Coolmos2007 02/06/2014

Cort Earth70 : Coolmos2007's user review

«  Satisfactory for personal use »

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-Made in China

-20 Frets used the dreadnought format makes use of acute less easy


- Mechanical part made rubber is a black dot finish: mechanical seems fragile and need to be careful so that it does not break


- Nice round carefree

- Must pay attention to the tuning due to the fragile mechanical

- Additional location on the handle to put the strap is a good


I bought it for the sound and I'm not disappointed for the use I made. I did order online through a proxy blind and therefore according to the opinions on the forum and I'm happy even if I have paid twice the price here in my country because of this intermediate person. (There is no dealer of this brand here in our country far from civilization)


I just acquired, but compared to my yamaha F310 guitar is a laminated table, there is no photo on his side: it is more powerful and richer. On the forum, the users claim that it improves over time with the massive table: I hope they are right and this heralds good promises.

However, the mechanical part is rubber but did ask questions, this may be justified by the price range of the guitar. In any case, if it is for personal use: to practice playing without pay to others, only the family or a representation to the limit in the parish, it's perfect. But if it is handled by a large number of people as in a studio or on stage, I fear for the life of the mechanics.