Adobe audition 1.5
Adobe audition 1.5

audition 1.5, Digital Audio Editor from Adobe.

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Adobe audition 1.5
I think that the user interface of the program just make music so accesible. Simple controls and functions, a well rounded program.

Oh my word, I think this program is the easiest I've ever used. Straight forward once you learn the ropes, no real flaws I see.


I think this is a very simple, beginners program to record and mix vocals on. I use it for multipurposes, such as recording audio for school, recording freestyles and battle verses, and also cd quality work. it has decent sound quality for the fact that you can download it.

its a program, so i dont have to repair, but the overall quality of the product is very high, an invaluable piece of technology.


This is just an amzing program. I am completely feeling this track.

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Posted by: CrAcKa-JaCk ( 3-, 2006)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Adobe audition 1.5
Audition 1.5 good loop-based features but lacks many others. For example, it has no looping grid (such as that in Cubase) and it's somewhat difficult to slice and loop. There are a few bugs that are not yet fixed. On the good side, Audition is a Wave editor, Multi-Track recorder and CD Project manager, which is found in few other softwares.

Paid: $250


I haven't used VST's with Audition yet but the sound quality and sound effects otherwise are good. Has a wide variety of mastering/mixing effects.

Audition is very easy to use. Using loops is very easy. Mixing is done with a virtual 20-track mixer. Panning/mixing loop blocks is a breeze. It's also easy to edit drums/instruments as you are using them.


I've liked Adobe Audition since the Cool Edit days. Very easy to use and very functional.

Originally posted on
Posted by: range ( 4-, 2006)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Adobe audition 1.5
Something that made me use this program more(then the older version) is that your now able to use VST plug-ins with it. This is if you ask me the most important upgrade. But there are also some little extras like burning cds inside Audition, now you dont have to export them 1st and load them into lets say nero to burn your mixdown you just finished. I know this was possible with cool edit 2 too yes but this was something you had to get separately, now its already in it.

Price paid


I used cool edit pro for years so I cant really judge if this new(er) version of cool edit is easy to use. But I know that when I was just new to sound editors, I liked cool edit more then others because it was so simple to use. And the interface hasnt changed that much so I guess its still a pretty easy to use program.


The sound quality is exactly what you would expect from the newest version of cool edit pro, nothing really fancy here.

I must say that Audition is still a very ''light'' program. I heard some people say that this one isnt as smooth running as cool edit pro2 but I guess I have to disagree with them. If you compare this program with cubase SX(I know, these twoo are completely different, but hey lots of people know them both)audition is very less RAM consuming, and this is noticeable and feelable. And about the durability, well it just crashed on me a couple times and thats normal I guess with software.


For me its the number one editor, its the program I used for ages, and prolly will use for many more years.

Originally posted on
Posted by: Ilgit ( 9-, 2005)

Oliviercool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Indestructible, this software! :-))))"

Adobe audition 1.5
Sequencer and multitrack audio editor.

Implementation a breeze. In French, it has just a few flaws in translation, but that's all.


I know this program since its inception (and Cool Edit Cool Edit Pro) and I'm using version 1.5 today although he is currently in version CS6 (early March 2013). Even professionals use the radio again and you'll quickly understand why.

First, it is a LULM (= Ultra-Light Motorized Software ^ ^). The installer weighs less than 40 MB: this allows it to be stowed in any software package without weighing it so excessive. The following versions are at least 150 MB then it is indestructible: it is ultra-stable. It's simple: it does not crash ever. Which is necessarily the case with newer versions. And again, if in case it is the Windows plant, if it is at the time of startup files or projects that have not been closed properly, it can recover and recharge. Then it is a true multitrack: you can arm all tracks if needed (Samlitude - at least version 6.0, this is not the case: only one track can be armed at a time) and each track can receive individually any sound card input and send audio to any output. Then its spectral vision is daunting. Then it all (or almost) the functions needed to work on audio files. And finally, it runs under Windows 8 64-bit, which is not the case of version 3, in any case (newer versions: not tested).

It's just too bad he does not take care of the ASIO protocol, it supports the protocols WDM / MME. At least as regards the PC version. So far, it bothered me not because the sound card I used (Sek'd Prodif Plus, a PCI 12 inputs - outputs including 8 via ADAT) is even multichannel WDM / MME but this is no longer the If my new sound card (M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R, a USB 2.0 8 inputs - outputs) that it is only through multi-channel ASIO. WDM / MME, only channels 1 and 2 are supported. I am very annoyed ...

I mainly use this software to scan and mastering audio. In that context, it is unfortunate that this version does not yet have other functions mastering and audio restoration which mostly offset azimuthage qu'Audition has since version 3.0. Anyway, the RX Izotop Advenced I also used (but much more rarely) also.

It should just be careful NEVER save audio files during playback. In this case, it can record audio files empty (it's a bug).


