dejavu 02/14/2014

Korg D3200 : dejavu's user review

«  A remake, yes, eyes closed! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Enough said.
You can record up to 12 tracks simultaneously (8 XLR jack and the other 4)
DD 40 go to my device


General configuration simple, clear and easily accessible manual functions (be sure to read the manual and have around during initial use). Although the screen is small (mini and even many complain), I have not been bothered by this fact.


Good dynamic and efficient effects and filters for a model of good quality.
It is easy to export tracks to a PC and rework everything if necessary. For my part, I use Cubase. In this case, I record no effect and rule all in Cubase.


I use it for 5 years. This is the first multitrack recorder that I try. I particularly like its little size, the fact that everything is integrated (no need for additional sound card or computer screen ...) All in one. It is easily transportable. It is reliable, has never left me.
Excellent value for money, since I could get it for a bargain prices (a stroke of luck that does not happen often.
A remake, I do not hesitate.