JoMoX XBase 09
JoMoX XBase 09
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All user reviews for the JoMoX XBase 09

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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

JoMoX XBase 09
The sequencer is the most confusing piece of crap ive ever worked with.i have always used it as a slave box and it has worked really well.all of the knobs on the front panel have a corresponding CC number so they respond to midi.this has been very usefull for writing drum and can change the length of the hi hat(for example)during the sequence.the only problem i had was when i hit record on my sequencer to record myself turning the knob in real time,some of the knobs data didnt show up on the track/ i had to go in and enter in each cc/movement manually on my sequencer.

Price paid: $600.00 USD


The sequencer sucks because when you are editing a 32 step sequence and you go to page 2(17-33) you cannot see or hear what is going on with the first half of your pattern.and at high tempos..... this use it as a slave and its great.


The sound quality is great.It sounds almost identical to the 909.The only thing i dont like about it is that the bass drum sounds a little flat.the snare drum is the same way,but not as bad.The best feature of this machine is the hi hats.the hi hats sound exactly like the 909.the rim shot is the weakest point,I havent used it at all.the clap sounds really good,but the 909 is better.all around the 909 sounds better...crispier.all i am basically using my x-bass for is its hi hats and clap....and the snare drum in one song..."trip down further"


Very durable metal and wood body...played several gigs and never a problem.

I will get rid of it as soon as i find some equally as good hi hats....if thats even possible.

Originally posted on
Posted by: 440hz ( 2-, 2006)

Ikkini's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" powerful and subtle"

JoMoX XBase 09
The xbase09 has three instruments, a kick, a snare and a HiHat section.
The first two sections are analog editing is done via eight knobs for kick and snare for 5. The third section is based on 8-bit samples and therefore not setting aside a tune and decay.
You have a total of three channels polyphony (one per instrument) and three separate outputs in addition to the mono master output.
Xbase The trio is also equipped with MIDI in / out / thru.
You also have an output DYN SYNC that allows you to synchronize old drum machines! And that is very useful when you love mixing vintage and modern!
The sequencer has its bank of 16 4 of 16-step patterns. So all you need to compose, focus and with shuffle. There is no real-time recording, it is only in the publishing step. We quickly made, there are many memories, it's perfect.
Go one quibble by saying that 3-4 voice polyphony on the Hi-Hat section, percussion would feels good ...


I'll start by talking about a flat to use, it is the PERF modes and PATT. If you want to edit a sound, it must be PERF mode, but if we reach is further detailed settings in the sequencer must be PATT mode. And I confess that I use do not understand why these two modes were not united in a single mode.
There is another flaw I found for use in live, the volume of the three parties is managed with knobs, very little ergonomic instrument for cutting and re ... Failing sliders, mute by a party would have been nice ...
If not for the rest, the sound editing is done in a very simple and intuitive.
For it is the same pattern as that just samples of Hi-Hat, if you want to choose other samples, it is a little less ergonomic ...
I do not mean the MIDI sequencer that takes a lot of patience!
I speak of the defects, but this remains a machine very ergonomic to compose and edit its sounds so very fast and intuitive!


I often read criticism that the BAR had Jomox sound very aggressive and unsubtle ... I confess I do not understand how one can write this after using this machine for an hour. The tones are warm and powerful. You can really set the kick with great precision and subtlety and get his living and organic. The snare is also very beautiful. Even if it is less versatile than the kick, we get many shades and a nice presence. A compressor is required when we want to get something very powerful. but if we do not chase the ultra modern sounds compressed, we realize that this little drum machine has a nice personality.
The Hi-Hat party is composed of samples. This is obviously the least interesting, even if the engine of the LO-FI Jomox gives them a good potato output.
I believe there is an update to load their own samples. But I do not have the EPROM ...
The low polyphony of the machine still will take you to complete for sure, but it offers a versatile base and rich!


I use it for about 6 months and I do not separate myself one day.
this is a very compact drum machine if not extensive. But by updating the OS you can sequence a plug to fill the lack of polyphony.
The biggest thing for me is that it really sounds! Its sequencer is extremely simple to use, so that I compose at the speed of lightning with.
It is an instrument that inspires me and for me it's essential.
I was lucky not to pay the expensive, it would be difficult to regret this choice!

pilip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfied!"

