Adobe Audition 2
Adobe Audition 2

Audition 2, Digital Audio Editor from Adobe.

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All user reviews for the Adobe Audition 2

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Average Score:3.2( 3.2/5 based on 11 reviews )
 3 reviews27 %
 3 reviews27 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
 3 reviews27 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Gobbi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
- The installation is done it without problems?
It must be the only thing that works almost so, in addition to the need SP2 as said before

- Have you experienced any incompatibilities?
Why we should be able to use the software

- The general configuration is easy?
No, almost everything has changed from the 1.5 and not really in any better ... Should regain control.
[edit for dinosaurs]: it does not mean it's not done well, but the 1.5 worked very well and if all the commands (especially the keyboard shortcuts!) Change from one version to another so it is not out of the woods. Especially that in addition to the changes of commands that do nothing, the real additions compared to the 1.5 does not work really well in all

- The manual is clear and sufficient
Ah yes, according to the manual everything is wonderful and hearing two would be an example of simplicity and clarity ... Let's say that appears to treat all the important points


- What is the configuration of your computer? (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk / sound card ..)
Acer (yes I know it's good, but that's the job I have not chosen), proc. Intel Core 2 Duo T5500
1GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, the big config which only recently ...
Reinstalled XP with the drivers provided on the site of Acer
MultifaceII RME soundcard, internal sound card was disabled because the computer bugger ...

- The software works he correctly on this configuration?
I think filling said no. Every day brings me new surprises:
It started by the need to reconfigure the sound card on every boot, Audition gives systematically SPDIF output on the sound card config, while the exit signs on the multitrack (bottom slices can see the output sent) well tell me my analog outputs for the master ...
That was nice, now Audition does not launch more than half the time and makes me a "runtime error" if I try to go to edition (yes it is not much for the editing What do I want to go there myself ^ ^)

VST level is high, but then very very heavy.
Moreover Audition2 is not done for taking full advantage of dual core, it supports only one processor and when it is overloaded it passes over the second ... and then it starts to crack at any cost. Yet I have not seem to work on material beginner, RME is pretty good.

You should know that my PC is completely dedicated to audition for the moment is the only software installed ... Apparently it's enough for him; note that this may be depressed, he feels alone, it is emotional software.

- I think it is not necessary to answer later, you understand that (in my humble opinion) this software is a monumental crap.


- How long have you use it?
First trial a year ago, I had problems with configuring the sound card but then I peaked. I use Audition 1.5 audio from my infancy, I learned everything on it and if I recognize some limitations (in particular ASIO), I always found this software to impressive efficiency.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
I love to have software on my PC, but I also like to use them ...

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
How would you rate the quality / price?
Like many I have Adobe 1.5 which is a marvel of stability, simplicity and efficiency, especially for its price. So I was excited to finally use this software in ASIO, only small lack in 1.5 ... Well it will be best for version 3, this one will turn to the trash and the RAM 1.5! For the price it costs (oh yes always, the price has not forgotten to climb it ...), it's a waste.

Moreover oddly Adobe has turned its Version 2 download sites but you can book the three.
Adobe would have invented the beta pay? It looks like!

-With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Is it really necessary for me to respond?

chris84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
- Installation without any problems.
- I am not a crackpot of VST, so I would not judge anything regarding this topic, but all Native Instruments software with this type of equipment in my PC have been recognized.


- My PC: Asus Motherboard A7V8X-X AMD Sempron 2800 +
768MB DDR333 RAM and 240GB hard drive
Sound Card Hercules Game Theater XP 7.1 with external rack.
- Under this config, no problem! Compatibility is impeccable and the automatic configuration, no need to call Bill Gates ...
- In terms of performance, Audition 2 is slower to start than 1.5 (but nothing dramatic, just a little, that is), allowing a much more rapid once the software is opened.
I am user of this software since its inception (Cool Edit Pro 97 ... that date!) And this is the best optimized version by far!
In fact, version 1.5 (transition Syntrilium Cool Edit and Adobe Audition) suffered from many weaknesses in performance: it rowed quickly, making the use of hard real-time effects, which can now be .
- No significant instability can be reported ... Adobe's website in any manner provided fixes for special cases.

-> Update on 14/12/2007: Pentium Core2Duo 6400, 2048MB DDR800 ... always of the ball.


