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Ludwig Drums Drum Sets user reviews

  • Ludwig Drums 1967 Purple Sparkle

    Ludwig Drums 1967 Purple Sparkle - "Vintage bright tone, but will leave you with an empty wallet"


    I’m reviewing here a 1967 “pearlfinish” Ludwig Hollywood drum set. This includes the following: 5”x14” Metal Snare, 14”x22” Bass Drum, 8” x 12” Tom, 9” x 13” Tom, 16” x 16” floor tom, assorted Ludwig stands, tom holders, and basic drum kit hardware…

  • Ludwig Drums 1971

    Ludwig Drums 1971 - "Fantastic vintage Kit"


    This is a phenomenal drum kit that we have at the studio I work for. I would say that it's among the best I've played. It has phenomenal tone and can really apply to a wide variety of music styles, from rock to gospel to jazz to pop and R&B, as well …

  • Ludwig Drums 1969

    Ludwig Drums 1969 - moosers's reviewhas images


    This review is for a Ludwig Drum kit from 1969, the same kind that Ringo Starr used and made so famous. The studio that I work at has one of these, with four pieces - a kick, a snare, a floor tom, and a rack tom. Back in the 60's it doesn't really …

  • Ludwig Drums Epic Series

    Ludwig Drums Epic Series - sanjuro's review


    I had only ever played vintage Ludwig kits and the Accent when I came across the Epic Series.  I was immensely impressed by the appearance at first glance.  I usually don't get this reaction, but the faded shells went very well with the hardware.  I …

  • Ludwig Drums Accent CS Series

    Ludwig Drums Accent CS Series - sanjuro's review


    The Ludwig Accent is a decent entry level kit.  Ludwig is one of the most notable drum companies with a strong track record of great kits and famous drummers who played them.  It is safe to say that they will never put out a bad product.  That being …

  • Ludwig Drums 1971

    Ludwig Drums 1971 - moosers's review


    I've been using a 71' Ludwig drum kit for recording sessions for the past year and I can't say too many good things about this set. It is built well and it sounds incredible. The kit I use has a kick drum, snare drum, and rack tom and a floor tom an…

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