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MGR/Anonymous 10/21/2002

DeArmond Starfire Special : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I purchased this translucant red thinline archtop at Rainbowmusic in Cornwall ON Canada for about $1200 CDN cash, has a Bigsby whammy, terrific translucant red finish and the most excellent single coil DeArmond pickups! I think they're called DeArmond 2K,...they truly take you back to an era where that "jiggle-jaggle" clear as a church bell sound! I do alot of period Rock N'Roll,...this guitar performs! Out of all my guitars,...everyone like to pick this one up and just play!! I have a hard time to get it back sometimes!

The playability is just unbelievable!! It's finish is second to none, LOOKS terrific,'s solid and heavy,...BULLETPROOF!! Well put together, this set of strings turns many heads! Oh,...and the sound, I run it through a big Fender amp, just rings true!

If I was to pick one thing,...hmmmm, it's one HEAVY guitar!! Other then that,...I can't think of anything that I DON'T like, and I've had it for over three years now!

Like I mentioned in the above discription, it's well put together indeed! The fit & finish is very good, machine heads are of high quality!

Like I said,...when I play with other players,...they always want to give it a try and when they do,...they can't put it down!!

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