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Digital Synth Racks/Sound Modules user reviews

  • Roland D-05

    Roland D-05 - "The D-50 was my all time favorite keyboard, the D-05 reminds me why"


    I've never thought much about the boutique series, especially since they're only 4 voice, although I'd consider one of the Juno models. Anyway, when I saw the re-issue of the D-50 I was very excited. I was stuck using samples in a NI player app. M…

  • Roland D-05

    Roland D-05 - "Probably the best in the series"


    Hi, I’m not a big fan of Roland’s Boutique series. I’ve owned the Juno, the Jupiter and the TR-09, and I’ve long hesitated before getting this D-05 in loving memory of my good ol’ D-550 ;-) Well, I ‘ain’t been disappointed! It’s really lovel…

  • Mindflood Patchblocks

    Mindflood Patchblocks - "Nice, tiny Swiss army knives - to assemble yourself"


    Patchblocks are very tiny "multifunctional" modules. Actually, each patchblock (I own four, plus two midiblocks) features a minijack in and out, plus a 5-pin digital input (not MIDI – but I’ll get back to it). Two knobs, two buttons and that’s all, f…

  • Audiothingies Micromonsta

    Audiothingies Micromonsta - "An astounding synth"


    What I like about this piece of gear : - First, you feel how clever its conception is, with the sound quality (passion) and the concept of making a low-budget synth. When you play with it you’d never imagine a 300€ price tag. I mention the price a…

  • Roland Integra-7

    Roland Integra-7 - "Lots of sounds, but many flaws, incomplete user manual, limited support."


    I paid about $1500 for this box, trusting Roland to design a good product. Yes, it has a great number of sounds. There are several serious flaws. While using a MIDI setup from my controller,the sounds that are loaded often just drop out- I must reloa…

  • Roland Integra-7

    Roland Integra-7 - "Perfect sound, bad multiparts usage, only 1 part at the time or it crashes"


    Supernatural sound quality is perfect, i like it a lot! I got it with the expectation to have some 2 or 3 instruments playing along with me when playing piano. The sound get chopped up in small pcs and swallowed, because polyphony is too small,…

  • Waldorf Streichfett

    Waldorf Streichfett - funkylio's review


    It's a string machine sound module. Having had several of them, Solina, RS 09, lambda, and elka rhapsody, the rack format is wise, because it's not the kind of sounds you use all the time, it's just another color and a dedicated keyboard often takes …

  • Waldorf Streichfett

    Waldorf Streichfett - "I thought about sending it back to Germany after one hour of use"


    No special remarks in this section, except that it's great that it's USB powered, but you don't have the possibility to connect a pedal to vary an effect or a filter, it has only the bare minimum to offer a rock-bottom price. UTILIZATION Does it ha…

  • Waldorf Streichfett

    Waldorf Streichfett - "Future collector's item"


    Features that are not ordinary: The good news: - Integral polyphony in the String section - CC and sysex implementation (which is rarer everyday...) - No exotic power supply required, the USB port is enough The bad news: - Insensitive to ve…

  • Waldorf Streichfett

    Waldorf Streichfett - "I recommend it!!!!"


    This emulation is specialized in old string machines If, like me, you lived the heyday of progressive bands that used them profusely (Ange, Genesis, Francis "Bilitis" Lai, and even Jean Michel Jarre, to name a few) you will adore it... The soun…