Roland TR-8
Roland TR-8

TR-8, Drum Machine from Roland in the AIRA series.

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All user reviews for the Roland TR-8

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews )
 2 reviews25 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Chris Darkers06/04/2014

Chris Darkers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent but lacks the memory settings"

Roland TR-8
The connection is good and sufficient. 8 reverb and delay effects are just okay but hidden feature.


The configuration is simple, editing is simple but it is an emulation of the 808 and 909 and you buy it for that. Too bad the instructions forget things.


The sounds are good but have not had the 808 or 909 hard to see the difference but the dynamic is perfect.


I use it for a week and it is very good. A supplement to my Maschine, we will have essentially a function key.

Very good value and the finish is quite nice report, multicolored keyboard is very nice.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Roland knows how to make good coffee!"

Roland TR-8
All connectors jack

The machine looks good, though very slight. Everything robust air, no problem on that side.

The sound is incredible and reacts to the finger and the eye, great groove, very hot, scatter beautiful, the pace is perfect "Swiss Made" genre. We feel that there's been some work behind, I found particularly live loops compared to the Korg.

Incredibly intuitive design, beautiful interface work from designers Roland.
The box is well made, very nice backlight and not tiring.

The manual? Upon opening the box you say damn there's no manual, but once read simple A4 page in French and after pressing a few buttons and turned you say owl there's no need for manual!

The price? A true gift compared to market prices.

Short but good, thank you Rolaaaaaand!


See above


yeaaaaaah does not groove problem


yes I have tried lots of weird instruments but this one I'll keep lotemps I think.
yes I would purchase without a doubt.

I do not like it as light, it's gadget.
But at the same time it is beautiful and quite professional.
kick and snare05/02/2014

kick and snare's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The end of 2500 euros BAR roland"

Roland TR-8
Basic connectivity, midi in / out, USB (in time midi in / out) and made day of bones, jy back later.
Effects, delay, accent, scatter, nothing monstrous, c is nice small doses, damage that emphasis can not be placed indifferently on each track of instrument, basically you put an emphasis on the kick and if unfortunately it is not the same as the snare, ben t as the emphasis on two ...... blah blah but roland ensures remdier to the problem via the setting next day, so I expect have to.
11 kits drums and 16 patterns (pattern 1 = 32 steps).
No editor pc / mac yet, at the same time I am not really see the utility.


Configuration: the branch and you c left
Manual: just the base, frankly they could have pushed a little further but good.
The edition of sounds, sound track and a few choices of instruments.


Then the SOUND I possde a tr 808 and unless you have perfect pitch, it just ny no difference, the scandal will cry resellers tr 2500 euros, how can you say that, my TR a real analog and your digital dung, which weighs 2 kgs rival it?
Yes my dung rivals but in addition I have a tr 909 with bones and is going well and that will evolve in the future to allow to make it a true war machine.
Sounds everyone know them nothing new to it.


I have it for a month, I have a possd jomox (nothing to see), I tr a 808 and a elektron (trs diffrent also see not comparable).
For once, I wanted a very 909 but prices just make me hallucinate, well yeah honestly 2,500 euros for machines 20 years and whose end of life is near and without any possible evolution of the OS, there is no good picture.
For 500 balls t have just sounds that kill, some corrections are coming on the machine.
I love the sound, I dteste the lights garland style Nol (but you can put them on standby), more damage would have audio outputs t welcome but the price would not be the m me.
BOFs the effects and the scatter which serves nothing.

g.dps's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good BAR"

Roland TR-8
Audio: OUT L / R + OUT L / R assignable to the side chain, phones, external IN;
Effects: accent, reverb and delay assignable to or not an instrument. Pretty average but dosing finely it does not shock too.

Buttons, knobs and sliders are quite nice. On aesthetics is based on the tastes and colors of each ... I found I not so bad and the quality is more serious than the pictures or videos may not suggest.

Function "Christmas tree" on standby, which borders the taste without ever reaching fortunately deactivated because if you play in a dark room you will take full peepers!

The sounds come from modeling, not editable via PC. There are 16 kits available. However I could test control via MIDI in Reaper, do not worry. It compensates the lack of a little song fashion and patterns only 16 users, given the current memory capacity then I do not understand ... I think those who use live will quickly feel cramped.

16 step sequencer could not be more classic.


The general configuration is simple, no problem on that. I've never had the original TR hands but there are brands easily, it's very intuitive. Even I, who do not live I found myself enjoy myself with no particular desire to compose.

Editing fast sounds (bank, you can not use a kick and snare 808 909 for example simultaneously), and settings associated with each instrument are effective, as the assignment of effects. I deliberately do not speak the scatter useless to me.

The manual is clear and sufficient? Pardon? I had to miss a trick or when the manual was missing from the box ... Just a quick start guide to the basics. Point list of banks or presets, nothing about advanced features. Not even a pdf on the Roland site! But my good sir, there are hidden functions see! Of course, dear Roland, but imagine that you buy, say, a car. Property. And to access an accessory function, eg down a window, you should activate the left turn (to the left pane of course) while holding down the search button of the radio stations and disengaging. It would mess, right? And if in addition the user of the body does not explain the manipulation? Ben TR-8 is a bit like that ... Thumbs manual level. To be honest I think I would have been a bit more forgiving if there had not been a month and a half before the release of teasing.
It leaden severe note use damage.


