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All user reviews for the Korg D32XD

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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stompboxjon's review"high powered workstation"

Korg D32XD
The Korg D32XD is a pretty good workstation that can record 16 or 32 tracks depending on which one you actually have. They faders can also move on their own with automation, it kind of reminds me of a pro tools board that I have used years ago. Difference is this is much more affordable than the pro tools unit. That doesn’t mean that this unit is cheap in price because its not. It will cost a decent amount of money to own, but by having the Korg D32XD you will have a full studio right at your fingertips.


The Korg D32XD is a full studio right in front of you in a box. You will be able to record several tracks simultaneously in different formats of files. The machine its self is very stable I didn’t have any problems with it at all, unlike some computers most hard ware is a lot more stable and wont have internal failures.


Sounds are pretty good, only thing that I think could have been better to me is if they spent some more time on the filters and effects. Not that they arent good but I just wish that their where more of them. Just seems like for a unit this size and price you should have a lot more effects. But the ones they have are good.


Overall, it’s a great unit and I still love hardware. I remember what it was like 15 years ago when almost everything was hardware and software really didn’t exist. Hardware is making a come back though because people still feel the need to want to have a device they can actually be hands on with and not like a software. I loved the Korg D32XD and I think it has been upgraded a lot since it came out years ago. But you can never go wrong with a full studio in a hardware form.
MGR/Stoney Road Studio06/12/2007

MGR/Stoney Road Studio's review"Korg D32XD"

Korg D32XD
I am a seasoned bass player and vocalist.I have been playing bass for almost forty years. I enjoy playing all styles of music.

I became interested in recording about three years ago. I now operate a small project recording studio out of my home. Although now that I have the D32XD it is not quite so small.

I purchased it used (although it looked brand new) off of e-bay two weeks ago. I paid $1599.00. I feel it was quite a bargin.

The sound quality is amazing. The ease of use was great...especially for a non techie guy like me. I already had a Korg D16XD (which i love) with the additional eight quarter inch inserts and analog compressors. I easily transfered them to the D32XD. So the sixteen tracks of simultaneous recording is wonderful. The multitude of effects makes my recordings sweet. I love the simplicity of the editing features. Mixing on this unit is a breeze.

There isn't anything i don't like about the D32XD. It's the best.

The D32Xd is wonderfully constructed. It's totally professional looking.

This unit is without a doubt the best DAW out there. It is a shame Korg has discontinuted the line. Korg please reconsider. I highly recommend if you find one....BUY IT!!!!! I plan on saving up for a second one soon.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/A.J.'s review"Korg D32XD Digital Recording Studio"

Korg D32XD
I am a guitar player currently in an up and comming band. i've played for about 7 years. I am also going to school to become a recording engineer.

I puchased the beast at guitar center, i used money i had been saving for school, he he... but i was able to bounce back and do just fine. i think i paid $2800

Man, where to begin? Well first of all I'd have to say the 24bit recording! then the moving faders. of course then comes the anolog compressors, then all the effects that could fill a studio. Learning my way around this unit was a blast. there are also many upgrades and accesories such as an additional 8 inputs and 8 anolog compressors to make a tolal of 16 simulltaneous recordable tracks. the touch screen is nice.

Well there isnt much to say here, other than i wish that transfering files to a computer would be a little faster. But in all actuallity, you really dont need to, all the mastering tools and effects as well as mixing can be done right there in the machine itself.

verry dependable, seems to be solid. i would give it a 10.

This is a dream machine, recordings sound so good through this machine. if there was one single thing to buy to turn a normal bedroom of garage into a full blown studio it would be the D32XD reacording studio. i could imagine that all the stuff that would have cram packed a studio 10 years ago is all here.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

fabcyan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not bad, very good machine"

Korg D32XD


I put a notice since there has not been much since 2006 I've had this machine a few months in the hands, and I must say it is a beautiful beast. The downside, though, the effects are rotten. Any reverb added to a voice all his food. Too bad, because the recorded voice with the added option compressor is excellent, the 12AX7 lamp adds a wonderful warmth and the compressor is super efficient. But be careful NOT reverb please !!! better to use an external reverb. Too bad. 27 effects per track becomes 0, otherwise using external effects through to the case is resolved. The 32 tracks that's great. Why Roland and Yamaha have not done as much ????
The steering is intuitive without opening the manual. Happiness. Nothing to do with the Roland VS where it is better not to hurry.


