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Behringer Delays & reverb pedals user reviews

  • Behringer Digital Reverb DR100

    Behringer Digital Reverb DR100 - "not going to happen"


    The Behringer Digital reverb DR 100 pedal is a decent sounding digital reverb pedal I can get a good it just for someone who is on a tight budget and needs a reverb pedal. This panel has a enough operation and versatility to get you pretty much any s…

  • Behringer Digital Reverb DR600

    Behringer Digital Reverb DR600 - "its ok"


    Behringer is one of those companies has really known for their very inexpensive budget friendly music equipment. They have everything from guitar amplifiers to the foot pedals to rack gear and studio equipment as well. This is one of their foot pedal…

  • Behringer Digital Delay DD400

    Behringer Digital Delay DD400 - moosers's review


    The Behringer DD400 Digital Delay is a pedal that will most often be seen for use with electric guitar, but suitable for use with any electronic instrument. Behringer obviously had the Boss DD series of digital delay pedals in mind here. The pedal …

  • Behringer Digital Delay DD100

    Behringer Digital Delay DD100 - "Behringer DD100"


    I play 6-string, 12-string, and bass guitar and harmonica. I have been playing harmonica for 38 years, guitar for 36 years, and bass for 24 years. I have played in a couple of bands but primarily play as solo musician. My musical style is a fusion…

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