Korg Triton Rack
Korg Triton Rack

Triton Rack, Digital Synth Rack/Sound Module from Korg in the Triton series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews )
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Korg Triton Rack
I like to use the vocoder. USB would have been nice.

Price paid: $1000 USD


Pretty simple to use. At least once you have a Cubase Patch file.


The basses and drums are excellent.


Not very well built. Mine is having problems with the audio at the moment.

I use the basses and drums a lot more than I should. I really like the sound of the basses and drums on the expansion boards too.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: SaltyDawg ( 8-, 2005)

MGR/wanderlust's review"Korg Triton Rack"

Korg Triton Rack
Guitar Center for $1400 plus tax for my home studio.

great unit and truly is vast.

no Sequencer on rack model!


great unit if you do not require a sequencer.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Régis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Still excellent after 14 years of existence"

Korg Triton Rack
It is all new to me, I just got the offer! Buy blind af a member ;)

With Newt Back to the Future!

Well, for the technical aspect there all that il.faut to describe elsewhere.

Mine is in perfect condition

Equipped cards 6/7 ... 8 orchestral grand piano and I just buy him .. 9 Trance!.
I'm going to vhercher 3.
A memory card ram, I'll fill

He joined my motif xs and is played from a keyboard MPK88


Simple to access, RAS if you are accustomed to the south and expanders
3 main ways to get sounds.
Combi mode to play solo with several sounds and arpeggios. Very nice
Program mode to play well vhargé indeed his, same friendly
And multiplayer mode to play multi stamps from a sequencer. Not better

Fashion also disk but not yet used

Of course it has a floppy drive and no usb. But good. Il.est beautiful, the screen is easy to read for his age. A beautiful object. And external power supply ca c is not cool much of that is taillee

Not too read the doc finally diagonally, but it is clear and french
Not yet seen the edition sounds, but ily so many that the moment ....

J have a look for the drive from sonar, because the most part of. Ins are false. They isent not good vodes banks. CeQui in that it has all the accedezs sounds.
I have since corrected my file ins. A small onions .... And out is ok


Sounds great! Various
Some are totally has-beens but that a minority

J have a motif xs which, of course everyone terrace on the guitars pianos, organs sax, keys, bass ...

But Newt has very beautiful things copper, clavinet, bass, synth, voice, organ!
Although complentaire


I used the last bit but I regale
The sounds are good, warm, vintage and different from what I have

ganice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" to own!"

Korg Triton Rack
see characteristics


General configuration is generally straightforward except at sampling!


I possess a motif es rack so I can make a comparison, they are obviously not the same grain sonorous sounds of the pattern are closer to the instrument but the newt has exeptional and warmer sounds (pads, choir , bass, and it is true that only the piano default)


very good expander, I prefer the roland fantom xr that I sold, the piano should not count on it! the rest is all good even some electric pianos are good!

suge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Triton Rack
Rack as the name implies


Who does not need a manual for those who know how an expander


The sounds are sweet nothing wrong kind of a Swiss Army knife in the gears of a composer


Serious stuff like the brand Korg

Seith's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Triton Rack
I just recently acquire it completes an Ensoniq ZR76 a yamaha A5000 and a Roland VP9000 motir ES rack.
Unpacking and racking, I am a little concerned I do not know what AF rack as I have never heard the sounds .....
All features are detailed on AF ...


Operation is simple I have not even opened the manual sampling part looks as accessible, I incline myself soon.
Editing is easy, the manual clear.


Then the hat I must say that I'm on my ass yet use everything that exists as a vsti hard and I spend quite a bit sampler with rfx32 EMU, Akai S6000, motif es, phantom, etc. ... . This rack is very musical and the piano is not too shabby for the rest of her is very good I must say even leaves a lot be angry that it surpasses the pattern in many cases the sounds are rounder and deeper low a much better piano from the rest is much more versatile that the reason I prefer it and said it is not often criticized photo.Voila I bought it to see and because I have had our 500 euros.


