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Korg Recorders/Multitracks user reviews

  • Korg TP-2

    Korg TP-2 - "Great piece of gear"


    I bought it second hand, mainly to warm up my mixes from my computer based studio. I have to say - wow, it does it very well. All my music sound much better, warmer and analog. Compressor on this unit is quite simple but does the job well. Recently …

  • Korg Sound On Sound

    Korg Sound On Sound - "great little easy device"


    I baught it because I don't want to bounce after two or three recordings. It is really easy to use. Just follow your instinct. For the money it is just great. I used the Boss micro BR and it does a very good job too, but Like I said before, I have to…

  • Korg D32XD

    Korg D32XD - "high powered workstation"


    The Korg D32XD is a pretty good workstation that can record 16 or 32 tracks depending on which one you actually have. They faders can also move on their own with automation, it kind of reminds me of a pro tools board that I have used years ago. Diffe…

  • Korg D4

    Korg D4 - "for a guitarist "


    The Korg D4 is a four track digital recording device with some pretty simple effects that are built into it. Its not really a pocket recording device though. Its just too big to carry in your pocket, but if you have a book bag or a larger purse you c…

  • Korg D4

    Korg D4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    I've had it one month, but dreamed about it for 10 years. In a couple of minutes all the tunes I wrote with my acoustic guitar became real songs. I even bought a bass guitar to round them off. Pros: ease of use, sound (I love the Vox AC30 simulation)…

  • Korg D-1200 MKII

    Korg D-1200 MKII - "Korg D1200 mk ii"


    It all started with borrowing my dad's guitar when I was 15 and went rapidly downhill from there... Before too long I was playing in bands at school, writing songs in my bedroom, and generally not paying attention to much else. My teachers though…

  • Korg D32XD

    Korg D32XD - "Korg D32XD"


    I am a seasoned bass player and vocalist.I have been playing bass for almost forty years. I enjoy playing all styles of music. I became interested in recording about three years ago. I now operate a small project recording studio out of my home. A…

  • Korg D32XD

    Korg D32XD - "Korg D32XD Digital Recording Studio"


    I am a guitar player currently in an up and comming band. i've played for about 7 years. I am also going to school to become a recording engineer. I puchased the beast at guitar center, i used money i had been saving for school, he he... but i was …

  • Korg D-1200 MKII

    Korg D-1200 MKII - "Korg D1200mkII"


    My Korg D12 was running out of drive space after only one album's worth of recordings, and add-on Glyph drives to increase its storage cost at least $400. Hardly seemed worth it, then, to upgrade an obsolete unit. The D1200mkII sold for $849 on Mus…

  • Korg D-1600

    Korg D-1600 - "Korg D1600"


    I am song writer and like to perform my own songs.And I wanted my music to be available anytime. You know painters can show there paintings while musicians must play them ( they can not do that everytime). So I decided to purchase a gear that can hel…