- I use it since its release.
- The pros:
Easy to take charge (except for the dinosaurs who never want to change anything in their little habits ...)
Very interesting features, such as virtual mixer and a full range of effects.
No need to read 900 pages of Cubase SX to record sound ... lol!
Everything is clear in terms of interface, but very comprehensive for sound processing. But this is only audio editor, not a sequencer: it is not designed for applications noon.
- The -:
Nothing striking, but the default settings of effects are often too extreme for direct use. It still draws an advantage: the caricature can easily understand the value of each parameter, and make its own adjustments easily.
- Value for money: ALL software of any kind is too expensive. But it is clear that the game is worth it.

whex's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
- The setting is gniale, the only thing regrtable is that you have windows xp as impractical in 2000 ... impossible to install it, the marketing con !!!!! damage than XP beef knowing him alone all the resources of the pc :-)


I have a pc dual core athlon 3800 + with a sound card TerraTec 8 entres/8sorties
8 tracks are used and not rowing.
before I had a 3200 + in 32bit and use of the silent 90% cpu for a 8-track recording with a compression plugin on each track.
try with cubase? of which he is rowing he plugin 3.
Personally, audition 2.0, c of the ball .....


Its particularity, everyone forgetting that prciser from version 1.5
he recorded the tracks in instantaneous while in 1.5, you must save them one by one and wait for ages. long live 2.0

The mixer-in interface? cgnial since I sold my mixer (hardware version) because now it is nothing, as the interface is 1000 times better hearing and economic (need to buy the mat riel, is already all).

- The point ngatif?? have you tried to compile in mixdown to mp3 wav, not when capturing in 96Khz, and many a shit because they did not make the direct link for the conversion of 96Khz to 48Khz, damages, takes a 5 minutes.

Marc0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
Installation without problems on a VAIO AR11B.

Few strokes of "next" and the program installs itself, quickly and well (those who say it's the cotnraire change pc)


- Sony VAIO AR11B, Core Duo T2300, 1024MB DDR, 100GB HDD, 17 "LCD WXGA
- The software works beautifully, no instability has significant challenges.
- Everything is very fast, listening in real-time rendering.


I use it for the past few months, I must say this is an excellent program compared to Cubase and Protools is clearly not intended for the professional world but to the home studio enthusiasts, for this use, it is perfect SUPER SIMPLE AND QUICK START CONFIGURATION.
An excellent program, easy, very compatible (sound cards, tables ,...) mix that I highly recommend for home studio.
The range of effects is not huge, but those present are effective, equalizers are all that are more standard and easy (parametric and graphic), the compressor Izotope is absolutely brilliant and effective, even if settings require a few tries before you understand the operation.
In short, a very good program easy to learn, fairly complete.

vlandrieu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
Installing on a Sony VAIO FS415B notebook without any problem.


The software runs well and trs is fairly stable ... In any case since I bought the RAM.
Prvenir as you right now, hearing is the only program that I truly multi-test trs I am new to the computer music, I never got hold of ProTools or Ableton and the few attempts that I 've made on Cubase me well cooled!

Unlike what many of you blame the software, I found extrment intuitive and convenient! In any case, much more than Cubase SX3 which I find quite off-putting at the interface. I find what I want without having to explore the program from top to bottom.

Overall I am satisfied with all the projects I did with Audition but I RPET, I am beginners ... but not blue either, even if made more than 7 years since I started to sound and I do not think the ***** in the ears.

Other hand, as a graphic designer, I use all normment Creative Suite products, and may be that my preferences for hearing comes from I feel much less countries with Cubase.


I find this software trs affordable for beginners and its interface is clear and enjoyable. It is not Probal software the most powerful of its kind, but it's an effective tool to get your feet wet!

I am satisfied with TRS at the moment but I'm not saying that in a while I will not spend anything else!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
Instalation normal but long.


Good configuration of my pc ...


So I use hearing for a couple of years.
I started with 1.5, I found great, simple manipulate, simple instalation short, really great.

I invested in the two no longer, and the big disappointment.
First instaler long and complicated.
Then when I put it on the road, it is long to load (even though I is not VST)
Then the configuration with my sound card and I must compliquet the start every time I put on the road hearing.
In addition I find that nothing has to change too much compared to 1.5.