Highlight of the BAR. The sounds are very good, not breathing and good dynamics. Sounds! As I said above I do not know the original but I do a lot of DIY analog and I'm not at all disappointed by the TR-8. Let's be clear, digital spring side, but very quietly and the overall quality of sound is excellent. Are they realistic? Yes I think so, especially encompassed in a mix.
I have no particular preference for sounds, each bank should suit a particular style but all are in good order.


As usual I post my opinion after a limited use to reveal the ergonomics of product facing my little fingers and my little brain. In this case I have the TR-8 week.
Not testing, but on this one the net resources are abundant!
The +:
- Sound quality
- Emulation appears faithful to the TR 808 and TR 909
- Intuitive
- The effects of average quality but have the merit of being present

The -:
- Manual (rather a quick start guide) poor
- No song fashion
- User memory (very) poor (incomprehensible in 2014)

In the end the price / quality ratio seems good and I would do this choice if the opportunity represented.

julienvoirin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" superb BAR"

Roland TR-8
Midi in out on DIN stereo out Master 2 individual outputs + 2 audio inputs (2xmono or 1x stereo)
14 USB audio outputs (stereo master 11 + instruments + 1 unknown). USB input (not including implementation)
Reverb, delay, a sidechainable entry: these three effects sélectionnantes different algorithms via the INST DRUM SELECT button
Reproduces the original instruments 808 and 909 so far + more modern versions (bassdrum 808 ultra long decay Miami Bass for example). New stamps are available via SHIFT (tbc)
sequencer 1-16 not (A or B) or 32 steps (A + B) double or triple swing note + function delay AND ahead
16 patterns saved automatically if we play
16 drumkits saved the same way, the parameters are saved CHOICE instrument (808 or 909) and not its settings decay, tune, etc..
Editable x0x sequencer mode or real-time game. roll and change functions -> for the live game
a scatter wheel seems to be a sort of loopeur with various algorithms. His mastery of the training request (see note on the record)

Implementation and workflow rather limited noon. Great idea USB greatly facilitating connections (and budget!) Engages its audio outputs.


Simple machine, almost simplistic with a few modern features that need to be implemented (backup kit and not just choice of instruments, more pattern, a song mode, optimizing the workflow on mute ...
Midi notes emitted do not follow mute the sequencer: the whole pattern TR8 balance, even if mute instruments; it's a shame becuase it can not record midi possible improvisation. Similarly, no accent midi: shame: (

The record is more a plug in hand, it is much too brief.
Sounds are very easily edited, in real time as desired. Wholesale button for a parameter, hard to beat.


Classic Stamps 808 and 909 with one side already produced / mixed, much appreciated. effects require a little training and are not documented, and interesting results in small doses.
Stamps are very loyal, special mention bassdrum is suddenly much more musical than the 808 909 and does not require large corrections to sound: it is immediately clean in the mix.
The expression is excellent, we really like to play with for long sessions without trouble, without having to think too much either. some learning and repeating routines to successfully exit transitions that kill and raises energetic. pretty basic sequencer is a real pleasure to play


I've had a week and I was quickly hooked. I found the simplicity of the game and machinedrum EM1, the largest number of operating buttons makes much easier without having to manipulate menus.
Compared to 909, clone 808, Machinedrum, Korg EM1 and MPC. The ergonomics of the TR8 is a perfect blend of everything, with some functions that can be found in the Machinedrum which remains to be implemented in a MAJ (mute release all of a sudden, for example with a single button).
I particularly appreciate his musicality, his heard and réentendus 34 years stamps and ergonomics. Interesting detail: its weight. Only 2 kg but a solid plastic construction and stable worktop. It can hit hard buttons, they are strong and quick respond.
The value for money as clone 909/808 is just excellent, I was right to take it.
Attention mac 10.8 with driver 1.0 and Logic 9: big latency audio sound card concatenated mode (may be an error in my config, state).
Updating firmware on the sequencer would be tasteful and a backup meridian of pattern and memories of the TR8.

Example demo multi USB outputs, a little delay on QLQ slices with just a TC Finalizer on the master and CD mastering preset behind:
<iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>
pump is connected to the compressor on the master mix, the bassdrum is very effective

vonvox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A Must!"

Roland TR-8
8 We know them .....

Here is a quick and useless opinion, but an opinion anyway ....


6 Instructions totally inadequate ... you have to look a bit but once that is done, there are more problems ....


10 most excellent! .... It is 99% original, but sounds better on me! A presence, a peach!


10 for a day ....

Extraordinary sounds, sequenced, the shuffle function, direct mix .....
Average effects and scatter useless for me too ..... typed ....

price / quality ratio 11 10! I love this machine!

