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All user reviews for the Korg D-1600

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 10 reviews )
 9 reviews90 %
 1 user review10 %
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MGR/TG's review"Korg D1600"

Korg D-1600
I am song writer and like to perform my own songs.And I wanted my music to be available anytime. You know painters can show there paintings while musicians must play them ( they can not do that everytime). So I decided to purchase a gear that can help me on this issue.Most friends advised me to do it with a PC. But you can not move it, and most of all I wanted something with not more than one click away ( people using computers are getting confused sometimes me and my Korg don't ). So I bought it in Turkey ( that's where I live ) for about 1450 $.

High Quality recording ability. Move it anywhere where you play your music.Plug in and play and start recording.

It would have been much better, if it had a program and an interface to transmit the songs to a PC.And why is there nothing sold to carry it away in an secure way.

In short words it is well done. I use it for about one year and didn't get frustrated anyway.

If somebody wants to make music on his or her own or with a band, and make it permanent, it is the right stuff. As a matter of fact you will never get the sound quality of a Studio but it will meet higher standarts than you think you will get.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Andy's review"Korg D1600"

Korg D-1600
I bought the D1600 in London for around £1200 in 2001 for recording with two guitarist friends and a few bits of MIDI equipment. I had been using a 4track Tascam tape and what more tracks and no bouncing down.

The sound quality is fine what I want (I use the 16bit mode most of the time).
The major issue, however, is the ease of use:
The touchview screen and sensible layout make it very intuitive to use - you don't stray away from the music to master the technology.
From selecting /changing the inputs for a track pair through setting EQ through setting up Insert/Master effects to recording, I find myself flying around the machine without a pause to think "now how do you do this"?

Even when using some of the quite complex editing functions Editing functions, I find I don't need to refer to the manual.

And it never crashes and starts up in about 15 secs (great when you wake in the middle of the night with a little vocal snippet in your head - pity it can't tell you when it's rubbish!)!

The effects are very useful and easy to use in their defaults. I'd like it if there was more detail on some of the parameters though.
A link to the BPM on some of the delays would be good (instead of Msec values).
A couple of the screens are not very intuitive (but they only stand out because everything else is so neat)
It's a shame that the effects out is Mono.

Sockets good.
Sliders smooth.

CD bay doesn't make the rest of the livery!

Get one and you'
ll be pleased you bought it everytime you turn it on.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

fred1mel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600
4 inputs 4 XLR jack / jack
8-track simultaneous recording
16 read
To see the rest of www.korg.fr.com


The touch screen! very practical! a little small but very still ...
The manual is clear enough, for someone like me who does not know these bikes it, I was out russ beginning of a mix in a night (quite short!) It's been a week since I and I have started really have it in main.les operations becoming faster. I regret even when a USB ..


Ps I have had time to release something on CD, but otherwise, no complaints: transparent.il it is still important to have good microphones, it goes without saying!
For effects, not bad, even if it is not the primary purpose of the machine, but it can srvir for a quick idea of ​​what you want to have as its for the song you do. Finally .. you know what I mean ???....
The drum machine ... what about ... not too bad, good riffs, but a little too head-making a plan and not enough reasons, but that's good for drummers! they are not unemployed like that! Not without laughter, c ' is good, it serves well for an accompaniment, not to compose something.
The dynamics are good, the rest I do not know yet! I come back later! Despite whether it's digital, I do not sound particularly cold.


With little time pass on, I can say that I quickly tamed. In a week I started mixing several pieces and it looks not too bad!
I love the touch screen, the selection fairly simple page that you want voir.J love him less BAR (attention is not a criticism, it just gluttony!)
And for everything else, I'd say it's really good! for someone who does not want a huge budget, we are not very very expensive in time, and it is frankly honest in relation qualitprix / Brief entres...En a typical configuration (4 5 + instruments or voice) is very adequate. For the moment I do not regret my purchase at all on the contrary! Let's hope it lasts !!!..

Megajp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600
Pass quickly over (4XLR phantom - 8 jacks - output jacks mono)
that is the standard, that is good even if at first was a bit plastoc!
The Hard Disk is standard (I have an IBM 80Giga), the drawers is a bit spartan,
but again, zero problems with my HD
8 tracks and 16 tracks Reccords mix ....
Personal I always keep the last two to keep track of the mix on the bike!

