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MGR/Andrew I-love-Guitar Radcliff 11/30/2003

DeArmond M75 : MGR/Andrew I-love-Guitar Radcliff's user review

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I was wanting a guitar for a while , It would be so cool to play , and my dad bought me a vox amp . He says the his buddy has a nice little guitar that he had just fixed that he wanted to sell. So I had been working for a little while and got the money . I bought it for $120. This is definatley the coolest thing I have ever seen.

HMMMM.. thats a hard one ..... NOT!
This guitar is so cool black and ivory, sound great , very comfortable and easy to learn on. It's the coolest thing I own.

The one thing I don't like is it's sound is too smooth doesn't provide enough distortion but you can change that with a pedel . So ha.

The unit is very nice kinda heavy but comfortable . Looks awsome and pickups are great. This guitar is great.

Bottom Line this guitar is awsome and since the its discontinued I'd get one NOW! So with that I give this baby a 5. END OF STORY!

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