problems in the finish …

  • DeArmond Jet Star

    DeArmond Jet Star - "DeArmond Jetstar"


    I saw this really clean and tidy new/second hand Korean made DeArmond/Guild Jetstar electric guitar in our local guitar shop about two years ago, but price tag of £440 put it out of my reach. Two years later it was still there and i finally bought it…

  • DeArmond Starfire

    DeArmond Starfire - "DeArmond Starfire"


    Purchased this guitar on closeout. Paid 250 american currency, Clean bright sound replicating a decent ES-335, sturdy semihollow Jazzbox, above average construction for an imported semihollow design guitar, excellent Pickups, great action solid set…

  • DeArmond Pilot Bass

    DeArmond Pilot Bass - "DeArmond Bass"


    I didnt buy the bass, my dad did just to play,so i dont know how he picked it out and stuff, but i know that when i picked it up, for 150, it was my first experience with a bass Being an experienced bassist now, this bass is pretty good for its low …

  • DeArmond M75

    DeArmond M75 - "DeArmond M75"


    I was wanting a guitar for a while , It would be so cool to play , and my dad bought me a vox amp . He says the his buddy has a nice little guitar that he had just fixed that he wanted to sell. So I had been working for a little while and got the mon…

  • DeArmond Starfire Special

    DeArmond Starfire Special - "DeArmond Starfire Special"


    I purchased the guitar for $435.00 used on eBay including the hardshell case and shipping. When I received the guitar, both it and the case were virtually like new. It has a rich vintage sunburst finish over lightly figured laminated maple with a…

  • DeArmond Starfire Special

    DeArmond Starfire Special - "DeArmond Starfire Special"


    I purchased this translucant red thinline archtop at Rainbowmusic in Cornwall ON Canada for about $1200 CDN cash, has a Bigsby whammy, terrific translucant red finish and the most excellent single coil DeArmond pickups! I think they're called De…

  • DeArmond X155

    DeArmond X155 - "DeArmond X-155"


    I purchased this hollow body archtop in Cornwall ON Canada At Rainbow Music for $952.00 CDN!! I always wanted a guitar with such a warn & rich sound,...oh I know if the cost is nOT a factor one could get a great guitar anywhere!! However,...for the p…