I put 8 because I AIM ADAT output in place of SCSI


It is the highlight of this apareil: THANK touch screen
in 15 days everything has a pig unit and 75% is acquired during the first Journe.
The manual is clear, the connection is standard, no galley routing as in ROL *** D
no multifunction button as in Y *** HA. Given the faders and meters are prcis ... no surprises after the recording. It is perfect


The converters are "sufficient" and "Musical", I have not done laboratory measurement
but the record is as expected: COLD and accurate. so accurate it's scary:
We realize that with a preamp and microphone high above suspicion (Neuman TLAAUDIO +)
the catch of his capture the mood of the room, a creaking door, pedal bass drum that whines ...
It very quickly perceives that to advance the sound should be s' equipping like a real studio
So: that's enough.
Live recording of the XLR's convenient and the result is clean.

Effects: may be the weak point. They are so numerous and too versatile (but is it a default).
I must turn reverb on 2 or 3 (always the same) one or two micro simulator (bass drum and vocals) and 2 amp simulator (Marshall and Fender). The rest I don 't use it for messing around.
Section mastering is a bit daubesque still ... I prefer the PC!

The dynamic is nickel. In the beginners I could not mix battery has ... I thought it came from KORG ... but I had the chance to make a recording with VS1880 or TASCAM FW1884: Same!
It has invested in the battery, the microphone preamp and it gets better!


I use it for four years, I made a hundred model / live recording.

I love the touch screen, function punch (for zicos stresss), and 16 faders to the mix.

I do not like: plastic, digital transfer via the computer, the sound of the fan,
naming conventions of the song is tedious (a wheel)

I vennais from analog (FOSTEX R8) the Korg made me turn the corner

Qualitprix Report: was good when I bought it (1350 FF)
but when I see that it can be tracked down to a 800 Okaz is excellent ca
(I think even buy a second for the SLAVE to a battery and record 16 tracks)

I (well, since the group that is a joint purchase) do not regret this purchase,
that is a good trs tool for a group (models / disk / live)

I keep the best for last: PLANTING ZERO FOUR YEARS! any PC can be said?

Artsurf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600
CHARACTERISTICS level of BCAN, there is.
The only thing missing from an S / PDIF coaxial. Optionally, a headphone deuxime, but the I just Motes.
Box pace (well pluttgnrateur rhythm), good quality and very practical.


Level use, this is good. Trs simple ACCS, no need to take a doliprane before reading the manual is very well organized. We find complete information quickly trs.

The ergonomics of the BTE is good. With the touch screen is super simple. Solid construction.

There is everything you need for easy opration recording, editing. The menus are clear.


In terms of sound and reasonably clean.
I have not heard of major diffrence between 24 Bits and 16 Bits.
The qualisation works.
I have used almost no effects, except compressors that work well. And rverbes.


I use it for a year to save models and compositions.

TRS is a good tool, easy to ACCS, trs reliable (I had no galre), with an impeccable quality recording (audio).

I am glad trs, and remake that choice without hsiter.

drumy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600
The USB and more from the D1600? There are no pictures, it does nothing more (this is exactly the same bike) because with the integrated burner and a CDR-RW you transfer everything you want on your PC and vice versa and , and at least you do not have problems with crashes so dear to our beloved PC. No need to have a bike like if it is to look for E. s. ... You have everything at hand, and here, it's not virtual!

And then there's the I / O, so if your PC or MAC has not 20 years and a good video card, it works very well! Had to think.

Material is hyper serious, reliable, ergonomically designed to the maximum, and much easier than AW-16 competitor, with whom you spend more time in the user manual on the bike. When in doubt, do as MOA, will test it in a store because it's still more expensive than a pack of smokes (but it hurts less to the lungs) is not ready to take a shot of old this machine!


The config is the crap (you still have to eat it), so easy and affordable! A manual with hyper clear that! I'm not a very very old in the homestudio, but it's very intuitive, very logical in all phases of recording, without taking the lead. I had a little trouble with the part drum machine, at first, but when they realized the trick (fast) is a real bonus, and what the! It helps out well for models without any programming! But I confess I'm having with the more sensitive side of my BAR Boss 660, where there really interpreting.


