Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 25 reviews )
 19 reviews76 %
 5 reviews20 %
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Value For Money : Excellent

moosers's review

Seagull S6 Original
The Seagull S Series S6 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar that has about 21 frets and is not an electric/acoustic, so it has no pick ups or controls. It has a pretty standard look to it as far as dreadnoughts go, but does come in a darker finish than most that I've seen.


The neck of the Seagull S6 feels pretty good and the guitar is overall really easy play. While it doesn't have the fluidity of some higher end guitars that I've played, it is certainly more than playable and is fine for playing either rhythm or lead. The shape of the guitar is the standard body shape for dreadnought guitars and the weight of the guitar is probably a little bit lighter than most acoustic guitars that I've played. Getting a good sound is pretty easy if you know how to play, but it won't really blow you away.


The sound from the Seagull S6 is pretty good, but wouldn't be my first choice by a long shot when it comes to recording. I like the sound of it but I have other options that I would much rather use. It isn't vibrant enough for my taste, but does cover the full spectrum pretty well, sometimes it just sounds a little dull. However, for practicing it is perfect and is even suitable for shows.


I've been using the Seagull S6 for about three or four years and have found it to be a nice guitar for the price. It is perfect for practicing and even for shows, but I really wouldn't recommend recording with it unless you don't have another option. This being said, it is a mid level guitar and is aimed at the intermediate player looking for a nice guitar that sounds pretty good and is easy to play. It won't blow you away with the sound of it, but for the price you can't really complain. Overall, a nice model from a company that for some reason seems to fly under the radar more than they should.

Howiegeo's review

Seagull S6 Original
The Seagull S6 is the entry level dreadnought guitar by Canadian maker Godin (who also produces Simon & Patrick and Art & Lutherie lines).
At $300-400 it is an amazing value exceeding guitars two or even three times the price.

The top is one piece cedar, sides are laminated cherry, while the neck is silver maple and fretboard rosewood. Cosmetic appearance is somewhat economized but not sound quality. I call it simple elegance.


The neck is true with low action and perfect intonation. No problems with the tuners even after eight years. The nut and bridge give good sustain and volume. It feels alive, sounds warm yet bright and makes you want to keep playing, due to that certain quality usually just found in expensive guitars. It is very sweet at low volume finger style, but plenty of volume when played hard.


My eight year old model’s tone has improved with age and is often
envied by other players. I’ve played high end $1500 guitars but I would have trouble exchanging my S6. This one is all I use for gigs and intensive practice. It has been around the world with me.

I think a lot is down to the one piece cedar top, giving good tone and volume. I personally like the un-lacquered finish and believe it increases the sound, though it does mark easily due to cedar’s soft nature.


Besides scratches and dings, pick wear has worn considerable marks. But I actually like its “well used” appearance as it give character and uniqueness.

My only gripe is the with the pickup. The fitted Baggs Ribbon transducer sounds excellent but lacks tone and volume controls which are quite essential for live performance. It also feeds back on the low end when left plugged in and un-played. The other upgrade I would like is a cutaway neck…

S6 certainly can’t be surpassed for its price and comes highly recommended.

MGR/DJ's review"Seagull S6 Original"

Seagull S6 Original
Maple top with light mahogany sides, inlay at the opening, steel strings.

I grew up in a family that was surrounded by music of all types and styles. I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. I started in the 4th grade as a way to help in the development of my eye-hand coordination. In the 6th grade, I had my first garage band playing a Decca solid body electric. By high school, I was writing original songs and performing country rock and folk cover music for my own enjoyment and at the assorted coffee houses. I was playing a six string nylon Greco classical guitar. I added an Appalachian dulcimer with pressure pegs and a Fender 5 string banjo to my self taught list of instruments. In college, I sometimes played instruments on stage as a part of a performing arts group producing original musical comedies. Since then, I pick up the guitar or banjo when I have the notion.

My daughter had been learning to play on my old nylon string guitar and it was time to get her a steel string acoustic. The occasion was her 16th birthday. When she first showed interest in guitars (about 2 years ago) I had the opportunity to try a number of acoustic guitars of all types and price ranges. I remember playing a Seagull and was impressed by the sound and its reasonable price range. When I was ready to buy my daughter the guitar, I returned to the music store. Unfortunately they had discontinued carrying Seagulls in favor of the more expensive Martins and Gibsons. We searched and found that Guitar Center carried Seagull. We tried a full range of acoustics and found the Seagull S6 has the best sound, easiest to play and at $499 was of incredible value.

The tone is sweet and clear with qualities that equal or exceed the Gibson Songbird. The neck is perfect for my daughter's smaller hands but is also very easy for me to play. The $499 for a Seagull S6 sounds the same if not better than the $1,599 used Gibson Songbird or new Martin (you know, the ones they keep in the humidity controlled rooms). I appreciate value and quality, more than name or reputation.

My daughter and I have no negative comments to say about the guitar.

Solid wood sides, top, bottom & neck. Not veneered, laminated or multi-plied.

