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Tascam Portastudio 2488neo
Tascam Portastudio 2488neo

Thread [News] Tascam Portastudio 2488neo

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1 [News] Tascam Portastudio 2488neo
TASCAM's best-selling 24-track / 24-bit workstation has been upgraded to the 2488neo. The updated model has a bold new look and new mastering effects. Like its predecessor, the 2488neo has eight microphone inputs, seven effects processors, a 80GB hard drive and the simple user interface common to all TASCAM Portastudios.

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Hello   We tracked  a live performance, 8 tracks in all on solid file [ over 8 tracks ]   The 2488 had one solid HHD no partition   Then tonight drummer did a data backup to cd of that song [ song 47 ] it spanned over 3 cd's.   After back up finished for some reason the song was gone from 2488. Is this normal? please explain if so   Also it appears that the 2488 has " on its own partitioned its internal drive into 3 segments. We don't believe we ask it to do so.   Second I have now tried to restore those 3 data cd to 2488 with no success, and as it stands we cant retrieve multi track files?   I inserted disk 1 from back up 2488 in to my pc and it sees it as an " iso" file but still Im not able to retrieve any files from my pc.   were quite desperate to retrieve this session if there is anything you could suggest it would be greatly appreciated!

Julius juice Butty

Julius. The neo comes out of the box with the hard drive partitioned from the factory. The hard drive has three partitions, being 32 gigs each plus an eight gig FAT partition for files to be exported.  The eight gig partition cannot be used for recording. One can reformat the hard drive into smaller partitions, but then your recording time per partition is shorter. A backup cd written by the neo cannot be read by a pc.
One can backup data to pc via USB, and you can reload songs via USB from the pc hard drive .
In addition to making a data backup cd, you should also do an audio cd by first using the live writer feature on the neo. Mix down to a stereo master track, then make your audio cd. You must first mix down to a master track in order to do this. Your neo manual has all this information. If you lost / damaged your manual, one can be downloaded free at Tascam.com
You may have missed a step in trying to reload the data cd back into the neo..., that, or you may have chosen a different partition to search for your recorded work. Check the other partitions to see if it can be found. If you did not purposely delete the work, it should still be there.
Once you find it, you can again attempt to create a backup cd.

Happy Tracking