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Vestax VCI-400 v2 Firmware Update

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Vestax VCI-400
News Vestax VCI-400

MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Vestax belonging to the VCI series

The Vestax VCI-400 is now capable of operating as a stand-alone mixer by upgrading to the latest v2.0 firmware.

This stand-alone mixer function enables you to use your VCI-400 along with CD players or a DVS interface, with or without having a computer connected.


The mixer can also be used in combination with a variety of DJ software. For example, with Traktor Pro you can mix a total of 6 decks (2 Traktor Pro decks, 2 Traktor Pro sampler decks, and 2 CD players). The 3 band EQ ofthe mixer function shares the same bandwidth, crossover and Q factor with the PMC-55 mixer.


How to upgrade to v2.0 firmware:

Download the Stand-alone Mixer firmware kit (zip file) from the following link, and follow the instructions in the “read me” file found in the upgrade kit.


Check out the VCI-400 product page for more details.

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