If you are looking for a great guitar with an amazing tone,try a Seagull. You do not have to purchase based upon price or name. Purchase based on sound, playability and tone. Try it out and you will be amazed.

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MGR/gpro's review"Seagull S6"

Seagull S6 Original
I've been playing for a year mostly finger picking. I like playing mellow rock and classical

I had bought a new guitar didn't spend the time to shop around. The neck buzzed got it fix but still hard on the fingers.One day I went to a small guitar shop and told the owner about my problem. He showed me a guitar played it pretty nice. then he handed me a seagull s6. It played like silk, just touched the strings and it sounded so rich and deep in tone. It was great. tried some others that were three times the money.But i had to have the seagull and bought it. It cost me 369.00 a little more then my first, but sounds like it would cost four times that

The guitar is very light, has great all over tone. tuners are great. Stayed tuned for days with lots of play.Very easy on the fingers can play for hours.

The only problem I see is the finish is very light you need to handel with care but thats what makes it sound so good and only gets better with age.

The construction of the guitar is great. Has great tuners. The wood is beatiful from the cedar face cherry sides and nice maple neck

From playing lots of guitars any time I see a shop. For the money you cannot find a better deal then the seagull s6.

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MGR/Schennelly's review"Seagull S6"

Seagull S6 Original
Bought this guitar for my Dad who played a little bit,but never owned a good sounding guitar.Purchased from Eds Music Workshop,Ptbo,On.Canada for 279.00 ca

At the time it was the best sounding guitar I could find for the money,kind of plain looking but great sounding.

After 15 years the neck has started to sag into the body.

Solid cedar top,laminated cherry back and sides,mahogany neck,rose wood finger board and saddle.

For the money you can't buy much better than this for sound.Ive played a lot of guitars over my 25 years of playing,but the sound and action of this guitar has made me feel like staying with it,some times you just can't put it down.

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MGR/Jacob Kaminski09/07/2004

MGR/Jacob Kaminski's review"Seagull s6"

Seagull S6 Original
I but this guitar on the internet and paid $275.

It has great sound.

Looses tune quite easily.

Great quality!!!!

It is a great guitar. It was my first guitar and I couldn't of picked better. It is the best guitar you can buy for under $1000.

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MGR/Abernasty's review"Seagull S6"

Seagull S6 Original
I went into a local guitar shop with only the intension to play a few guitars. But, once I played the Seagull S6 i was hooked and bought the thing for $300.

Great sound, great look, great intination. Sounds far superior to any other $300 guitar I have played.


Simple, but very well built. HANDMADE! unlike other $300 guitars. No flashy extras , just the nessesities.

Very nice guitar , recommened to all. Great value.

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MGR/chris's review"Seagull S6"

Seagull S6 Original
I purchased the S6 at Lakeshore Music in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Both me and my brother bought guitars for about $350 Canadian each with cases. He, sadly, decided on a Yamaha.

The cedar top produces an incredibly warm deep tone that I have never found in any other guitar. The finish is very minimal which gives a much more natural sound. My brother's Yamaha is heavily laquered and sounds tinny. The S6 is extremely easy to play and easy to set up. There is a truss rod adjustment just underneath the soundhole. The intonation is also excellent.

Nothing, but do remember that it can be fragile because of its light finish. Make sure you have a good humidifier for it.

The design is simplicistic but Seagul has put every effort into making the best quality instrument possible. You have to play one to understand the comfort. The guitar has not had a single problem since I bought it.

My S6 is such a beautiful instrument I bought another one with a cutaway and the L.R. Baggs electronics. The S6 is cheaper because they did not bother with all of the flashy extras like pearl inlays or other beauty items. The normal S6 has the best sound in an acoustic guitar especially for around $300.

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MGR/gotfleas's review"Seagull S6"

Seagull S6 Original
paid 300.00 from local music store. the sound and tone can not be better

sound and tone of much higher cost guitar. you would not think u are playing a 300dollar guitar. the action can be set to just the way u like has a very deep tone. every body that plays this guitar is blown a way by the tone


the seagull lives with me and 3 teenagers . it has been tested very well for construction. its very tuff. it has to be to stay here

i bought a lot of guitars. this the best 300dollars i ever spent.if u ever play one u would buy it

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clyde_b's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull S6 Original
Manufacture La Patrie, a small town in Quebec.
Specific characteristics are readily available ... What I can add is that in ten years, the guitar is aging very well despite frequent use.


Very enjoyable to play guitar. The grip is natural.


As I wrote previously, the sound improves with age (unless it is my game that gets better ;-)). Not without laughter, the sound is balanced, powerful enough. The shades are easy whether picking or plectrum, rhythmic and solo ... All styles, including blues, folk ... pass.


I use it for 11 years and this is my favorite acoustic guitar. The violin is simple, but neat. I bought other Seagull guitars and I've never been disappointed. Excellent quality / price ratio. Excellent guitar, I'm not tired ...