Infracid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" yes and no"

Roland TR-8
see manufacturer


lots of things that are abused in 2014 ....

the kit: everything is in real time so the kit saves only the sounds selected (eg 808 or 909 kik) but no settings! if I put the compression 3/4 on an instrument I will find the compe 3/4 of all the kit of this instrument, in either this is not so bad except that the volumes are not equivalent, the kik and snare 808 for example, are much weaker than the 909 so if I change my live kit I should darken the volumes may take a lot of volume (about 1/3) or lose Next if I spend 808 a 909 or vice versa, the same for the other sounds that are also not in the same volume, the clap is much stronger than the rest so that tom is rather low (volume always) ... for use in live live (improv) but it just go for tracks well done in advance it is more complicated to manage ...
fader and therefore function (pitch, comp, attack ...) not registrable.

then the machine offers more interested roll-type "notes repeat" from AKAI, but still impossible to record in real time, the function does not work when we clicks of the "rec real time".

good except that 16 units of 32 measures (2x16) but that was said from the outset ...

places to put a function to create a random pattern (not but frankly what), a beat repeat that makes something in the zeitgeist but what does not control and led in all directions so "at disco Boris "they could settle all its little details that I find important

otherwise control the beast in the afternoon with an external sequencer's going pretty well, recognized exchange program. (Control changes not tested)

sidchaine: rather anecdotal and sensation floss pig in all, understand the not very subtle ...

pad: moderately susceptible to techno is good for the aphex twin your talent moocher rate of speed will not serve you much, prefer a good master keyboard (for me a dx-7)


fortunately here it goes well the sounds are really great with potatoes, but do not expect to leave the beaten path, 808 and 909 only sounds but again very convincing.

I repeat myself but damage to his abusive difference between the sound level even if they are not so strong in the studio will be magnified on a real sonno concert ...


we had promised us a TR directed towards the future, apart from the led, the sidchain and beat repeat it is not so! however for a price of 500 euro you will have the sound of the 808 and 909 as real, better than any other plug or copy and it is not bad at all considering the price. the significant details have been overlooked when the useless thing is not forgotten, the machine is clearly made for the start (although the former will appreciate) are aesthetic and are manual (or we will explain what a sounds ...) the shows.

I'm not disappointed with my purchase even if decontextualized sounds 30 years is clearly not obvious ...

Ori's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Unbeatable for the price"

Roland TR-8
To quickly summarize what you can easily find on any site that summarizes the machine.
You have a stereo output and two assignable output A / B to isolate kick / snare for example!
And a mono / stereo input section that can play sidechain with the TR-8
Midi level you will find an in / out headphone output and a USB port that allows you to synchronize your machine DAW, play midi pattern and also recorded in multi separate which is not bad at all! Track! Suitable for use on MAC / PC
Level you will find a reverb effects and a configurable delay in step sequencer and a compressor on the kick and snare only.
This allows you to assign an effect to a specific location and not the rest. The sequence can be played in two ways. In the former you set your TR-8 as a 808 or so live mode you play and record live it careful if you save it automatically quantize.


The machine is quite easy to learn first hand first, no need to be a genius. There are two three subtlety that you learn by reading the manual.
As the original TR, and the big advantage that you have everything on hand. No menu, submenu etc. everything is accessible directly making it a perfect played :)
At his level, you will find the 808/909 kit and a lot of other kit that's a mixture of it with some variations. For each element (kick, snare, handclap etc ...) you can select all the banks that offers the machine.
Manual a little amber including the USB config but if the key is there!
I searched a bit to config usb and I finally understand the need to download the drivers on the site since are not supplied with!


So the important point, the sound!
If you want a BAR 808 or 909 without wanting to spit minimum 2000e, go for it.
This is not analog like the original but a new technology created by roland ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) from what they say they studied the behavior of their original products and have recreated on numerical models to fast.
Of course the sounds are extremely realistic better than any plug again and even if I do not have 808 I had the opportunity several times to play with the original.
It obviously recognizes the paw of the manufacturer and the only real difference I notice is that the analog 808 is normally "dirty." Here we have the same punch, but clean version and passage without breath too!
No velocity on the pad, it's not a Tempest for the groove it will play with the focus and shuffle.
His personal level I agree 100% especially considering the price ... The only real downside is the effects.
The reverb is pretty filthy and not very thorough and delay even if it allows some nice stuff. Note the scatter which allows a bit random effects live very interesting as we do not push too much "depth" or the sound becomes a digital bug.


I just spent a good afternoon it, I bet the price pre ordered and frankly I do not regret in any case! The price / quality ratio is unbeatable price especially with aberrant old models. For me it is a true and yes I intend to keep it in my studio. I had a Tempest, a Machinedrum is obviously a bit more limited in terms of sound but it does the job if you want a 808 or 909 that is not possible elsewhere. If you listen emulation 808/909 on the Tempest is incomparable.
What I like most is definitely pushing the computer, put the BAR and play live. Beyond the sound is also good that the hearts, back to basics to forget MIDI and mouse!
If you find a 808/909 to a correct price, go for it again, I think you will not regret for 1500e 3500e finally even less if I add 808 and 909 LOL
Plus a lot of benefit from a more modern techno. I'll try to do a little video to show soon!