xibeb 01/31/2007

Korg D3200 : xibeb's user review

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I want to buy d-3200 Korg capita but the meeting I can not see / try. My question: can we automate volume / pan / effects (tripping parameters ...) internally as a cubase or via cubase, midi ?????
there's there any restrictions that are (obviously) not in testing / manuals too succinct (new)
How many effects can be put per track? quality / speed is affected her? the machine claims to be able to handle up to 7 simultaneous effects !! etale t -it if we put as many effects or bugs, flow etc downturns are felt? or even (as before certainez machines) makes use + eral algorithms causes a reduction effect parameters (gender can no longer adjust the tps a delay etc ..)
what is the pb "small" e fadders 45mm race? poorer linearity / grip?


Easy to use I guess


it should sound (I write anything because I do not have the product;)