Clavia Nord Stage Compact

Clavia Nord Stage Compact

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Nord Stage Compact, Digital Synth from Clavia in the Nord Stage series.

7 user reviews

Clavia Nord Stage Compact tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Clavia
  • Model: Nord Stage Compact
  • Series: Nord Stage
  • Category: Digital Synths
  • Added in our database on: 08/30/2006

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Clavia Nord Stage Compact user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 7 reviews100 %

moosers's review

Clavia Nord Stage Compact
The Clavia Nord Stage Compact is a digital synthesizer that has all sorts of keyboard sounds.  It is a fully polyphonic keyboard except when you are using a monophonic synth, which can be altered if you so choose.  The keyboard has sounds ranging from traditional synths to organs and acoustic pianos.  It also has effects like reverb, delay, chorus, and more.  It has full sections of the keyboard for synth, piano, organ and effects.  This is a verstaile keyboard with a lot to offer.


While there is a lot going on with the Clavia Nord Stage Compact, it didn't take me too long to get used to it all as all of the basic functions are easily located and manipulated.  The keyboard is split into different sections that make it easy to find things when you want them.  If you are a beginner with keyboards like this, it may take you a bit longer to figure everything out, but those with any experience shouldn't have much trouble with it.  The manual is put together well and is helpful, but most probably don't need it.


The sounds that are available with the Clavia Nord Stage Compact are all top notch.  I like everything that this keyboard has to offer, which is a lot as it is quite versatile.  Both the piano and organ sounds are realistic and the synth sounds are as well, and all of the sections give you enough parameters that you can get a variety of different tones within each section.  While I try to record with acoustic instruments as much as I can, this is a great substitution and is perfect for live shows.


I've been using the Clavia Nord Stage Compact for about a year and it is definitely one of my favorite keyboards out there.  I love that you can get so many different sounds and since it isn't too big, it is great for bringing to shows as it gives you all the keyboard sounds and parameters that you could want.  This is priced right and is a great investment as it is a keyboard that will last a while and can be used in a variety of situations.  If you are looking for a versatile, portable keyboard, the Clavia Nord Stage Compact is one of the best.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Stage Compact
Keyboard 73 keys, virtually the same type as those in the Nord Electro. While comparing it with a Nord Electro 61, it seems that this last was a little less "heavy". Level sound engine, well it's the equivalent of a Nord Stage 88 or 76 that is integrated with the instrument. Compact keyboard, both in terms of size (almost equal to a 73 NE) and weight (less than 10 kg). There are always the famous pitch-bend wood strawberry of Sweden and the famous stone mod wheel. Small details that require some getting used to (especially the pitch bend), but in the end can stand out from the Japanese synths. The connector includes four individual outputs that can be assigned to which part nimporte sound (organ, piano, synth), an entry for a swell pedal (volume of the organ), an entry to enter the two-speed switch simulation Leslie, an entry for a modulation pedal (assignable), the MIDI and USB.
The Nord Stage is a research tool ... far from it. Although with the synth section, we can already go surprisingly far! The philosophy of this keyboard is more: quality before quantity. Rather than having thousands of sounds, a little less, limited edition, but of great quality. And it does.
Polyphony total for the organ to the other sections, I have not seen the limit. But it seems she is 40 votes.


The big highlight of this keyboard! At least in terms of ease of use. No sub-menus, no multiple pages on a screen. The most part of functions are achievable with a single key or combination with the shift key. The manual is about 30 pages. It is available in English only, that's a shame.
Another point which is not necessarily the taste of everyone, the zippers. When we used to handling real zippers, whether on a Hammond clone or another, there is some time to adapt. But the sound quality and playability of the organ is quickly forget this detail.
Absolutely great to use on stage, this keyboard still takes any shape when using the morph function (with a pedal) that can switch between electric piano sound to an organ softly.


You can always compare with the original, especially if we have some at home ... Some people do not like the sound of acoustic piano, others are great. Personally, I like. It fits beautifully in a group. The subtleties are very well reproduced. The organ has won a lot with the latest version OS available on the site Clavia (2.26). It sounds very "organic", although full, with very nice percussion, a more than adequate overdrive and Leslie simulation which takes its size especially when it is plugged in stereo.
Not much to add on electric piano, clavinet and, Wurli, CP-80. These are high quality samples, which can spice up multilateral effects of an EQ, reverb, delay, compressor ... what was missing in the Nord Electro is alive and well here .
The available presets are not bad, but they earn much more to customize them, modify them to his liking. We can then store and retrieve quickly.
The synth section is like a smaller version of Nord Lead 3 Nord Electro added to. One could write a whole chapter. The possibilities are very large, very versatile sounds.
In short, people who search for the sounds of 70's keyboards, the keyboard have!


