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New SSL Alpha-Link MX Audio Converters

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SSL Alpha-Link MX 16-4
News SSL Alpha-Link MX 16-4

Analog/Digital Converter from SSL

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Solid State Logic announces the launch of Alpha-Link MX.

Alpha-Link MX is the first of a new generation of SSL A-D/D-A converters. The new generation SSL converters are based on the larger Alpha-Link SX and AX models.




The Alpha-Link MX range consists of two different 1 U units that can be used individually or combined to create larger systems. Each unit features 64 channel digital audio I/O via Fibre Optic MADI In/Out connections which can be used to connect to a suitably equipped MADI device including SSL’s own MadiXtremeMX4 andDelta-Link computer audio interfaces, or to cascade multiple MX units. The ‘Alpha-Link MX 16–4’ has 16 analogue inputs and 4 analogue outputs, making it a 16 channel capture device with 4 outputs for artist and studio monitoring. The ‘Alpha-Link MX 4–16’ has 4 analogue inputs and 16 analogue outputs, making it a solution for 16 channel analogue summing with 4 channels of audio capture. Up to four MX units can be cascaded in any combination in a daisy chain. In this way systems with up to 80 analogue connections which are routable to a single 64 channel MADI In/Out connection can be created. MX units have a switchable reference level to enable matching with the rest of your studio system, with a range of settings between +24dB and +14dB. Alpha-Link MX units are configured via a set of front panel controls with status indicator LED’s providing status and level information.


Alpha-Link MX units are available bundled with an SSL MadiXtreme 64 Mac or PC audio interface. 

Key Features:

  • SSL A-D/D-A converter technology
  • 64 channel Fibre Optic MADI digital audio In/Out
  • Alpha-Link MX 16–4: 16 analogue In, 4 analogue Out (balanced)
  • Alpha-Link MX 4–16: 4 analogue In, 16 analogue Out (balanced)
  • Cascade up to 4 Units for up to 80 analogue connections
  • 44.1 to 96kHz operation with varispeed up to ± 10% (192kHz operation will be available as a free firmware upgrade by 31/12/2012)
  • Switchable reference level with a range of settings between +24dB and +14dB
  • Can Partner with SSL MadiXtreme, MX4 & Delta-Link interfaces
  • Front panel setup controls
  • Dedicated tri-colour signal activity LED’s
  • BNC Word Clock sync In/Out
  • Rear panel analogue connection via standard 25 pin D-Sub

Pricing & Availability:

Alpha-Link MX is available now from SSL Resellers worldwide.

Alpha-Link MX 16–4: £849, $1449, 1091.60€ + VAT or Sales Tax

MX 16–4 I/O Bundle: MadiXtreme 64 & Alpha-Link MX 16–4: £999, $1699, €1276.47 + Local Taxes

Alpha-Link MX 4–16: £849, $1449, 1091.60€ + Local Taxes

MX 4–16 I/O Bundle: MadiXtreme 64 & Alpha-Link MX 4–16: £999, $1699, €1276.47 + VAT or Sales Tax


Visit www.solidstatelogic.com for more details.

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