Yamaha DX27S
Yamaha DX27S

DX27S, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

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saturax08 10/20/2012

Yamaha DX27S : saturax08's user review

«  Version of DX27 bontantpis organ! »

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With a DX27 hp on the sides to make nice.


edition of the crabbed type.


Pouets pouets dings and dings usual DX series are waiting for you. Always with the economy of algorithms on these sub-DX (DX21, dx9, DX27), which makes her even more devoid of interest.
Any computer with an emulation of FM synthesis can produce identical sounds the same as it is only the binary language from A to Z. (This is also valid also for the dx7)


No interest to avoid, you will gain up to you! (Especially the hp version looks even bulkier!)