Korg SV-1 73
Korg SV-1 73

SV-1 73, Digital Piano from Korg in the SV-1 series.

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All user reviews for the Korg SV-1 73

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 40 reviews )
 22 reviews55 %
 13 reviews33 %
 2 reviews5 %
 1 user review3 %
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robdelap's review"Expressive, compact and resourceful."

Korg SV-1 73
It's a full sized piano, with piano keys and all the bells and whistles in terms of connections, XLR or line outputs, midi in and out, sustain pedal, etc. Korg aimed this product at the professional piano player who needs various timbres at her disposal on a portable solution, and they did so very well.

While most of the sound are presets, you can alter various settings with the handsome and responsive knobs on the front, and if 'analog' is your thing, you can 'heat' up things with the built-in AX127 tube.


I gotta be honest, most of my experience with this product comes from recording other people playing it, since I'm not a pro piano player. That being said, I've had no trouble asking the performer to adjust the timbre or even experimenting with the vintage sounds. We can almost get where we want quick and easy and once it's setup we can focus on the performance, and that's where, I think, good pianos stand out from the rest of the controller/synth market.

As an engineer, it's always a pleasure to mix sounds coming in from this keyboard.


Grand Piano, Electric piano, organ, you name it, this one has it all. As I said in the previous paragraph, responsiveness is top notch for performers with piano technique that really use dynamics in their playing, even saturating and distorting pleasantly when really hammered. My favorites are the organ and electric pianos, and since you get all the octaves of a regular piano, you can really spread those chords and create huge sounding pads.


I love that you can just plug it in, browse the sounds and hit record in about 5 minutes. I hate that things this good and easy are not cheap. I love that piano players that know what they're doing immediately begin pouring out great sounds out of this device. I hate that I'm not a great piano player.

If you're in the look for a piano solution for your studio, definitely give this one a try. Remember that Korg sounds too Korg sometimes and compare it to Nord's options out there, which are definitely strong competitors.

theaudioandvideoguy's review"Vintage Digital Piano's"

Korg SV-1 73
The Korg SV-1 is a very good digital electric piano. I have been using it for years, a friend has one at his house. Even though I am not a great pianist its still good for me to get to use it from time to time just to work a little bit on my skills. So for me it is a practice piano but for him and others it’s a piano that they have really polished their skills on. It can be in either 88 or 73 key version, he has the 88 key version and it has a really nice feel too it. Similar to a real grand piano, you really cant even tell that it’s a digital piano buy the feel of the key’s. Of course you can by the sound though because nothing is like a real grand piano except for a real grand piano.

Overall, I would have to say that purchasing this digital piano (Korg SV-1) is really worth the money spent. Its pretty light too just incase you have to transport it from one place to another. It also has mide connection abilities so you can sync it up with your software. Though I have never used that feature so I cant really comment on it. Also, a ¼ jack is available for the pedals that you can purchase. The pedals don’t come with it though, you need to purchase those separately. If you are willing to invest a good amount of money in a vintage style digital piano then the Korg SV-1 will work for you without a question. Not all of the sounds are piano sounds, it also has good Rhodes and organ sounds. Don’t expect to get the synth sounds that you get on workstations though. It just doesn’t have those capabilities. But the electric piano sounds are great, you will be very pleased.

yoTrakkz's review"Vintage is a plus.."

Korg SV-1 73
The Korg SV-1 73 is a very high quality compact and portable digital piano that is vintage. So get rid of all that bulky vintage gear and go with the KorgSV-1 73. This board has very high quality sounds for such a little board its very powerful. The sounds on this board are amazing and will surprise everyone from the pro down to the beginner. The Rhodes on the Korg SV – 17 3 are very high quality and they are my favorite sound that the Korg produces.

