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  • DiMarzio DP122 Model P

    DiMarzio DP122 Model P - "DiMarzio Model P DP122"


    I was building a P-bass project and needed a pickup. I had heard DiMarzio made good pickups and well everything I heard was true! This is a black, split-coil Precision bass pickup. Model: P DP122. I bought this at my local music shop. Right ar…

  • DiMarzio DP149 Ultra Jazz Pair

    DiMarzio DP149 Ultra Jazz Pair - "DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Pickups"


    $90 from Daddy's Junky Music. I bought them to get rid of the hum that occurs with stock Fender PUs when the pair is set other than at nearly equal levels. They really cleaned up the hum problem, described above, in my Fender Jazz Std. I had…

  • DiMarzio DP122 Model P

    DiMarzio DP122 Model P - maul's review


    I have always used a Ibanez Roadster Bass. I know the Fender Precision pickups, this is my only reference for comparison. The micro growls ferociously. The bass is solid, the attack appears in the mix better than the pickups Fender American Sta…

  • DiMarzio DP127 Split P

    DiMarzio DP127 Split P - " details for the set"


    I installed it on my micro godin P-bass (passive 4 string model freeway) there's almost three years. It is mounted with a ultrajazz in bridge and neck in a dp 120. Three DiMarzio so ... I think the disappearance of the acute problems is related to …

  • DiMarzio DP127 Split P

    DiMarzio DP127 Split P - duguy182's review


    Micro ideal for low power passive like mine. The microphone sound is good although it's not a big personality and a serious SPB-2, this microphone is doing very well. It is indeed serious with a slight compression characteristic of DiMarzio. Apar…

  • DiMarzio DP148 Ultra Jazz Bridge

    DiMarzio DP148 Ultra Jazz Bridge - duguy182's review


    Microphone used in the bridge position The microphone is quite round and clapping, the sound is very well balanced. I blame him for just a little lack of good character but he mixed well with a neck pickup for P-Bass. Excellent microphone that …

  • DiMarzio DP127 Split P

    DiMarzio DP127 Split P - kordhell's review


    I wish I prciser Mount the microphone on a Squier Affinity bp - How long have you use it? 3 months - What is the particular feature you like best and least? + the output level, potato, The definition, the addition of low (really much more t…

  • DiMarzio DP123 Model J

    DiMarzio DP123 Model J - kesan-de-kas's review


    I bought the Dimarzio DP 123 J there already this year and a half, replacement pickups for my Fender Jazz Bass (Mexican). I first tried to replace the pickups with Fender Mexican Original 60's Custom, but after having installed .. I was disappointed,…

  • DiMarzio DP127 Split P

    DiMarzio DP127 Split P - Camy_x's review


    Been used for 6 months ... no problems ... What kills this mic is its silence (2Double coils) Compared to an EMG, it is the same as warmer and more human ... I do not like the right side of the lower actives.Pour of Rock, Metal, Death, it is indi…

  • DiMarzio DP122 Model P

    DiMarzio DP122 Model P - eldre's review


    I took these pickups to replace the original mark without a fender-like defrette, there is no other microphones as these on this bass is the first time I change pickups . sound has become much more precision, and dynamic right now I use a net with …