A musical history begins with the rack I'll put it swells and I imagine scsi edit samples with a synthesis engine .... its effects.
If you are tired of those apps gongelés feel free and enjoy the madness of current vendors I equip myself for cheap studio of my dreams and will stay riton ...

phenix!'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Triton Rack
See below.

My first "real" synth (even if an expander is like)

I have since 2001.


A touch screen with touch would have been welcome ...

Juggle menus is tedious ... but hey, you get used to ... especially the stuff I do not use even 50% of its capacity.
The editing possibilities are astronomical sound, you can fiddle with the presets as you want.
Even if it's a synth general, it is rather oriented "electro".

As for the built-in sampler it works well (as an Akai S3000 with whom I worked) rack version had the advantage of more integrated RAM chips as Triton "normal". But, given what is done in soft and the advantage of the hard drive, a program like Soundforge suits me perfectly, and I ca complete the sampler NNXT Reason for treatment.
However it works well, and may eventually replace a sampler for the Live (type of use that I do not)


The lead sounds, pads, choirs and other electronic sounds are quite prodigieuses.Et editing these presets is a real pleasure.

The strings and brass are superb aussi.Les wind instruments are not bad too.

The organs are fabulous, like a plug in B4, for what I do, do not bring me anything special.

Pianos, weakness of the Triton, are not horrible plus.Il not have to take a little longer to edit and mix the sound, but they are quite exploitable.Et Live's enough.

When buying I also took the Vintage card, and the sounds of pads, and other appliances of brass sounds similar ... there are extraordinary croirait.Même it if there is too much in this card big bass sounds good vintage (heavy, powerful).
Not flexible either.

All that is bass, guitar I do not use.


When I bought the Triton-Rack, cétait, first because I had a MIDI keyboard, and then because I wanted the TOP at the time was a no compromis.Ca huge financial investment for me but over the years I thought it was worth it.
The Triton is a synth that has been voted the best synth of the year in consecutive years, it is not for rien.Et new editions are essential references.

For many years, in catalogs, I even watched what was happening in general ... from the synth Triton was not revolutionize the genre I think.
It is still present.
I use it for 6 years and I think I'll use it for at least 6 years, no problem.

Moreover, apart from a digital piano, I also used with a keyboard / guitar Lag THE Key.Et live above all, it's more convenient to work with a synth sound module.
What was more motivated by a purchase price difference at baseline (between the Triton and Triton Rack-normal) has become over time a considerable advantage for me.
It's more convenient and portable (to repeat or Live).

A jewel so it Triton-rack, can be a regret, not buying the card MOSS, which seems t he adds a second synth in Triton, and allows us to access sound and quality can be further ... unmatched today ... what a rack development opportunities insane ... I will surely one day (not yet a priority)

Pierre-h's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Triton Rack
Hello @ all
64 channel polyphonic (66 Card moss)
16 MIDI channels
Double very powerful arpeggiator
Sampler compatible s1000 s3000
ect ect ect then a bomb which flew


After turning on the manual and the bad, we can have a first printing of "easy" see "deja vu" for basic operations (change of , assignment of MIDI channels ect ...), we take the manual and everything becomes more difficult. not by compreention of this one that is very affordable but because of the abcense the touch screen really makes default in this model and the user would need to "sampling" the sound


Factory sound very very good quality can be cited among my favorite organs, pads, synths, strings and pianos quitares.Les bass and drum kit seems to me the weakest part Triton rack but you quickly compensated by adding map (CFM-01 for piano and drums for the sample cd). adding more moss gives a map of the possibiliées strument sound heard even more.
HI synthesis korg has already proven itself in the declination of the keyboard model.
My rating:


The triton rack in my opinion is the inevitable instrument of the early 2000s. That the instrument be in line with the D50 and JV-1080. Although one may prefer the keyboard version (simplified edition thanks to the touchscreen), this box contains 2 units of blache all that is useful for the composition and the incredible possibilities of evolution (PCM card, extension Moss, scsi dat, mLAN and even add more ram for his sampler akai s1000 s3000 compatible.)
Finally I would say that the triton rack korg gifted this family.