JoMoX XBase 09
already mentioned.
There is unfortunately no headphone! and a headphone output on Mixout, ca bin out on a headset of course! and it is a fair bit power level. (Not a normal headphone preamp but a line-out, brief)

if the connection is complete, the bases are metal.

I do not know if this applies only to my bar but I had little problems qq both stability of the MIDI clock, nothing serious but it surprises!


It takes some time and reread the manual to understand some features of the animal (including Mode song) but once understood, ca Roulle!

The step sequencer is really good, we choose the sound and placed (such as TR) is intuitive and it works (this is not a sequencer TB! Thankfully!)

It must still press multiple buttons to trigger sometimes as "fashion" game, this is not necessarily practical, but as said before once you know the manip Roulle ca!

2 LFO are customizable but they use the same knobs and other features. So it's still less convenient.
(I stick with DYMO has side knobs of the secondary functions of the knobs, like the LFO parameters, the Track page that allows external machines to sequence 3 (youpi!), and it's very convenient!)



BAR offers this level of kick a very wide, it can do so squeaker squeaker-old bar, but also big balls 909, BD deaf 808. With the decay can extend the kick and make sounds especially suitable for the DnB and tekno.

The snare can be with or without a stamp (= big fat white noise), we can make cheap or even once a good hit dry. The decay is also adjustable. I rather regret the lack of output level of the snare and kick against the hh, but arrived in separate outputs on a table, a little gain and it is played.

can be a lil cheap with Charley (who own the original) that can detune and bring out the good side 6bit! we can "repay" the samples and more. There are 5 banks of 2 sounds for HH, cool. We can not even put on a step closed and open HH HH.

Although Section HH is digital, so they give him potato output it does not at all rickety side has two "engines" analos.
The focus to accentuate the step that you will, a knob is assigned to progressively increase the focus (of interest to spice up the drum so subtle!)

Two LFOs are assignable. Also allows the AC to evolve the sound.



OCCAZ for a price (300 €) very correct.

It is with great pleasure that I spend time to ring the BAR.

le mutan ki parle russe02/02/2008

le mutan ki parle russe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JoMoX XBase 09
3 out spares, a mix output, midi in / out / thru + dyn synch.
2 LFOs, can be used to control midi ...


Simple and effective. but very poor in sound and useful.


For an analog BAR, good bass drum.
Charley's sound good too.
but that's it.

Fortunately there is an adjustable LFO bassline can be achieved.
no effects, no reverb, no delay.
almost no other sounds

* Not as much punch a TR909, but if you put a dynamics processor tcs eg art, in my opinion will swell the sound and give a very good result!


Very expensive for what it is!!

for boom tchak ok, but there's almost no other sounds than the bassdrum and hi-hats!!

yohda's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JoMoX XBase 09
The connection is complete, except for the fact that the open and closed Hat share the same output, but it's not too much a problem because you can balance the volume of one over the other, the envelope HiHat is a bit of simple but reasonably effective.

The number of sounds can be a variety of ways: compared to other BAR BAR analos or digital, the answer will be different every time ...


Quick and easy to implement, very effective sequencer is the only analog BAR which allows you to edit sound in steps and thus to obtain complex sequences despite its three tracks.


The strength in Jomox, maybe not as much punch as the TR but do not see her as a clone but a kind of evolution of analos BAR, with the possibility broader than the latter. With a bit of control we can draw a lot of things that BAR.


I use it for at least five years, I also Airbase and lately even the replacement: the Xbase 999 (as well say that the grain Jomox satisfies me!).

For me the BAR are really what is the best at present in analog BAR.

These machines are really identity thus a type, then we like it or not but objectively, apart from the "lack" of sounds and features compared to newer digital counterparts, I would not really see what we can criticize.

After like almost all the machines to do anything other than the boom-boom you have to take a little head, there is nothing without ...
For the price hard to beat in the same genre: the price of Xbase Airbase to 09 and declined significantly and has become very accessible, it is more elegant side with these wood and metal shell, all at a price ...

breed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JoMoX XBase 09
BAR Analog with:
- Part 3 (bassdrum / snare / Samples)
- 3 separate outputs + 1 main mix
- Analog Snare and bassdrum
- Part Samples 6bit (closed / open hihat, ride, clap, crash, rim)
- 2 LFO
- TR sequencer

etc ...