The KorgSV-17 3 is very stable and sturdy, its built to last like most of the other models that Korg makes. Korg is known for bringing high quality gear no matter whether its vintage or not. Korg has always had the upper hand over other companies when it comes to sounds. Korg produces very warm and rich full sounding instruments.
If you use this board live, that’s how you will get the most out of it. It has a beautiful live sound and look for vintage gear. This board is top of the line, unfortunately is its priced a little high in my opinion. But all of Korg’s gear is pretty high priced. But they stand behind the product that they create and they don’t do price cuts often. So if you get a good deal on the KorgSV -17 3 then I suggest you get it. This board is stocked with beautiful electric sounds.
You can even connect via USB to your computer to get more sounds and keep your board updated. I am very happy with my decision to give the KorgSV-17 3 a try. This board is worth the money if you are willing to invest. So if you need a high quality vintage electric piano make the investment in this one.

moosers's review

Korg SV-1 73
The Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano is a digital electric piano that features a variety of high quality sounds. It's designed to be a replacement for bulky vintage keyboards, giving you a ton of control and modern features while still maintaining a realistic and high quality sound. The SV-1 comes in either 73 or 88 key versions, with 36 different sounds in total as well as built in effects and amp modeling. As far as connections go, you've got pretty much everything you'd want to work with, including MIDI, 1/4" inputs and outputs, and 1/4" jacks for sustain and other pedals as well. In my opinion, the SV-1 is the most complete digital based electric piano, and definitely the most realistic sounding. The different types of sounds that the SV-1 has includes electric pianos, organ, acoustic piano, strings, and a number of others. It also has built in effects like chorus, phaser, and rotary, as well as reverb and delay. To give the keyboard an overall warmer sound, it's got a built in 12AX7 tube, which is something that I haven't seen on any other keyboards out there. It also has a really nice feel to it, as the keys feel realistic and not at all cheap. In terms of sound quality, the SV-1 is the real deal as it sounds as close to a real vintage electric piano as I've heard from the digital realm, and there are certainly some other good ones out there. I love the electric piano sounds on here, as it really sounds just like a Fender Rhodes. The organ and other patches follow in the same path as they are quite realistic as well. The price isn't very cheap, but for a complete keyboard like this, it's definitely priced right. If you're looking to get vintage keyboard sounds for live shows and beyond, the Korg SV-1 is the best digital vintage keyboard you can buy...

Chris-D's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good vintage keyboard sounds"

Korg SV-1 73
6 octave keyboard.
36 sounds in the bank loaded by default. Editable infinity ... fully customizable Banks.
2 outputs Jack 6.35 / 2 XLR DI outputs / ES Midi / USB connection for editing banks


Heavy touch reminiscent of a real piano. Maybe a bit too much if we look for a touch of Rhodes. Simple and clear manual.
Simple and intuitive to change sounds and banks editing software.
Midi not use at the moment


The sounds of piano and Rhodes or Wurlitzer are faithful to the originals, especially since they can be modified to obtain THE desired sounds. The lamp gives a true grain if desired.

The sounds of violins are useless in my opinion this type of keyboard. No sounds wanted anyway ...


Used for a few years just for vintage sounds. Hesitated with a Nord Stage but in my opinion the SV1 to more character than the NORD. Excellent value for money given the infinite customization

Kaiser-Sose's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful sounds"

Korg SV-1 73
This is a key scene 7 octaves, there are 6 banks of 6 sounds each, 36 sounds in total, plus additional sounds available on the Korg website. Can modify them (a little) with the software supplied with the keyboard.
Level connections, there is everything you need, USB, MIDI input and output Jack of course not forgetting the XLR.


Touch is relatively heavy and very well done.
The general configuration is could not be more simple, one button function. Although the manual is amber, it is doing very well without.
The MIDI part is simple too, the local function is just to OFF and c is.


For me, the organ sounds are well made and are enough for me. The effects are well done but nothing more, they are sufficient in themselves.
The sounds are quite realistic, except perhaps for piano and string sounds (the most difficult to sample). Note that are Hammond, Rhodes and Vox are particularly good.


I use it for a month now and c is undoubtedly a choice I would repeat. Having tested a Roland RD 700NX, I much prefer my Korg. I also tested a North, it is certainly better but also more expensive ...
In addition, there is a good value for money, cheap to the sounds present.

funkypopol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Failure to show?"

Korg SV-1 73
Digital stage piano

73 or 88 keys
Keyboard RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)
36 sounds (6 banks of 6 sounds)
8 memories to favorites
Preamplifier with 12AX7
Connections for pedals
Headphone output
2 inputs on 6.3 mm jack
2 unbalanced outputs on 6.3mm jack
2 balanced XLR outputs
MIDI In / Out
Dimensions: 1143 x 347 x 154mm
Weight: 17.5 kg


Good stage piano with vintage sounds, ideal for Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet.
Touching means (I prefer the keyboard Roland FP4 I had before)
step setup: no menus and sub-menus: just the old knobs.