It is brand new and fresh, but I've played with for hours. And it's a good sign. This is an invitation to play keyboard. It is very pleasant to play. Why not a compact version to the touch "heavy"? First because I do not use it necessarily the most for piano sounds. But more to the sounds of organ and clavinet. And these sounds, touch a little more light is very nice. But I confess that playing the Wurli or Rhodes MkV with this keyboard still going very well! For the acoustic piano is not very pleasant, it's clear. But at this level, I found the feel of the NS88 or 76 was still too light. I prefer the feel of the Yamaha, heavier, more like an acoustic piano. This is a good compromise for someone looking for a keyboard very light (almost too often) with a medium touch, neither too light nor too heavy.
Ok, it is not given, but the quality is to go too!
I would buy without hesitation.

ptifred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Stage Compact
Compact NS 73 notes.

See description above or Clavia site.

FIRST THING: You can use multiple sounds simultanment diffrent sections, split or layer ... And has made the diffrence with the dj NE. on the other hand, we can not combine the types of instruments in the same section.

The keyboard is trs enjoyable, strong, lightweight and heavy between, like a rhodes. on the other hand, but heavier than a B3 agne too, did the work Dextre. For glisss in any case, no worries, you can play like an organ. A BMOL, the size of the keys. 1 cm is missing ... They are shorter than on a conventional keyboard and has me a little gn to beginners, finally, you get used to.

This is a keyboard scne, a real one.
There is a small section that allows external paramtrer the key to a CONTRL or expanders (volume, prog change, midi cc) and the NS splitable and more!

2 pair Stereo audio output. You can assign an instrument to choose a pair or a single.

4 pedals: Sustain, leslie, swell, CONTRL.

Finish treats, has not come from the north and east, has seen is: pitch sides and wooden shaft and wheel to please ... stone! Back to Basics? Yes, apparently, even for the rest ...

9 Kg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I immediately find more and more I take my feet. Just need to read the user manual (which is very well done indeed, trs clear, good translation in French, a change of yam). Everything is well thought out and intuitive. I who hate menus, I'm ready! Everything is in real time contrlable with each separate part of the front panel for each instrument. Most of the knobs and switches are dual function with the shift key. It's simple, and what feels good.
The screen is just for the name of the patch and the n!
For small defects, for now just dphasage on pianos stro if no pan L / R for Spar (as an amplifier). But all the little things like a Remde are quickly by keyboard. They often MAJ via their website as and comments from users. (I'm SHIFT 2 for 1 month).

Ct computer, not making head: usb, a driver, a small software provided to back up or restore all the presets and make MAJ. A little soft in free also to balance the sysex fastoche in 2 seconds, as a, has to organize a little and save the patches until a real editor libraries. For now, there are not too many sysex, no sound, but will need work and then come and share too.


Trs important thing: the piano sounds in the Roma are in constant evolution NS. They are replaceable at any time that the DS Update is provided by Clavia free on their website. Otherwise, the OS versions are also evolve the quality of sound.

The B3 is really good. Systm The zippers are well in hand but take it a little late if it is used a lot. Ds time, we see a step too prs, must be above the nose, but ... There's presets.
The good things in play live for the organ: it has two panels with presets in real time, and it was 2 per patch panels. So that you can have 4 presets organ DIFFERENT patch by excluding splits, you follow me?
A BMOL for the drive, attention was not working. The drive is the knob RULES once and for all for all the presets and patch panels. So we can not spend a priori the saturated soft organ sound without changing the patch. I drive down the hand but it works the same with srement swell pedals, like on a real B3.

For info on live, there is no break of sounds changes between preset and panels. on the other hand, there is a micro-changes between two patches.
Also, for live and for a change in fast, you can put one on each of its diffrent two panels (organ and rhodes on one of 2 for example). And so work around this problem.

On a panel, can be stacked or split 3 DIFFERENT instruments with a split zone and do all the fa. So no worries for a low organ and clavinet wahwah MD. Piano / strings. Piano / organ, organ / synth, etc, etc ...