Good features, shame about the polyphony is limited to 3 and there is no section of Tom. To balance against this defect, the BAR has an excellent MIDI implementation as well as many knobs for live practice.


Very easy to use, everything is in front, each knob for each parameter.
English manual clear enough.


Perfect for my style: Techno oldies.
The kick is excellent, the hats of 909 sound great, a little regret on the snare though.


I have for several months, I love the controls for real-time live, the big kick and hats of 909. I was looking for a clone of TR909 that rings with the XBase09 was one half of TR909 (2 times less output, less polyphony, no toms), but not perfect, is an excellent XBase09 BAR. Purchased approximately 600 euros, it's a bit expensive, but secondhand around 300/350 is a good quality / price ratio.

I would let myself be tempted by the XBase999 of the same brand that fills small gaps in the 09.
nine fingers12/17/2005

nine fingers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JoMoX XBase 09
For specifications see data sheet
the sequencer is a pure r c is a regal


The manual is clear but in English
edition of the sounds is very easy small (but very minor) complaint when al edition of wrinkles, crach and clap, but you'll quickly get the usual
This is highly intuitive BAR


Sounds ..... or do I say its LE
c is GRASSSS, warm, round ...... analog sound on the snare and bd


I used the recently about 1 month I've had no need of a few minutes to program my first patterns.
the particular feature that I love most: being able to edit each instrument no one even and thus be able CRER bass lines or melodies, the LFO can also leave the cot a classic bar.
c is my first bar analog and c is clear that AC has nothing to do with the digital.
report quality price is very good to me, some do not hesitate to spend over 1,000 euros for a very addition to the sound that a standart does not offer half of that can do the xbase (torque filter Analog: a sherman in my case it did not blush before a No matter what tr)
that while we talk about the advantage that a very aporte this bar is in the edition because you can find a bd 909 a bd 808
for the moment that I am a newb on this machine, but seen as c left I may never sell it and even jump on the future of the brand xbase 999

granpulpo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JoMoX XBase 09
Basic, proven ...
mono block hh ride whith a pity clap noize


Simple and effective.
very good step sequencer that allows the parameters enrgistrer sounds for each step ..
very nice use of the! (Młoda subtly to follow the bass for example).
syncro dyn. [img]


The foot is great, less dynamic than those of 808-909 rpm (this can catch up in compression), but much more flexible, we can fawn's foot that will really stick to the piece.
the snare is particulire, for my part I used the lot to pass another snare sound because it has a tight pitch and white noise and prcis effective and well-dosed.
hh less effective than 909 but very interresting when pitch very high or very low ..
the ride is a killer


MRIT dtour the foot, its flexibility allows to go further than other TR, one can get an up-to-measure for each title, in pure analog: see anything (at all) with soft ( at least 2 conversions less!).
made the foot a bit expensive, but there is everywhere very quickly (a killer for the feet of hip-hop)

Rouxxx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JoMoX XBase 09
Midi in out
Cv gate if I remember correctly
no effects


Nothing too sorcerer


Yeah ...... hmmm ...... blah ....... the clap and hi-hat on the same pots and the same track .........
sounds poor.


Value for money: 0
Have you tried many other models before buying: the rave-o-lution 309 is much more better anyway.
feature I like most: it can serve as chip is twelve o'clock
Special I like least: it is also the drum

With experience, you do again this choice?
Fortunately, it was not me who can not sell it ......

Lub001's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JoMoX XBase 09
Noon (I have a little hungry, me ...)
kick / snare / hat


Yes, simple (with a good book)
Yes, even without a manual
Who is Manuel!


Oh yes, Oh yes it is exactly a.
Oh yes, Oh yes.
:-( No real effects (grate noon.
A good expression of rctive VLOC and aftertouch.
The bassssss, and clapppp.


I use it for two weeks.
Sounds of killing the pure analog master for fun faile relatively :-) ))))
I live also has a RM1X complter for all.
The three outputs are mandatory spares to make good break.
And that's try it!
Ps: If you have the manual in French, I'd like 'em! just to understand two things in addition to three !!.:-) ))))