Not bad except the effects


A good machine, 32 tracks, powerful for the live, pity it only records 16 bits (not 24 as Roland or Yamaha AW)

It is the VS2400 or the AW2400, the + and - are balanced between all these machines.
The effects of the latter two are almost identical and are worth a TC M5000, are those of the D32XD banish. But we forgive him by adding back an external reverb (even if it is expensive to finish) due to the fact that it is intuitive, fast, and it offers 32 tracks.

sergiosergio01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D32XD
16 tracks registered (with option aib8), 32 read 16-bit 44.1 kHz
internal hard drive


Very easy handling,
the doc is useful for advanced features or for those who have never used this type of machine.
doc in french, nickel.


The converters are fine, quality preamps, compressors analog absolutely convincing. I was using a D1600 mk2 before I found the transparency issue, and there I found a particular finesse in the treble increased probably due to the converters and preamps.


Ultimately what I think:
sound kills!
the motorized faders and dynamic automation are integral to the console comfort.
Touch screen is certainly not a 24-inch, but it is enough to see the eq curves, levels or waves with quite sufficient precision.
2 effect sends with 4 internal + external + 2 mix with each of their independent stereo output, you can even add sound with!
For the PA / live multitrack recording is the ideal tool!
you can choose to take the sound to record pre or post fader, eq in different I / on the slopes.

It features 32 tracks in reading, 16 for recording.
The D32XD can simultaneously manage its 32 + its 16 tracks thanks to input an additional mix (cue mix) for example to mix output expander block 16 in a software midi to sync via MIDI (or option dib8) leaving and the 32 free tracks for other audio sources.

All effects, equalizers, compressors, analog, are fully editable, storable. The banks include all types of effects, chorus, flanger, jet rings, phaser, pitch shifter, emulations of amps, reverbs, delays, limiters, gates, compressors (note the multiband compressors), I probably forget. ..

With multiband compression, the fully parametric eq, standardization of the tracks, we begin to speak of mastering.

In summary,
-16 Analog inputs (with AIB 8) + 32 tracks read
-1 Analog compressor through (with acb 8)
-1 Equalizer 4 band fully parametric through
-1 Eq final 8-band full parametric
-Up to 24 effects inserts
-2 Internal effects buses
-1 Final effect
-4 To external bus
-1 Stereo monitor mix with its independent stereo output
-1 Master stereo mix with its independent stereo output
-1 Stereo cue mix to the switchable bus monitor
- Solo feature
-entrées/sorties spdif optical
-2 MIDI in and out very useful especially to synchronize with a PC system D32XD software + sound card
-1 USB connection for data transfer with a PC

At the time of any computer, the enormous advantage of such a device is that it does not crash ever! We can confidently use it professionally in live and studio. In addition, to emulate the capabilities of D32XD, it's still a bunch of stuff:

- 16 analog compressors
- Sound card (16 in, 8 out totally independent)
- Pc + desktop or laptop (equipped with powerful processor to handle 16 buses in lectures + 32 + 14 tracks to mix independent bus out 14 + 27 + 136 effects + 48 eq parametric eq trays ...)
- Audio software performance and managing real-time 16 + 14 mix inputs to different outputs independent of the sound card (again, the rub often, the audio routing is still not flexible nor rich with many couples sound card + software)
- Motorized control surface (2x16 channels, 6 + 1 to the stereo, 4 param eq / channel)

Ben voila, you've probably gathered, I am completely thrilled with this machine. This is probably the best 100% hardware integrated studio (without computer crash or caprice)

pico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D32XD
DTD 32 tracks with a guitar input, 8 input analog compression with individual power fantme + 2 between tube lamps (option tpb2), a master output 4 + 1 monitor output and then output to an input e numrique and output optics.
dd 80 giga
16 faders motoriss
16 tracks in 16 bit recordable simultanment 44
8 tracks and 24-bit 96


Ergonomics really simplified and efficient thanks to a touch screen and faders motoriss trs enjoyable to the touch.
The size of the screen is what to jute for comfortable use without a monitor.
Effects and are qualiseurs trs good quality and contributes to the sound of amlioration gnral.
Ditions opportunities are limited but still easy to ACCS more thanks to the USB it can export files in Wave format for touch-ups possibly more focused on PC (wavelab SoundForge )


Sound warmer and rounder than any sound cards that I used up Submitted: motu kind edirol & etc ...

Wide dynamic range so watch the breath and hum of his home studio wiring means all of its default installation.

And especially NO LATENCY! intends to finally live what we play with 27 effects (almost one effect per track) DIFFERENT situations live!


Excellent quality price you really feel like having a compact Designed for professional musicians I would say the same as a recording function is almost musical and participates in the Fast Fashion 's a title.

