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Digital recorders news

  • [NAMM] Tascam BB-1000 CD/SD Recorder

    [NAMM] Tascam BB-1000 CD/SD Recorder

    01/15/09 in Tascam BB-1000 CD/SD Recorder

    The newly-announced BB-1000 Portable CD/SD Recorder is designed to make recording to CD as simple as pressing record on a cassette 'boom box.'

  • [NAMM] Tascam DR-07 Portable Recorder

    [NAMM] Tascam DR-07 Portable Recorder

    01/15/09 in Tascam DR-07

    Tascam has released the DR-07 Portable Digital Recorder, a handheld digital recorder.

  • [NAMM] Alesis ProTrack Recording Kit

    [NAMM] Alesis ProTrack Recording Kit

    01/13/09 in Alesis ProTrack

    Alesis announces its new ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit is now shipping.

  • Sound Devices Announces CL-8 Controller

    Sound Devices Announces CL-8 Controller

    01/07/09 in Sound Devices CL-8 Controller

    Sound Devices announced the CL-8 Controller, a mixing control surface companion to the company's 788T digital 8-track recorder is now shipping.

  • Marantz Professional PMD661

    Marantz Professional PMD661

    11/24/08 in Marantz Professional PMD661

    The field of field recording has just gotten one field recorder larger with the introduction of the Marantz PMD661. This recorder has been launched with user feedback driven features from compact digital recorder operators who work in areas from broadcast to education.

  • Yamaha Pocketrak CX portable recorder

    Yamaha Pocketrak CX portable recorder

    10/31/08 in Yamaha Pocketrak CX

    Yamaha Corporation of America are now shipping their new Pocketrak CX. While the Pocketrak 2G fills the niche an ultra-slim recorder with an omni-directional mic for recording lectures, meetings and rehearsals, the Pocketrak CX adds an upgraded stereo microphone system and expandability, designed for recording live music.

  • Tascam DP-004

    Tascam DP-004

    10/28/08 in Tascam DP-004

    TASCAM has announced the DP-004 Digital Pocketstudio, a portable four-track digital recorder.

  • Marantz Professional PMD620

    Marantz Professional PMD620

    10/13/08 in Marantz Professional PMD620

    Marantz Professional Exhibits The New PMD620 Hand-Held Compact Field Digital Recorder.

  • Korg MR-2000S

    Korg MR-2000S

    10/09/08 in Korg MR-2000S

    Korg has expanded its MR Series of digital recorders with the MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder.

  • Line 6 introduces the BackTrack Series

    Line 6 introduces the BackTrack Series

    09/21/08 in Line 6 BackTrack + Mic

    Line 6 announces the availability of the BackTrack, a pocket-size recorder aimed at guitarists.