This software (or at least this version), which is hard to dethrone, became a classic of the genre that should enter the Museum of software ^ ^

What I love in this version:
- Software Ultra-Light Motorized ^ ^
- Do not plant
- Precision in the waveform
- Very ergonomic
- To all the functions we need (almost)
- Runs on Windows 8 64-bit

I like a little less in this version:
- Do not support ASIO drivers AAAAARGLLL!! Not only supports the WDM / MME
- Lack of certain features which especially mastering a spell azimuthage
- Do not generate a PK file for 24-bit audio: loading time audio files involved is long ...
- In Multitrack mode, most of the changes to the audio files are so destructive
- The preset settings for each algorithm processing peuent not be saved in separate files.

superdébutant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe audition 1.5
RVision July 17, 07 ...
- Installation no problem, everything is just Droulez trs.
- No incompatibility.
- The configuration is very simple.
- The manual is rich but not confused, and Retailer prcis ... consult a pleasure!


- Configuration: AMD Sempron 2600, motherboard ASROCK K7S41GX, 512 RAM, 80GB UDMA your HD 100-7200 towers, external interface Edirol UA 25, external mixer Yamaha MG 10 / 2, ESI near 05 active speakers experience.
- The software has never plant so far. use WDM drivers (sound interface + Audition).
- The multitrack view in reading with 20 votes (no effects per track, it is true ...) runs without problem (I prcise I use a lot of audio files strodpassant minute. ..).
- For my use, this configuration is stable trs.


- It's been two years since I use it.
- J'apprcie many changes in work mode (edit, multitrack) that can perform flexible Manir trs: IDAL to rework one's included in a mix ...
J'apprcie also the quality and precision of effects on offer, the cot "pro" software ... APRS two years of work: CONGRATULATIONS!
- I knew that silent Soundforge good but not as complete and less flexible. For cons, I use Wavelab 4 in complment (other fawn sound to work) and the alliance of the two is perfect.
-Two years ago, I pay 300 Euros in nine Painoshow is the price for the quality ...
- I do it again this choice without hsiter.

gigi06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe audition 1.5
First thing, let me talk about my setup and probably yours.
You want to save your home your own model c right? regardless of the style

You had some funny experiences with Cubase, Sonar, Logic, PT LE etc. ..

Strange experience ... what he's talking the one! ?

Most other software sequencer / recorder and make 1000 one thing, regardless of your racing machine, ca bug, it sizzles, it's slow .. there are plenty of buttons everywhere, I'm going to tendinitis with the mouse ... ah damn blue screen what was going on .. my understanding, my zik, my idea ... time for a reboot. shit I forgot ..

- Ahahah small installs audition (cool edit, we Will Remember)!
- Oh yes it is hearing this stuff?
- Ben is a little soft for little, no need to flatter him in the direction that the hair.
- Oh yes it works?
- Yeah you do not have MIDI editing but if you ask me you got that done on a computer or other mpc
- Ok ok so the hearing that it ca not crash and saves right?
- Eh nickel guy, faster than the protools. the stuff already worked on Pentium 60
- Oh ok I see .... but it must be fake and all the effects?
- Frankly it's going, and directx support in terms of frequency of lanalyse is not better, it's clean, fast, beautiful and I would be tempted to say pro
- Oh yes shareware in the world of big?

- Hey! this thing is the rock-solid as a true multitrack tascam, fostex, etc. ..

- Yeah OK we will register here, you want a setup very easy and clean, is
you an analog mixer mackie a style, a full card with Din / out firewire 410 style .. plug all this, plug all your toys sampler, microphones and musicians. record, mix, master and off you go ca sound good!

obviously the author of this story enjoys the hardware, and yes nothing beats son connect with sequencers and samplers that sounds (my mpc .. I love you)!


Well like I said everything is good here .. almost

obviously buy a sound card with the most dentreee outputs and a must especially if you have a console tite and toys by side

Are you listening? you take yourself a Sempron with 1GB ram and a good hard drive sata

it's all a computer is 300 euros gonna do guy and nickel in nickel and more ..


Frankly ca 10 years must be the thing that I know.

ca has not changed much, especially improve .. It had always been as fast and stable

so the interface is less pretty Logic, etc. pt. sen crazy but hey at least
HERE WE HAVE DONE LIMPRESSION Lord's one thing for once ...


Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Adobe audition 1.5
No installation problems. We appreciate the opportunity to install in various languages. Derived from this software CoolEdit is very stable. I have never encountered any problems. And ergonomics is exemplary. Before you need the manual, it is already teasing sound.


PIV 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM; Echo MiaMIDI, Windows Xp
Nickel. The software has a good performance management (also configurable).
Working in 24/96, he rowed from 12 tracks with effects 6-7.


I use this software since a year and a half. But 4-5 years from CoolEdit.
I tried Samplitude, SoundForge, Goldwave and others, also very good but I much prefer the management of hearing. Also a big plus for switching a track sequencer and the addition of video support. The price / quality ratio is good, excellent if you come across a promo in the United States;) I referrer this choice without hesitation.