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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 19 reviews )
 9 reviews47 %
 8 reviews42 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

alanvar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent rehearsal!"

Korg D3200
12 jack or XLR line inputs, 2 tracks and 2 tracks DRUM internal SPDIF. It's been well simultanées.Enregistrement 16 tracks in 16 Bit. You can store the scenes, it is very convenient.


The manual is clear and it must be read. Advice on the AF forum, especially for export tracks on the computer. Can remix any on any sequence, a real treat.


The sound is good, good dynamics. I use the master CD, such as limiting. The effects are ok, but I use IZOTOPE plugings and WAVES on Samplitude. The screen is small, but sufficient if exports.


I use it for 7 years and it's really great in rehearsal. I had tape recorders.
Can be very good catches. I bought a second OCCAZ, there ans.Il I missed 3 runways entries. They can be sync,. A total of 64 tracks playing.

dejavu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A remake, yes, eyes closed!"

Korg D3200
Enough said.
You can record up to 12 tracks simultaneously (8 XLR jack and the other 4)
DD 40 go to my device


General configuration simple, clear and easily accessible manual functions (be sure to read the manual and have around during initial use). Although the screen is small (mini and even many complain), I have not been bothered by this fact.


Good dynamic and efficient effects and filters for a model of good quality.
It is easy to export tracks to a PC and rework everything if necessary. For my part, I use Cubase. In this case, I record no effect and rule all in Cubase.


I use it for 5 years. This is the first multitrack recorder that I try. I particularly like its little size, the fact that everything is integrated (no need for additional sound card or computer screen ...) All in one. It is easily transportable. It is reliable, has never left me.
Excellent value for money, since I could get it for a bargain prices (a stroke of luck that does not happen often.
A remake, I do not hesitate.

reminoucho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" While an"

Korg D3200
Before anything else, I have enjoyed, I sold it.
8 XLR inputs and phantom power jack, jack stereo pairs + 2 + digital input.
Provided midi in / out, works with MAC.
Save 16 or 24 bits (in this case 16 playback tracks max)
HDD recording 40 ° G
You can record 8 tracks at least ...


The great strength of the unit is to have the sliders on hand. An interface 16 buttons adjusts easily. The manual is very clear. POINT BLACK SCREEN is N / B, and small obsolete today. However, the details are there.


IN the sound, it is quite correct. It will not shake the walls by its dynamics, but is quite transparent. The effects are good, except those for guitar, to forget.


I used the D3200 for 8 years. It has never failed me, no bugs, nothing!
In 2005, he had no equivalent, it was the low end, or we had to double the price to get better. At the time I did not want repndre my head with the ordo-soundcard-software ... But times have changed.
The most significant is that if you have an idea, it lights up, you plug pressing REC and go.
If you want to make chiadés mix, it is also possible, but more tedious than on a computer.
The value used ratio (500) is very correct because it has 8 tracks XLR at the same time ...
I have never regretted buying this camera, I'm just past the computer in early 2013.

Daviss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" in the studio a little less live"

Korg D3200
average use MIDI to control the cursor non-motorized
storage HDD and CD burner
possibility of releasing a mix CD in nomadic (countryside)

8 tracks simultaneously


Use non-intuitive but easily remembered after passing the doc


no opinion


use for 7 years

good value for money

use on stage and home studio

saucisson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D3200
Everything has been said and characteristics of this machine myself more than enough.


The ergonomics of this machine is a happy exception of the screen's true but I am used to.


It sounds great, I do not use the preamp of the table but I spend with external preamps SPL, Tl Audio Joemeek ... and it also plays heavily in the sound quality. The effects are good and much better than the D1600 including compressors. Super dynamic it sounds not like a computer but I find analog and it is thought that it makes me every time I leave a tip.


I bought it right out, I had the D1600 and not the touch screen that is much better. I could have spent 100 times in the computer mac or pc also but I still refuse. What I like about this machine is that all she announces she is able to fully and without buggg! After several years of use not only Plantade and the D1600 was the same . I would do this choice and I would buy this used machine if it were to die.

Qi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" SIMPLY THE BEST!"

Korg D3200
No other recorder does provides both the MIDI MTC sync (it controls the sequencer of my Motif XS, it's magic), the connection PUNCH (to start and stop recording on the fly with one foot while you has fingers busy playing!) and a "knob matrix"! (Read below)
We also have a basic drum machine / metronome luxury, not indispensable if only for its structured measures taken and time and not just an abstract timeline in milliseconds.


"Knob matrix" Kezako? Well finished with that sub-menus drunk or manipulations in the mouse wheel on the computer: it was in the eyes and especially the fingers and all effect parameters, scales, EQ, drums maps, thanks to an array of 16 real knobs and 16 faders + to fix everything in real time ... Even the Yamaha AW series (basically the only recorders that could compete with the Korg) does not offer this feature.
That alone is enough to mention the size and weight of this superb machine from the new generation format notebook-plastoc. The D3200 is clad in metal and wood, I think he's out of the mouth, and gives an impression of strength. Only the faders seem a bit cheap and scratchy.

From the moment I opted for the D3200 I chose to eliminate its biggest flaw (his poor display) by adding the option 2Seemy (VGA and USB for display) and a nice 15-inch unearthed to 5 euros! I highly recommend this solution to all owners of D3200 is 150 euros more, but comfort is definitely got the job.


I'm not an expert on converters but all agree they are really very good. They do not have the coldness of my old digital Boss BR600.
The effects seem quite correct, rich and varied, although I have not yet fully explored.