Fan of his vintage Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet and Hammond, the SV1 was on paper the ideal piano for me ... Regarding vintage electric pianos, I'm not disappointed rhodes and wurly are excellent and especially varied at will. The amp simulation gives them a unique touch. Clavinet excellent, especially with the automatic wha wha.
I am more qualified for acoustic piano sounds. I had a Roland FP4 before, and I much prefer the Roland.
The organ sounds are meanwhile not recommended for anyone who expects to have a clone of hammond. Unlike Clavia here no drawbars, Korg has chosen to focus on a few sounds, and so we did not have much choice in organ textures.
No split keyboard ... damage


I love the piano, but there is a BIG BIG PROBLEM: SV-1 suffers from a defect (apparently standard) and not least. The power cut (the term used by the service technician) loose. it began with a few plantades only a few months after my purchase, and two weeks ago, the piano has not started after a umpteenth Plantade.
The technician at the store where I bought my sv1 told me that this is the fourth failure sv1 in two months, with the same symptoms. The mind boggles. There is talk of a piano to 1800 euros, and talking about the Korg! And finally, the service Korg is taking a loooong time to ship a replacement part. My sv1 is for repair for almost 2 weeks, and I have the unpleasant feeling that it will last ...
I am even more disgusted that without this huge bug, this piano suited me 99%: vintage look, electric piano sounds perfect for me, simultaneous amp very useful: it was a way for me to have a rhodes a wurly and clav in one piano, which is more portable, and as if everything was plugged into a good old tube amp. All SV1 are perhaps not affected by this defect, but mistrust still ...
Lumiere man02/13/2012

Lumiere man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect if you know what we want to do!"

Korg SV-1 73
First thing to say you should always know why and especially how to use a product you buy!

Here we not buy one thinking sv1 kronos or a rival in the world of computer music with an ivory piano!

I bought it primarily because I'm a fan of Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes others!
Indeed it offers good sound well sampled in a machine with a vintage aesthetic pleasant and reminds us the old standard!

I would further clarify for her that this is the only (except the kronos) proposes that in addition to guitar amp simulations which is very valuable!

It allows another to have these two electric pianos without hurting the wallet and enables gains as a smaller footprint and less restrictive movement!
We can compare this principle with a fan of Hammond that the absence of a team of roadies and a truck can find the happy with the use of an electro north!

The piano samples are as successful and will be in their place on stage but not in the studio!
I will not speak of other sounds that have nothing to do with this keyboard!

Finally as a midi keyboard he's great with his touch to control your vst piano example

So I recommend to fans of old EP and the keyboard players looking for a superb MIDI keyboard!

Falkes.cone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg SV-1 73
I really like its keyboard, it feels like my heavy trs U1. For the rest .... even the concept of this instrument makes its limits, but also market choice! For sound, a combination of 05RW (15 years) and Triton Rack (10 years?) Offers idem. (PS: Only one connect Midi! Of that "moqueton" ... outrageous).

motownfan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent, but"

Korg SV-1 73
The SV1? Excellent for:
- Touch the piano,
- Acoustic piano sound,
- The electric piano, etc.. All this you know dj.

You should know why achte this keyboard. This is the opposite of the trend-cran-menu options endless. His logic is that of an analog instrument: it takes a basic sound, and adds effects, reverb, one pedals, etc.. Fun: the reproduction of the sounds of an instrument mcanique rel (high noise pedals, etc.)..

The SV1 is no split!
Only 8 SETTING THE memory for sound and they assign sounds dj factory.
Midi functions are minimal
The buttons are positioned so that the fawn happens unintentionally releases during the game and we change its unintentionally. Even if this does happen to me once every three months, I dread the day on that happens during a concert (I'm an amateur, but I play occasionally in public).

In short, I love the sound of acoustic piano (one of the preset factory rglages): Excellent. But you need a good sound system or good headphones trs to enjoy it.

The instrument is excellent as the sound it produces and the pleasure it provides, I dplore just ridiculous number of presets, the impossibility of Split and the absence of a change of function " smooth "(with transition) as is the Kronos.
Bought in 2010, the SV1 me that I had redcouvrir Korg apprci the pass at the time of M1 (in 1988). The SV1 makes me want a Kronos because I just redcouvrir Korg sounds.