Ludwig Drums LC179 Breakbeat Questlove
Ludwig Drums LC179 Breakbeat Questlove

LC179 Breakbeat Questlove, Drum Set from Ludwig Drums.

Prices starting at $429 Average price: $429
manufantasia 08/24/2014

Ludwig Drums LC179 Breakbeat Questlove : manufantasia's user review

«  compact drumkit which ensures »

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Hello there,
I was looking for a portable drumkit (either inbound easily in the trunk of a car, or with a kick that could pass the porch in the subway).
I tried the Tama Silverstar metrojam and Ludwig Questlove.
On TAMA Silverstar, in-store, one hour after adjustment, nothing to do, so the original skins are catastrophic.
Questlove on Ludwig, 2 strengths: The original skins (even if made in china) kind of remo clear pinstripe on the toms, and type powerstroke on the kick allowing in less than 15 minutes to hear the grain drumkit, especially the bass on the bass drum.
I changed all skin types, with emperor in striking the resonating ambassador for toms, and I kept the original transparent powerstroke resonating bass drum and cool, your bass drum is 16 inches really start to ring. Another advantage for the price, the mounting system has a 10-inch tom second free slot to add a cymbal and can play left side ride (for jazz, which allows a small equivalent system the grestch catalina street on the side as well practice for not wearing a foot of extra cymbal).
For drummers who play jazz or funk, the bass drum enhancer is quite stable and allows the bat to arrive in the center of the bass drum. Finally, regarding the look, several finishes, I took black gold, quite nice. Basically, if you have a good ear to tune your drums and minimal technique, you'll be able to draw a really nice thing for the price. It also included a 14-inch snare, which is a bit complicated to set for the shot. The snare drum is the weak point of the drumkit, especially in jazz / funk, you have a very specific snare. For other styles, you can get a dull sound with a mattifying skin like a powerstroke not too recommended in jazz. Finally, there are also covers to buy more, especially tailored for kick drum, so you will not be too bothered at the transport level.
In summary, the bass drum 16 inches by 14 is really compact and gives off good bass!