I was looking for a studio to recall the feeling of my old Fostex 4 tracks to K7. I believe that Mao is not for me.
I spend a lot (too much) time on the PC is still time to add more music. Yet it's not for lack of trying! I have been unable to make music on computer (except 20 years ago on my Atari 1024ST for those who know;)
Bingo! Since I have my D3200 (2 months) I enjoy. : Love: It's simple, I went back to dial! I reserve the PC now for mastering (and again ...) to edit a WAV from time to time, especially for backups!

I have been around before you choose and for me it really is the best studio on the market in this price range. He buried all the little new either in Boss (I had the BR600 that I sold quickly), Tascam, Zoom (I hesitated with the R16 and R24 but there's really no photo) ...
Too bad Korg no longer repeated in this direction since 2005.
I wish that we come out even in the more compact (no need to drive in 2011, a USB stick would be better) with a mouse and a screen output as standard. One can dream.
In the meantime I keep my treasured D3200!


Spektah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Genial"

Korg D3200


I use my tracks separately fitted for a mpc MicroX a Korg and a pattern
recording vocals, guitars and other instruments scratches ...

Able to machine I had no problem with the operation of this bike, and had Ocassion to consult the manual in the specific case ..
Moreover, I find that very clear, but deep mansque

very easy to use


Me no problem,
I find the effects, filters, compressors and eq excellent
by value for money

I had one before and alesis microverb4 is already ca ca
much more


Since a good SEAIN
I had a Fostex 4 track in 1998
a Fostex D80 in 2002
BOSS BR8 one in 2008,
and a lot of computer stuff and cubase

I think the D3200 excellent, basically a dedication to the computer's

intuitive and "hands on" c perfect for me

automation is very important, and it works flawless

Unlike other screen asking me unless no problem
people who say that are too accustomed to ordis and voila,
I did some years on the screen 4 times smaller, and ample c

I regret c simultaneous effects limited to 8 and 1 per track
This poses no problem that we know what we want to do, and recorded sounds are directly or bounce effect,

So still can not complain

yes I would do this choice, but I would take over as the largest and most expensive of course!

Scroux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D3200
Adj t say any of this ct l (may be just a storage diffrence for me who have bought rcemment: 80GB dd)


Configuration gnrale plutt comfortable, it is fast enough for most common functions (track assignment, adding effects to a track, paramtres effects etc ...)

Alala I had been told, however, that the silent screen shabby ... well ... pathetic is not the word, but the wheel SETTING THE contrast is pluttdcoration than anything else ...


A little of the effects ... an electro-acoustic feel trs dlaisse quickly by the panel of effects ... shame ... for the price (yes as it is when a purchase consquent same, no matter what the experts) I expected better quality effects ... for example, the boss br1600 (currently in the same price range) is better in terms of providing quality effects (I do not even talk about the number), is still a good machine me just a Tascam DP01 (which I almost regret a little, he lacked not much put a few XLR inputs, phantom power supply and effects).


I use it now for .... ^ ^ So one day I could possibly change my mind a few times.

Cons: Screen, guitar effects, height / weight ...

Goodies: Many with phantom power supply, the knobs of rglage effect (I think it's common but entant as a beginners I liked), the Fidler's sound, in between Eq, 32 physical tracks, finishes (nice wood), the 80GB hard drive (I had a 40 on the Tascam and I've never met)

Tascam mk2 J'hsitais between neo and the boss br1600 ... a forum made me change my mind, is whether the diffrence between the really blatant br1600 (my possde FRRE) and my Korg ... we will use in the meantime I'm not as impressed as I thought the same be so seems to be a good product, we will see long term.

Report qualitprix: Still too much like my taste in most hardware ddi music ... and even if you pay over 1000 for a product that is defined be in stock, the brands will allow delivery dlais "important" ... We will not be going wrong all the way, has still a nice product that allows rsultats good overall, but as usual, could be better ... when we see that the hardware is tascam of quality actually not that moves away from that half the price ... brief

supernono's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D3200
I would rather have 16 analog input, or when the digital coax and not optical
if the specified level is very correct, it is on a larger screen and touch would have been more, but the system matrix of buttons is very convenient.
is also a pity we can not use the D3200 with ASIO or CoreAudio audio interface (like a sound card what).
but for the price it's really amazing to have a machine so complete!


Super french manual, functions are very clear, the menus are very intuitive,
I used to record album autoprod the summer of 2006 and it was a pleasure to use.


Super converters, it is the same as the motu interfaces 896, and the Digidesign 002 (AKM chip ak5383)
effects of high sympathetic, I did not have to use it (mixing on ProTools) but I'm surprised a few in use;)
The sound is very clean, it's a very good machine making her!


I use it for a little over a year
I like its hardware while to catch a sound, its intuitive, and the ability to easily export the tracks to mix via USB to a computer via USB.
I tried the equivalent model from Yamaha and Tascam, but I was more captivated by the Korg D3200, after it is also for all tastes! I would have liked but it was out D32XD a budget.

In this price range (less than 1500 euros) a product is truly amazing! as time passes and I record with this machine! recement I did catch the D3200 with a tube preamp stereo Gyraf G9, and a green dual preamp, the sound is more colorful with more grain, but the D3200 is an excellent base for those looking for a good digital multitrack affordable. and it goes very well with high-end stuff (preamps, mics ect ..)

2009 Edit: After watching what converters were used in the D3200 I was pleasantly surprised to see ak5383 AKM! that are used in Digidesign 002 and motu 896!
with the ability to change the hard drive of the D3200 for a larger model (160GB - 320 GB), even three years after the machine is still relevant!

vinvindub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D3200
For the technique see site


The config and use simple
the manual is a manual, must know how to read, a résumé will
actually the screen is small and would have a small double Tolra example
but it is


Sounds ok, ok effects with good monitors


Almost a year
- Small screen, joystick
+ Everything else is ok
The price corresponds to the benefits
again, yes