Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

DR-880 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

Tophe2014 11/13/2005

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm : Tophe2014's user review


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The DR 880 allows multiple connections, one input and a multitude of output jack or RCA that can be assigned, it There's even an optical output, a USB port for storage, midi in midi out for synchronization and others.

Dr. 880 has 20 pads, responding to velocity, the control pads different drum kits and basses.

The dr880 has an amp simulator for guitar (electric / acoustic) and bass and acoustic guitar simulation was the Boss.


The manual is good.
the edition of effects and presets is really simple, the wheel is really good and allows quick access.
the dr880 can create favorites sound / preset switch that allows his / sync rate way, just as if the wheel is used when changing presets, Dr. 880 performs the change at the end of the measures set


The drum sounds are excellent, if you push in the rules can have results really amazing, amazing ... close to a drummer

The bass sounds are good. But a weakness is apparent when one wants to place notes too high, the sound becomes less natural (over MIDI)

The simulation of guitar amplifiers is rather a good general: JC120, Polytone, Twin, Bassman, Mesa Boogie MkIII, Vox, Matchless, Plexi 45, 100 Plexi, JCM 800, Rectifier, Soldano, 5150, Randall amps are roughly as can be selected ... comparable to the GT6, but without modeling pedals distortion, overdrive or otherwise. I have a very good set of pedals for distortion, so I do not need modeling pedals, but more that are original and modified pedals so my sound will be even better. Can be found as a fact, compressor, phaser, chorus, tremolo, pan (very good effect), the delay is really nice and reverbs (hall, Room, Plate) are very good ...
The big advantage and we can adjust the effects from delays to the tempo of preset select the note, the black third triplet etc ...
It only needs the opportunity to choose HP, such as POD XT and Tonelab, but it's going to, the amplifiers are cited up to much and keep their own characteristics.

I did not try modeling low ..

The DR880 plus be a very good and very very sequencer drum machine is a very good amp simulator.
It is also possible to connect all in a guitar amp, the output signal can be changed to line or amplifier, large as it will disable a DIbox, and changes the sound to prepare everything in an amp. I plug in the dr880 in a transistor amplifier, the sound coming out was really good, but be careful to adjust the output signal because when it is set to line / headphone, the sound lose so much momentum.

If one has a sound system, and a good guitar amp transistor can even plug the amp modeling amp and plug in a low signal / battery in PA, it should do ... for small representation.

To save the game and the headphone, there is no problem.



I buy this new, and I do not regret, I can m'excercer for hours without problems with a rhythm bass set the tone.
I might even try to record a song in my PC or on a digital recorder.

Important Note: If you are not familliariser with harmonization, Dr880 may be able to help you know a little more, but we took everything to have a good grounding in music, otherwise you get tired pretty quickly, not knowing what to do.

It is a very good tool.