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Cort Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Cort Earth100

    Cort Earth100 - "Cort Earth 100"


    Bought new at local music store for $200. I talked to some people about it and was recommended this guitar. I wanted to buy the best guitar for roughly 200 bucks and i came to this decision after lots of research. The tone and sound is superb. Tr…

Translated user reviews
  • Cort Earth70

    Cort Earth70 - " Satisfactory for personal use"


    -Made in China -20 Frets used the dreadnought format makes use of acute less easy Solid-spruce - Mechanical part made rubber is a black dot finish: mechanical seems fragile and need to be careful so that it does not break UTILIZATION - N…

  • Cort Earth-Mini

    Cort Earth-Mini - " A small folk quite playable"


    It is a folk compacre mahogany with a solid spruce top. It comes with a custom cover. UTILIZATION It looks like a guitar for children, but do not be fooled, the instrument is very playable and no comparison with what is usually found in this pric…

  • Cort Earth 60

    Cort Earth 60 - Aokiji's review


    Korean-type guitar, made in China. - Model Dreadnought (I have trouble pronouncement x)). - Solid Spruce - Mahogany back and sides with "binding" (net) around the body - Mahogany - Rosewood fingerboard, 20 frets - Mechanical oil bath (A …

  • Cort Earth100

    Cort Earth100 - " Honest input range"


    Made in China 20 frets, at 14 Junction Dreadnought, solid Sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides Neck Mahogany (3 items) Rosewood Scale 25.3 "(643mm) This is the original version without border and with a sleeve nut plastoc. There…

  • Cort Earth70

    Cort Earth70 - " Great surprise"


    This is a guitar made in china The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard The table is solid spruce (for that price it is very rare and very well made ca) Sides and bottom mahogany also UTILIZATION The handle after a few months of use…

  • Cort Earth70

    Cort Earth70 - " Guitar for beginners and more ...."


    Folk guitar at a price defying any concurrency for the quality of this guitar. It has a spruce top and a € 150 nine I think it's one of the few. Solid spruce Mahogany back and sides Mahogany Rosewood Mechanical die-cast UTILIZATION Th…

  • Cort Earth70

    Cort Earth70 - " A quality / price!"


    It is a Dreadnought, no surprise when in the grip and ergonomics. Note the presence of a solid spruce top, which is unusual on a guitar as cheap. UTILIZATION The handle, medium size, rather round in profile, clearly designed to offend no one, o…

  • Cort Earth70

    Cort Earth70 - stef74's review


    Made in china original equipment strings Daddario UTILIZATION round pleasant, light wood table with solid shaft, finishing a remarkable this price! SOUNDS Fits all styles when it starts! OVERALL OPINION Bought B-stock at eurogratte € 119…

  • Cort Earth70

    Cort Earth70 - " Excellent!"


    Made in Asia. UTILIZATION The neck is very pleasing, it is trslgre. On mine, the string action is pretty low, it is very easy to play and we get easily a good sound with clear highs. SOUNDS She is suitable for all styles, as well as the mdiat…