Not even when I have some default

1/The fan noise (equivalent to a tower PC) for dynamic microphones, but no worries for electrostatic s'loigner requires a bit (and above have a pice I have soundproofed So I save not only with the dynamics is much cheaper and better your exact)
2 / 4 back of dire effects! (Cest the largest default for me)

3 / edition of the tracks is a bit laborious for example close-ups of select items in and out dune track is boring you have to turn and turn mile and 1 times the wheel because the zoom function of the wave is not powerful enough it is a default of the OS as a shame because the product is not built I do not think Korg will amliorer this settings ...

For these three default j'enlve a point especially to the lack of return to dparts,
If not in overall it's a recorder that could do damage that date had not succsmrit and Korg adcid to suspend production in 3200 is the dtriment well but where you really lose all the ergonomic quality audio & D32XD takers is currently for sale on sites in German on the latest promotions MODEL available.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D32XD
I will not go into detail on the characteristics, I have the version with the preamp has a cot lamps korg integr of 8 analog compressors serie..clairement here is something I want to emphasize: we do not take t you and has a warming of sound optimization lieal integration of these items in the machine: simplicitefficacitLe hard drive is 80 gigas..la as unstoppable and tranquilit for important projects The limitation! 8 recordings into tracks more pupil resolution does not bother me because I'm well pleased Adi low resolutions (16 Concurrent tracks) .. but each person sees as its practical needs ..


Okay so here is the essence of me: THIS MACHINE IS TERRIBLY SIMPLE!
To sum you: J stays at roland since years with the studios and I vs No more enregistrai Not that I wasn t happy with the sound (more worthwhile to take the head to be compared because today all! the same range of machines are close ..) but roland m ergonomics exasperated! (I'm not pro and anti korg roland fantom because I have an x ​​I am also satisfied ergonomically)
And then one day I have bought a Korg D1600 and I started to rediscover the pleasure of opening the enregistrer..sans manuel..et sound perfect! So I pass to the d32xd..et I'm in heaven ..des immense possibilities and disconcerting ease ..
Actually what I love is that c c is a machine for musicians who enregistrent..pas ings for sounds that take the head hours on petis frequency tips! (And yet she's had enough in the trunk to AC so if you want ..)
Because of these aspects I think that it is no competition! I believe that with all the possibilities that was in 2006 one forgets that c is the music game, the fling..pas micro computer!
Spend two hours to the test and you will understand what I mean!


The sound is impeccable to me at any level! Analog Elements or bundled provide some grain directly in decision without besion preamp or other various effects, converters semblent..transparants me! (And c is that exactly what is expected of this type of machine) When is the dynamics it seems to me at the top!
What I love is the fact c to see when I put my dishes and I was serious cd how the sound is already super correct by observing simple rules in decision and using compression and equalization presets of machine! (and forgive me but I have the impression of being a light for years over some demo that I hear on audiofanzine that are supposedly made on pc war with treatment based competition has tons of plug ins and pro trucmuche whose sound is to splash final..il must stop deluding ourselves etd hope to match the performance of a ddi pro tools system was 15,000 euros and preamps, effects, microphones has 3000,5000,10000euros. .etc!)
I ve me even a Edirol fa 66 not bad at all but frankly there s not my korg..j photo..je prefers to have also the impression of being an al-resistant era or we do the prerogative of mao everything goes! Wake up and rinse your ears listening to al 60 albums and 70 different styles enregisrs in 4 or 8 tracks ..
Ah oui..ne not make fun of me but I always records in 16-bit 44 (although I definitely disposes of more students resolutions of course) and I am already in 7th heaven sound!


I have it for 4 months and I love this machine for what I have dfini above (I feel when I used the musician ...) It is widely amentities and c's why I have it purchased e because I did not want to leave on projects or I'll be down tracks and recording opportunities and with it I am alone! I know the competitor material (yam and Roland) and I would not change it for the world ! Obviously it costs a certain amount (but the quality-price ratio seems correct result in the end, and then in the same spirit there are the little brothers of the range for those who have fewer resources ..) Other Benefits : play, record, we edite..etc..JAMAIS OF CRASHING IT WORK IMMEDIATELY (all configs can not say that!)!
And I have never had a problem of reliability with Korg!
In conclusion, the sound will be faithful to you enregistrez..et the difference will not be because of the machine that is at the top but because of your microphones, musical chanteurs..expression and j on! If selling your flag and buy a complete studio pro!
But I don t have the impression that ca worthwhile for the majority of us!

mathrien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D32XD
- What is the connection?

* 8 XLR inputs with 48 V input jacks + 8 symmetrical
* 4 shipments of auxiliary jacks symmetrical
* MASTER output stereo jacks
* MONITOR output stereo jacks
* SPDIF in / out
* MIDI in / out
* USB II (great for transferring files to your PC)
* Ability to add 8 additional inputs on balanced jacks and optional card for I / O ADAT

- What is the accuracy of the sample (bits / kHz)?

