Korg D32XD : Anonymous 's user review


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I will not go into detail on the characteristics, I have the version with the preamp has a cot lamps korg integr of 8 analog compressors serie..clairement here is something I want to emphasize: we do not take t you and has a warming of sound optimization lieal integration of these items in the machine: simplicitefficacitLe hard drive is 80 gigas..la as unstoppable and tranquilit for important projects The limitation! 8 recordings into tracks more pupil resolution does not bother me because I'm well pleased Adi low resolutions (16 Concurrent tracks) .. but each person sees as its practical needs ..


Okay so here is the essence of me: THIS MACHINE IS TERRIBLY SIMPLE!
To sum you: J stays at roland since years with the studios and I vs No more enregistrai Not that I wasn t happy with the sound (more worthwhile to take the head to be compared because today all! the same range of machines are close ..) but roland m ergonomics exasperated! (I'm not pro and anti korg roland fantom because I have an x ​​I am also satisfied ergonomically)
And then one day I have bought a Korg D1600 and I started to rediscover the pleasure of opening the enregistrer..sans manuel..et sound perfect! So I pass to the d32xd..et I'm in heaven ..des immense possibilities and disconcerting ease ..
Actually what I love is that c c is a machine for musicians who enregistrent..pas ings for sounds that take the head hours on petis frequency tips! (And yet she's had enough in the trunk to AC so if you want ..)
Because of these aspects I think that it is no competition! I believe that with all the possibilities that was in 2006 one forgets that c is the music game, the fling..pas micro computer!
Spend two hours to the test and you will understand what I mean!


The sound is impeccable to me at any level! Analog Elements or bundled provide some grain directly in decision without besion preamp or other various effects, converters semblent..transparants me! (And c is that exactly what is expected of this type of machine) When is the dynamics it seems to me at the top!
What I love is the fact c to see when I put my dishes and I was serious cd how the sound is already super correct by observing simple rules in decision and using compression and equalization presets of machine! (and forgive me but I have the impression of being a light for years over some demo that I hear on audiofanzine that are supposedly made on pc war with treatment based competition has tons of plug ins and pro trucmuche whose sound is to splash final..il must stop deluding ourselves etd hope to match the performance of a ddi pro tools system was 15,000 euros and preamps, effects, microphones has 3000,5000,10000euros. .etc!)
I ve me even a Edirol fa 66 not bad at all but frankly there s not my korg..j photo..je prefers to have also the impression of being an al-resistant era or we do the prerogative of mao everything goes! Wake up and rinse your ears listening to al 60 albums and 70 different styles enregisrs in 4 or 8 tracks ..
Ah oui..ne not make fun of me but I always records in 16-bit 44 (although I definitely disposes of more students resolutions of course) and I am already in 7th heaven sound!


I have it for 4 months and I love this machine for what I have dfini above (I feel when I used the musician ...) It is widely amentities and c's why I have it purchased e because I did not want to leave on projects or I'll be down tracks and recording opportunities and with it I am alone! I know the competitor material (yam and Roland) and I would not change it for the world ! Obviously it costs a certain amount (but the quality-price ratio seems correct result in the end, and then in the same spirit there are the little brothers of the range for those who have fewer resources ..) Other Benefits : play, record, we edite..etc..JAMAIS OF CRASHING IT WORK IMMEDIATELY (all configs can not say that!)!
And I have never had a problem of reliability with Korg!
In conclusion, the sound will be faithful to you enregistrez..et the difference will not be because of the machine that is at the top but because of your microphones, musical chanteurs..expression and j on! If selling your flag and buy a complete studio pro!
But I don t have the impression that ca worthwhile for the majority of us!