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Digital Multitrack Recorders/DtDs news

  • [AES] TASCAM to premiere DA-6400

    [AES] TASCAM to premiere DA-6400

    10/30/15 in Tascam DA-6400

    Tascam presents its DA-6400 64-track Solid State Recorder with MADI and Dante I/O Option Cards.

  • A crossgrade from Pro Tools to Cubase Pro 8

    A crossgrade from Pro Tools to Cubase Pro 8

    08/17/15 in Steinberg Cubase Pro 8

    Steinberg offers Pro Tools user to switch DAW and user Cubase Pro 8 with a special crossgrade deal.

  • [PLASA] Roland R-88 Mixer/Recorder

    [PLASA] Roland R-88 Mixer/Recorder

    09/09/12 in Roland R-88

    Roland introduces its R-88 eight-channel recorder and mixer.

  • [Musikmesse] JoeCo BBR64-Dante Recorder

    [Musikmesse] JoeCo BBR64-Dante Recorder

    03/25/12 in JoeCo Blackbox BBR64-Dante Recorder

    JoeCo Limited introduces the Blackbox BBR64-Dante Recorder that can record or replay 64 channels.

  • [NAMM] Korg MR-2000S-BK

    [NAMM] Korg MR-2000S-BK

    01/25/12 in Korg MR-2000S

    Korg’s MR-2000S-BK archival mastering recorder offers a 160GB hard drive in a single-rackspace unit featuring a black studio finish.

  • [NAMM] Gemini DJ DRP-1

    [NAMM] Gemini DJ DRP-1

    01/23/12 in Gemini DJ DRP-1

    The Gemini DRP-1 is a 1U rackmount digital recorder.

  • JoeCo Blackbox Recorder Software Update

    JoeCo Blackbox Recorder Software Update

    10/19/11 in JoeCo Blackbox Recorder

    JoeCo Limited has announced a software update for its BlackBox Recorder series.

  • JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorder

    JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorder

    08/19/11 in JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorder

    The new BBR64-MADI version of the BlackBox Recorder records 64 channels of MADI data, while occupying one unit of rack space.

  • JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - Lightpipe

    JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - Lightpipe

    07/22/10 in JoeCo Blackbox Recorder

    Blackbox Recorder manufacturer JoeCo has announced that the new digital Lightpipe variant of the award-winning 24-track live recorder is now shipping.

  • Studer Adds 3Gbit Capability To SDI Interface

    Studer Adds 3Gbit Capability To SDI Interface

    06/13/10 in Studer D424-2MO

    Studer has now added the high-bandwidth version of SDI, 3G-SDI, to its optional D21m I/O module with the release of the 3G SDI card.