96 kHz uncompressed

- What is the storage media (ZIP, MiniDisc, hard disk ...)?

Hard Drive 80GB Maxtor IDE Diamondmax plus9, 9200 revolutions / minute
Crammers CD for archiving EQ's, Effects, MIXES, SONGS, etc. and also to burn the tracks ...

- What type of sync are supported?


- How many tracks can be recorded / played time? ...

In standard configuration only 8 tracks can be recorded simultaneously, as well as the machine has 16 inputs, there are only eight preamps, one must consider the presence of 8 + 8 XLR jacks, not as 16 inputs, but rather as a choice between the two connectors as XLR1 Jack1 =, = XLR2 Jack2, XLR3 = Jack3 etc.
For cons, the addition of the block option 8 + preamp inputs allow you to move to 16 inputs simultaneously recordable BUT ATTENTION KORG and here I was disappointed at this machine:
IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PUNCH (DROPPER OR) over 8 simultaneous tracks !!!!!
So if you run into a wall that requires more than 8 tracks and want to drop a "live", it's impossible ... It will take up ... Edit ...
Note that this is not the kind of slogan that the marks on the note basically pubs course: "Our new 32 tracks recorder allow you to punch in a maximum of 8 tracks!"
About reading, available to you 32 tracks, plus 2 tracks to make your MASTER Mixdown. There are also virtual tracks as on all these machines.
I want a second on the punches to indicate that this is not the strong point of this machine. Because even if you stall your Wav amplitude at a point 0, an obnoxious noise punch will be heard. The "ERASE NOISE PUNCH" is not effective at all (and not lovers forums KORG which contradict me!) It makes one wonder ...


- The general configuration is it simple?

For practicing a lot of "multi-all in one" I think I can say that the "D" series of Korg's really childish to use, practical, well thought out. And this only be confirmed with the D32XD that offers the ease of use unmatched by Korg, also thanks to its superb and large touch screen ...
The ergonomics are optimal, the features easily accessible. It should still look into the manual when you do not know the basic functions of a VCR but for Aguer the grip will be more enjoyable. After it is clear that some will feel cramped because this machine is very compact and everything is quite small. In particular the many features available on certain pages of Touch View.

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?

You want to equalize? Compress? Choose your track and directly affects the knob for the parameter to edit, the page opens by itself. No, really functions are very affordable, ultra-friendly interface. Success!

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Well, it is not glossy but it is not what is asked ...
Comprehensive, well translated with great patterns, a good phone book but much more palatable ... We'll have to bone up in order to understand the logic of the machine but it reads well and indexes can get to the point when looking for a specific function ...


- The A / D and D / A are transparent?

My answer is always totally subjective but I think I can say that for the price that they are more correct now, but there are obviously better for budgets that have nothing to do with the machine in question here ...

- Effects and filters are effective?

* The EQ is very well made, offering a full 4-band parametric with Shelves in in / out on each track. However, do not expect spectacular results. They do their job but they are obviously not comparable with a real good outpatient treatment on quality machines. It gives me the limitations of this machine. EQ very comprehensive but lacking punch. But it goes with the very affordable price.

* Treatments dynamics are nice as long as it is about the original analog compressors used on the first 8 entries. [8 original opportunity to add 8 inputs to 8 optional extra]
For others, not accurate at all gates, compressors, but not ok for either warm it all works but do not enmènera to the top.

* Other treatments are much better and provided settings, wide range of effects and configs that are completely honest. It may need to browse and spend time'll find the chorus effect or TEL parfaiement set but it works ...

17 * Motorized Faders (16 TRACKS + 1 MASTER)
COMPRESSORS * 8 analog input, Expandable to 16
* 20 simultaneous effects INSERT INTO ALL EDITING AND STORED
* The ability to archive THE MIXES THE EQ, EFFECTS, ETC ON CDR

- The dynamics are respected? ...

I am not indicating any problems at this level. Certainly not worth the preamp models to € 2000 but that everyone had understood ...


- How long have you use it?

Since two years of intensive, it has many hours and no worries ...

- What is so special that you like most and least?

It is very compact and ergonomics are excellent. I regret not being able to connect to a VGA + mice, damage ... Otherwise the original fan is noisy which is annoying for a machine that will inevitably be in his control room just under his nose. I plan to replace mine.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I tested Roland, and owned a D16 for 3 years. Otherwise I was shooting with the D80 + 32/8/2 Mackie and D2424LV Fostex

- How would you rate the quality / price?


- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Without a doubt, I am completely satisfied with my machine. Simply, I bought a good EQ's, preamps, compressors and consoles slices to process upstream in the decision to color so hot and accurate.