Then the filters! I did not believe it. If you have a good Shure 57 or 58, you're quiet for a long time. I'm not saying the economy that you can make purchase of microphones. Is not the wallet will be happy? You still have to amortize the beast!

No compressors imposed on the inputs, that's top, you're the boss or not?


It's been a few months I have, and I think to keep a lot of time. I confess that I find it difficult to part with it. The dimensions are very honest, without falling into the gadget to 4kg. and fragile. Super chassis inside; IDE Hard Drive (40 GB) that can change in 2 minutes to the biggest, though it is not necessary; of 8x8x32 burner drawer too. What you ask for? I dare not say what I had before, would not it be nice! with a good flycase for lugging in rehearsal (I drooled every time, pleasure, yes). In price / quality ratio? simple: UNBEATABLE! And then, looking good, we find at a good price, new (it's solid). Resale? no problem, as the IS of the stew! It's so sought after!

Go Zique and good friendships

Your Korgialement, Drumy

PS. If it again, I will change perhaps nana (sorry ladies) but not my DR-1600.

sebiencool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600
Level connections, nothing wrong, it is well stocked basket! 8 jacks or 4 + 4 XLR jacks with 48 v madame!
Noon, spdif, scsi and everything


Trs easy to use, I've had three hours yesterday and I already made my first mix!


In the words of the great phylosophy of this century, I have appointed Jean-Pierre Coffe ...: When frozen shit, we thawed the shit! In short, the D1600 is like a freezer, it returns what you give!


A good camera rev limit professional, you can get great things from this bidulle full of button.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600
See overall opinion or go to the site from home korg www.korgfr.com


Very easy to utlisation and touch screen makes it easier


The converters are good but there is a slight loss in the dynamics (96 db, which is also the dynamics of the CD ...)
if you want better sound then it must go through a tube preamp

Indeed guitar rather good ... especially with my strat micro serious example .... and fiddling effects especially

small snag! multiband mastering effects such as "mix girlpop" or even "groovy beat" outright change its color and removes most of the dynamics to the sound! (Not good) use the studio to have a sound limiter Elage and open at the final master! Sound color guard!


The D1600 is a recorder that works very well and there is never a crash not like on a PC .... + that's the little drum machine built especially the effects that come from the famous newt!
I found a little disappointing? It is the lack of scalability of the device as added entries or screen + mouse, and also that there have no compressor on each track on the Yamaha AW4416 from home but we can still effects such as assign them to the registration + in reading and saw that you can put 8 effects (record + play) insert into master + 2 + 1 end, we found it quite well! it's better to through a tube preamp for its + hot! other guitar effects are very realistic with my strat micro serious it gives a P. .. ITS AIN for a small box in one!! price levels I think the D1600 is the top level and quality is to go ... and the icing on the cake is the touch screen that facilitates the operation!

raymond_fr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600
See the doc on the Korg site! (What is the point of asking a user to describe the stuff?)


Coming from a Tascam Portastudio 144 in twenty years of age, I consider myself to be able easily to Korg.

Full benefits, facilities.
One drawback (partial): the effects are all "pre-set" no access one by one. But for amateur use, it also has its good side (immediately available). If you want to refine it "enters" the effect to modify, or remove a component.

Fortunately, everything is done on screen in touch.

Bravo for the manual. We must support the entire course, but once at the end, you can (I do not say "we know") the Korg.


Some effects could be better set at the factory for my taste. But since they are all modifiable is storable in "user", no problem. Eg a "Leslie" parameter in every detail, but the rotation speeds of origin are not too realistic. Once hacked, it is super ...

The more technical aspects escape me. In fact, I bought it for recording music, not to see the signal to walk in the converters. Obviously, this is important, but ... the final result that satisfies me I get plenty!


Used since July 2001.
I appreciate the overall logic of the device, but I can not compare, knowing only that one.
I set myself a budget of 15 000 F with DD and writer, I find the ratio Q / P very correct.
Not disappointed for two cents, I would do immediately that choice.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D-1600






Considering the price very attractive and its strong extensibility features, this product is best suited for me in its class of digital multitrack and its financial category. Do not buy it for more professional uses