The effects are correct, rpart in two sections one section + amp / eq, all assignable what you want. A section of a compressor and reverb master.

Personally, I find it all sounds really good. They are mostly used, which is rare today. on the other hand, it is clear that it is a living machine just waiting for the sounds that be refined according to gots to everyone freely and simplicity. Nothing can turn figure all the sounds of the machine and keep its own presets, it's enjoyable. It is the config!

So the b3, trs well but you have to play with the zippers to find beautiful fltes Reggae. For the deep saturated tones, chorus and leslie, is facing a guitar. For softer sounds, it's not the finesse of a real good one but it sr Leslie emulation ... and she is doing well overall. The Vox and Farfisa, but many would find that taient playable presets.

The Rhodes: they are all on top with all the desirable grain mark 1,2,5 ... autopan chorus, trem, the works.

The clavinets, we find the micro rglages as the real, like, wah-wah, etc ...

THE PIANO: all INTERESTED. Each in their style. There's a great 70's piano is a phase shift layer of 2 pianos. Too well. The piano concerts are much better than all my samplers including my k2500x. I find them, however, an electric piano ct mediums in a sentence with the rest DNote trsraliste ... May be rglage question.

The CP: goods but can still do better I think. With chorus, a password.

Wurlitzer: the chorus, trs well without, it can be further refined.

Finally, the synth section. It's one that surprised me the most! We have a real synth in this little red thing! This is the first time since I came out the analogue sound that rings in 3 seconds of a synth from scratch. It's so easy and well done. I feel like playing with my Moog! Fun making sounds!

We start from a basis of sound (timbre): bass, lead or nap. We put a filter analog, digital or FM, the triturated about the layers, and pof a new sound. And it all with real pots and switch please! I did thirty sounds in 2 hours. Leads are falling, the ground do their job, there's even a basic sweep and a close analog to double strings of a piano. Low, there's even the Moog.

The function allows you to morph the sounds evolve live (filters, volume wheel, pd, etc ...) and in addition, is a program with one click.


Conclusion: This is a versatile keyboard scne for all instrument sounds basic 70's. We can pair it with another synth or sampler to reach sonic palette depending on the style. Personally, I miss qq Mellotron sounds (stg and flutes) ... M'enfin is typ like his ..
For its weight and size, sound quality, it is only happiness for him who has need of the sonic palette.
I finally found the keyboard of my dreams. So, I top up the BB loop samples the drummer with his Octapad, and now I make music.
I bought it without trying it on tlphonique discussion with the seller (even when I know)! Feeling in ... ds and I opened that little box, I immediately knew it was going to be okay between us. I had many pleasant surprises, from the weight, finish, ergonomics, to the sound.

The price? Bin, a is a REPRESENTATIVES amme if a budget.

You understood, I suggest, what ...

alcools's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Stage Compact
Very good touch synthetic: A little strength and softness, and we feel the aftertouch (unlike the heavy touch of the NS88 or aftertouch is virtually unusable). knob quality keyboard, and a joy to behold.

No problem by connecting to PC: Instal, update Fast and easy.


I think we should just read the manual, because the front is very disconcerting at first, yet I have a Nord Lead III. When the operating principle is included (for me after 2 hours of playback and 4 hours of practice), it goes very fast, almost everything is obvious.


- Beautiful: Organ and Rhodes. A happy one as the other party for the organ, I even removed my config the Native VST B3 was already a very high level!

- Very Good: Piano. There are two sounds of the original grand piano (Steinway and Yamaha), but to get one that takes the road (in my opinion) it is better to remove all two to exchange the updated Yamaha ( 65 MB available on the website of Clavia).

- Medium Original - Even if programmed: Synth, but it is not his first vocation priori. We get it easily usable and sounds very nice, but not of complex sounds possible (no LFO, arpeggiator or sequencer).

- The electric piano and Clav: No opinion, I never use these things!

ALL of the knob, buttons, any thing on the control surface sends MIDI control messages: Great as master keyboard.

Effects management is simple and effective, although not always enough for my taste configurable (especially for the global reverb).


I use it for a year and I am happy. The only drawback: The split points are imposed (all FA or DO), so if you want to note splitter ready ... you can not.
The price is justified by the sound quality and construction (and knobs).

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