This is only my opinion, for those who will invest their I deprecated, the platform from which changes, and some ordinary plugs nothing has really changed.
As proof I finally rest in version 1.5 and regret buying the version 2 ...

wattie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
Installation without problem but happy, I have a new computer ...


The software works very well, that's not the question ... Next!


2 weeks of use and return to version 1.5.
I had great fear when Adobe has gotten hold of Cool Edit Pro
Adobe Audition to rename it but the change was not brutal until version 2
and everything was fine. Interfaces usual crappy Adobe (well known on the Mac) had not been imposed except for the version 2.0. Horrible design. Functions withdrawn, less intuitive interface (I had the misfortune to undock the panel from the drive and impossible to replace, or ca ca fleet closes but it does rooted more) ... What are these changes if not to harm the user and make him want to go somewhere else? Other software made the ereur as ACDSee, Paint Shop Pro, and so on, changing the user loved nazes for functions, programs and imposing heavy and definitely not intuitive interface ...

Ok Adobe added asio mode and other things but I spent so adios before version 2, return the 1.5, more convenient, simpler, less pretentious and much more convenient. Provided this is not the end of this software yet well thought previously ... : C (

7continent's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
Installing on a laptop asus centrino with no problem


Centrino technology intel/1024 ram / two hard drives 1 100G and 250G Eexternal iomega
fontion no problem
faster than 1.5 for all with regard to treatment vst direct x and windows are of good quality
no crash with the sound card edirol usb ua25


Less than 1 month but intensment
support plug-ins more than the 1.5 INTERESTED
I regret some tools that have been less available than does the other version
I also gard 1.5 for the office but the mix I did in the 2.0
quality good value for money.
I repeat the same choice
Guillaume LANGEVIN03/03/2006

Guillaume LANGEVIN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
Installation too galre (SP2 is required to install the software! And this dung SP2 me I want to, in short have to install / uninstall SP2, great!)
Incompatibility with all OS Windows XP SP2 antrieurs so. It is little possibility of any a. ..
Configuring the software sucks, but really rotten: all strengths of the interface disappeared Audition 1.5, we find ourselves here with the filthy skin "Robocop / dj cheesy rat future" not to mention all the little things that have disappeared (bx all things as the fact of having to double click a track to be able to change the volume APRS, while right-clicking in Audition 1.5 , a figure at the keyboard and over. nerva and there's stuff like a 150 in this software, and suddenly you lose a lot of time for nothing at the end).


My config: 3000 +, 1.5 GB RAM, 520 SD card, the 1212M.
The software does not train a bit in this config, still happy elsewhere. But had the level of perfs we also lost from the version 1.5 of the software: the VST compatibility, supposedly amliore, is despicable and ds is opened any VST freeware any lightweight, pouf Hearing is a blow to panic and crash is two.
Hearing you tell me it's not for the VST and it's true, but in this case the they dgagent this function, do not put it so was planted.


I too long (two weeks).
Frankly nothing innovative from version 1.5 but if still in silent rest l. But nah, it's worse than version 1.5! Quality price ratio: 0, nil, rotten.

Most of Audition 2:
Ca-train without VST.

The - 2 of Audition:
- Interface too rotten, not intuitive and unnecessarily cumbersome.
- Delays to see clearly perceptible crash with using VST
- Installation possible only with SP2

In conclusion:
Cool Edit can be as proud of his dcendant, as little Audition 1.5 not to be. Adobe comes on strong on marketing with Audition 2 and that's it. This software is just my opinion no. Keep the version 1.5 you will be less of.

lonomatopeur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe Audition 2
-The instalation is done without problem as always with Adobe products
-No problem with my sound card
-The setup is simple for me because I worked previously with the 1.5
-I have not opened yet ... I aprendre by clicking


-P4, 1024ddr, 130go drive and sound card ego sys 192m
-The software works perfectly well
-Treatments are often faster than the 1.5
Yes, more stable than the 1.5 especially at the VST Multitrack Recording


I have been using 2semaines
The design is beautiful, but I think it hurts a little performance, ogranisation menus is sometimes risky but the use of software is simple and good outcome.
"I had tried the previous version, and at a friend's Nuendo and WaveLab
-The software is still expensive, so if possible try it before.
-I think I migrate to a station better integrating video, such as Nuendo, but this is not the same price