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DeArmond Jet Star
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« DeArmond Jet Star »

Publié le 04/05/09 à 15:00
I picked up a mint black Jet Star on Ebay for £110 including hard case (note these guitars do NOT fit most standard cases). I have collected all of the top line DeArmond models (T400,StarfireSpecial,M75T)The Jet Star sat untouched for about a year or more until I got round to setting it up.As it stood this was a very useable instrument, ergonomically well designed and balanced. The were versatile and powerful, however, There were a few negatives,'stodgy'and no more than just about adequate tuners (replace the plastic ring under the tuning buttons with fibre washers for more friction and they work much better) the pots and controll knobs were rubbish, so a re wire also fitting a push pull coil tap, this turns these guitars into an exceptional tool!Tapped is like a 'Tele on steroids, as 'buckers Filtertron meets P.A.F.sums it up Setzer should get one of these!I have been using this one loaded with 13to56's down a full tone through a '67 bassman on a 4x12 Fender Bassman cab + Roland 201,This has a KILLER of a vintage sound (everything you want from a Gretch duo jet AND 6120.Wipes SG's OR LP's for cassic rock, crunch, sparkle and growl!! NO ONE I know, including a renown 'Mettaler' has failed to be impressed!! As previously stated the stock stop end is sharp and uncomfortable, I manged to pick up a 'Digsby' from a M75T (5" from tail end to string roller) and with a little modification fitted it front mount a'la Bigsby'B5'. A Wilkinson roller bridge fits nicely onto the bridge posts,but the cambre of the bridge is a tad too curved for perfect action so flattening off the brige saddles a few thou. as req.makes a small but worthwhile difference.

THIS IS NOW THE DOGS BOLLOCKS of a guitar!!(there are some pix on Bebo Red Hot Roosters, DeArmond geezers tool kit.)I have been playing for 37 years and have about 50 guitars and some of these are vintage 'A' listers and I have as much regard for this as any of them (excluding a special'62 Tele to which I have a special emotional attatchment!)Do yorself a favor and get one ,they are still pertty cheap and I think a future 'classic'
Regards, the Teleblaster.

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