fabcyan 08/30/2014

Korg D32XD : fabcyan's user review

«  not bad, very good machine »

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I put a notice since there has not been much since 2006 I've had this machine a few months in the hands, and I must say it is a beautiful beast. The downside, though, the effects are rotten. Any reverb added to a voice all his food. Too bad, because the recorded voice with the added option compressor is excellent, the 12AX7 lamp adds a wonderful warmth and the compressor is super efficient. But be careful NOT reverb please !!! better to use an external reverb. Too bad. 27 effects per track becomes 0, otherwise using external effects through to the case is resolved. The 32 tracks that's great. Why Roland and Yamaha have not done as much ????
The steering is intuitive without opening the manual. Happiness. Nothing to do with the Roland VS where it is better not to hurry.


Not bad except the effects


A good machine, 32 tracks, powerful for the live, pity it only records 16 bits (not 24 as Roland or Yamaha AW)

It is the VS2400 or the AW2400, the + and - are balanced between all these machines.
The effects of the latter two are almost identical and are worth a TC M5000, are those of the D32XD banish. But we forgive him by adding back an external reverb (even if it is expensive to finish) due to the fact that it is intuitive, fast, and it offers 32 tracks.